The Pandemic Puzzle – #1 The Money
Ernst Wolff – Uncovering the Corona Narrative – Aug 21st 2021
Serious violations and manipulations of the trial protocol: This is how Pfizer managed to obtain the FDA’s emergency authorization for children
Is Pfizer Doing Illegal Experiments on Orphan Babies in Poland, Spain, Finland and the US? Questions to the Polish senate, the world needs answers.
The Going Direct reset

The Going Direct reset

A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Systemic Collapse and Pandemic Simulation
The Dangers of Covid-19 Booster Shots and Vaccines: Boosting Blood Clots and Leaky Vessels
Notices of Liability for Vaccine Harm and Death Sent to the EMA and all Members of the European Parliament
Renewal of marketing authorisations and proof of quality of vaccines (France)
Regulation or Racket? UK Drug Regulator Never Inspected the Pfizer Vaccine Study Data
Covid: Zero Deaths in Young People Without Comorbidities, The ‘Benefit’ Of The Vaccine Is Negative
Vaccine Injury Is Real, Always Put Your Child’s Health First
Canada: 106 cases of myocarditis under the age of 25
Vaccines Increase Risk For Covid with Delta Variant
UK Docs to Health Authorities: Please Listen To Your Own Experts Advising Against Vaccine Rollout to Children 12-15 years
Government Failed to Consider Evidence of Harm, Including to Children, From 5G and Wireless Radiation, Court Rules
C19-Child Vaccinations: Irish Doctors Speak Out While UK Incentivises Doctors to put Kids in Harms Way
Risk of Myocarditis Increased Up to Forty-Fold in Adolescents
John Titus: The “Going Direct” Reset: The Pandemic is a Monetary Event
A Message From Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. One Year After the Historic Rally in Berlin: “It’s Time For (peaceful) Civil Disobedience!”
Dr Dan Stark to the Mt Vernon Community School Corporation
Parents Oppose Vaccination of Minors Based on Informed Consent Legislation (Belgium)
Call to European Parents : Join  EU action to withdraw authorisation of  Pfizer Covid Injection For Children 12+
Covid-19 Injections Dangerous For Mothers and Babies, Building Up in Ovaries And Attacking The Placenta, According To Former Chief Scientist of Pfizer R&D
Prayers for the Fertility of Women At Lake Constance Where 3 Nations Meet
Protect Children and Pregnant Women, Protect life!
Dr. Ryan N. Cole, Pathologist Shows Vaccine Damage Is Visible in All Human Tissues And Organs (Video in EN)
Fake News and Translations: How To Make A Difference In The Chaos of (True or False) Information
Announcing The Defender Newsletter in 5 Languages
D4CE Emergency Symposium with Highly Acclaimed International Scientists, Lawyers and Economists Calling for Immediate Interventions in the Current Crisis
Join EU Legal Action to Stop Covid-19 Vaccine Authorization
Action Alert for European Employees: Join EU Legal Action To Annul J&J/Janssen Vaccine Authorisation
Renate Holzeisen: “Covid Vaccines Violate European Legislation”
Robert Malone, MD with Del BigTree @TheHighWire “mRNA Vaccine Inventor Calls For Stop of Covid Vax”
Bastille Day 2021: The French Take A Jab At Macron
The Pressure To Censor Any Science On Vaccine Safety Gets Stronger By The Day
Doctors for COVID Ethics: Halt Use of Pfizer COVID Vaccines in Adolescents ‘Immediately’
TAKE ACTION: Join the WorldWideRally for Freedom and World Ivermectin Day on July 24th
Dr. Tess Lawrie: “Ivermectin Is The Key To End The Pandemic”
A letter to parents planning to vaccinate their children for COVID
When The Ladies Get Together – Children’s Health Defense Meets in Switzerland
Doctors, Scientists And Lawyers Petition The WHO
CDC Bribes Medical Organizations To Back Vaccinations For Kids Despite Heart Inflammation and Lies About The Statistics
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr Exposes Anthony Fauci, The Czar Of The Medical Mafia In Charge of the Pandemic Response (Video + Transcript)
Why COVID Vaccines Are Dream Come True for Central Banks
UK Medical Freedom Alliance Accuses BBC for Spreading Propaganda and False claims on Vaccines for Children
Mary Holland and Simon Yanowitz Discuss Vaccination In Israeli Schools
EU Approves COVID Passport: Here’s How It Works — and Why the U.S. Doesn’t Have One
Monopoly: Follow The Money. An overview of the Great Reset
Remember: You’re Not Alone. There Are Millions Of Us!
Putting An End To The Fear And State Lies (worldwide!)
“Preliminary Injunction Filed To Stop Emergency Authorizations Of Covid Vaccines As Efficient And Early Treatments Are Available” (Belgium)
Nuremberg 2? Reiner Fuellmich Sets the Record Straight with FranceSoir
Top Public Health Leaders Lied About Covid’s Origin, Funded Fraudulent Trials And Controlled The Pandemic Scenario
How UK And EU Govts  Deliberately Use Media Psyop To Scare The Public And Induce Mind Control. Fuellmich interviews Gerrish
Covid-19: Vaccines For Children. No reason, No Ethics, But Sooner Or Later A Price To Pay (France)
Tribute to Serge Rader, A Big Mouth With A Heart Of  Gold (France)
Europeans United May 29 ‘Don’t wait to protect your children’ (Senta Depuydt’s Speech, Brussels)
Gates, Epstein, the CIA, vaccination and global surveillance. Kennedy and Whitney Webb are connecting the dots
Reports of Injuries Among 12- to 17-Year-Olds Following COVID Vaccines More Than Triple in 1 Week, VAERS Latest Data Show
Studies Around The World Confirm Children Do Not Infect Others
TAKE ACTION: Join the European Demonstration for Freedom and Democracy in Brussels, May 29th at 3PM
Steely Lawyer Protects Health Workers Against Forced Vaccination (Italy)
Vaccination Fury Road, What’s Next On Europe’s Fast Tracking Agenda?
In Dracula’s Castle Vaccination Is Rewarded By Access To The Torture Chamber. What’s Plunging With The Needle?  (Romania)
Operation Oxychild, Parents Bring Evidence Of Mask Harms To Academics And Courts (France)
Worldwide Demonstration 2.0, May 15: Over 100 Cities Worldwide #WeWillAllBeThere
TAKE ACTION Petition Against Biometric Mass Surveillance
Judge in Germany Who Ruled Against Face Masks and Testing for Schoolchildren Has His Private Home Raided by Police
Passenger Locator Forms: When You Become A Health Threat, And Removing Your Rights A Formality
Pfingsten in Berlin, Demonstration May 21st-24th: “Our Fundamental Rights Are Not Negotiable”
Worldwide Demonstration 2.0: Over 100 Cities Worldwide #WeWillAllBeThere
English NHS Finally Speaks The Truth On Covid-19 Deaths
EU Vaccine Injury Reporting System Shows More Than 330,000 Adverse Events Following COVID Vaccines
A Catholic Priest Comments Pope’s Advocacy Of Covid-19 Vaccines “From Papal Infallibility to the Technocene Era”
European Vaccine Passport Scheme’s Voted
Is The CDC Safety Study Following Covid-19 Vaccines Hiding Risks Of Miscarriages? (France)
EU Green Pass ‘Guarantee of Discrimination’
European Lawyer Warns MEPs: “the Digital Green Certificate” Marks The End of the Originally Wonderful “European Community” Project.
“The Green  Digital Certificate, Financial Coup  And Global Agenda In The EU” ITW of Catherine Austin Fitts & Valerie Bugault by Senta Depuydt
Doctors4CovidEthics Send Notices of Liability To Every MEP “You May Be Personally Liable for Harm and Death Caused by COVID-19 Vaccines””
Voters to MEPs: support Rooken Amendment and reject the Green Pass!
TAKE ACTION — Green Pass: Call Those Who Are Pushing It To Wake Them Up!
Vaccine Passport: Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Looking At Death Reports In Most Vaccinated Countries
Letter To Members Of The  European Parliament Asking For The Rejection Of The Green Digital Certificate
LEGAL ANALYSIS : The “Digital Green Certificate”: A disproportionate, inefficient and unfair obstacle to the free movement of European citizens
Green Pass in Europe An Attempt To Take Control Over Citizens And Member States #FreedomNeedsNoPass#HealthNeedsNoPass
Watch “Medical Racism: The New Apartheid”
Manon Aubry, MEP: “The Health Certificate Is “A Gimmick” That “Masks The Fiasco Of The Vaccination Strategy At European Level”
Open Letter from Docs4opendebate Ask for an Open Debate Without Any Form of Censorship (Belgium)
Open Letter re Vaccine/Immunity Passports from UKMFA and Lawyers for Liberty to Government and MPs
Petition: Stop The Vaccination Certificate in the European Union – TAKE ACTION
Petition: Covid-19 vaccine transparency – TAKE ACTION
#StopGreenPass – Join The Movement and Take Action Now!
BREAKING: Sensational verdict from Weimar: no masks, no distance, no more tests for pupils (Germany)
Israel: Why Is All-Cause Mortality Increasing since Mid-February?
“Doctors4CovidEthics”  Accuse EMA of Downplaying COVID-19 Vaccine Dangers
Croatian MEP Ivan Vilibor Sincic: “The whole crisis is not so much about health as it is about control and money”
Italy: First Country in Europe to Introduce Compulsory Vaccination Against Covid19 for All Health Care Staff
Results of the Covid-19 vaccination as of 29 March (UK)
Legal Battle To Stop Covid Vaccines in the High Court (Israël)
“Making Something Out Of Nothing”: PCR Tests, CT Values and False Positives. A Comment on the Efficacy of the RT-PCR Test in View of the Jaafar Paper
Interview Dr. Stephen Karanja and Dr. Wahome Ngare: “Is This Vaccine A Commercial Enterprise?” (Kenya)
Family Financial Disclosure Form for Covid-19 Injections
A Deluge of Hummingbirds To Block EU ‘Green Pass’
The ID2020 Alliance: The Global Totalitarian Project Hiding Behind The Vaccine Drive
Lawsuit against the Emergency Health Law (France)
TAKE ACTION: UK Government Public Consultation on Covid Pass, Deadline Monday 29th March 11.45PM
The Dangers of Aluminium in Vaccines (Video)
Naomi Wolf at the German Corona investigation committee
Vera Sharav Holocaust Survivor: “We are at an important crossroads. Either society will make it through and survive, or it won’t”
Prof. Chris Exley Victim Of ‘Scientific Assassination’ Says Outraged French Medical Journalist
European Union About To Vote On Common Vaccination Passport To Travel
Green Pass: Letter of Children’s Health Defense to the European Parliament. TAKE ACTION
World Wide Demonstrations And The Birth Of An International Movement For Freedom
Green Pass: Reject Emergency Vote At The European Parliament and Call For A Debate
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on the Worldwide Rally For Freedom
Vera Sharav, a Holocaust survivor talks about the Corona-measures and how they attack our humanity in an interview with our German correspondent Uwe Alschner (Part 1)
World Wide Demonstrations, March 20th 2021
Deregulating GM: Obscene Farce of the Modern British State
UK Data Show 402 Reports of Deaths Following COVID Vaccines
Herd Immunity: Science Or Magic?
Citizens Fight EU Approval Of  Gene Tech Experiments Used As Covid-19 Vaccines
“We urge you to apply the precautionary principle” for Covid-19 Vaccine On Healthy Children Calls the UK Medical Freedom Alliance
Burning Questions EU Parliament Should Ask When Hearing Pharma CEO’s and EU Commissioner On Covid-19 Vaccine Campaign
Ask Local Judge for Permission to ‘Breathe Normally’, Advises French Lawyer – Order on Request to download here (France)
18,500 Lawyers Ask For The Return Of The Rule Of Law (Belgium)
The Real Reason Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Is Being Censored
German Government Hired Scientists to Legitimate Hard Coronameasures and Instil Fear, French MP Request Answers
RFK, Jr. Responds to Instagram’s Removal of His Account
Italians Worry Over Excessive Number Of Severe Allergic Reactions To Pfizer Vaccine But EMA Sees No Problem
Wake-Up Call With Pots and Pans From Denmark. (Are You Being Told The Truth? Video)
Senta Depuydt talks about the situation in the USA as Fox News is investigating Fauci in connection with the origin of a pandemic (Video in italian)
Brian Hooker on Vaccine Safety, Science and the Risk from Vaccines that Do Not Stop Infections
Does the Pandemic Serve a Global Agenda and a Global Financial Agenda? Catherine Austin Fitts with Senta Depuydt
EU Parliament Denied Info On Vaccine Contracts, Money Remains Secret
Latvians Against Tyranny Ask For A New Nuremberg
29/8/2020 How Many People in Berlin? (Germany)
German Medical Doctor Appeals to her Colleagues Around the World
A Week End Of Rebellion With Rallies and Reopening All Over Europe
Goralskie Highlanders ‘Veto’ Lockdown And Hope The Whole Country Will Follow (Poland)
Interview: Robert Kennedy Jr. Takes on the Lobbies
Robert F Kennedy Jr explains his positions on vaccines to his family
Hope for change in health management thanks to the coordination of thousands of doctors, scientists and independent elected representatives (France)
Taking A Covid Vaccine Is Not A Gesture Of Solidarity by Senta Depuydt
Short resume of the EMA Public stakeholder meeting on assessment, approval and roll-out of pandemic vaccines
‘Women for Liberty’ Demonstrate and Dive in the Ocean  for A Year of ‘Naked Truth’ (Netherlands)
Pandemic law, untested ‘Cov*d-19 genoccin’ and change in the Constitution, what is going on in Sweden?
Why Doctors Around the World Refuse “Covid Vaccines”
Study Finds 68% of Children Report Side Effects from Wearing Masks (Germany)
Planet Lockdown Catherine Austin Fitts Explains The Hold Up On Humanity And How To Stop It
Breaking! Public Prosecutor Orders Investigation Into Vaccine Quality Control and Says Scientific Answers Are Needed (Corvelva Italy)
The PCR Test lawsuit should start around the world soon
Complaint about Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna gene therapies, commonly referred to as “vaccines” filed in France and Switzerland
Breaking! Public Prosecutor Orders Investigation Into Vaccine Quality Control and Says Scientific Answers Are Needed (Corvelva Italy)
Message from Dr Sanna Ehdin (Sweden)
Constitutional Court decides Masks and Movement Restriction are Human Rights Violation (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
The Constitutional Court ruled that compulsory mask-wearing at school was illegal (Austria)
Open Letter of the UK Medical Freedom Alliance warning against mass SARS-CoV-2 testing in all UK senior schools in January 2021
German Team Finds Masks for Children and Adolescent Have no Benefits and Can Be Dangerous.
Alarming Clinical Reports On The Traumatic Impacts of Current Health Policy on Children
A heart breaking short movie which gives voice to children (in French)
CHD’s Amicus Letter on Mandatory Vaccination to the European Court of Human Rights
August 2020: Flashback on the Berlin Freedom Rally, One Million Strong!
Dying with our boots on? Freedom Rally in Stockholm on the 30th October 2020
Message to Support Latvians Movement for Democracy and Health by Senta Depuydt (video)
Yes, Bill Gates Said That. Here’s the Proof. (German translation)
Dr. Yeadon and Dr. Wodarg demand a halt to Covid-19 Vaccine Trials in Petition to the European Medicines Agency  (Germany)
Medical Freedom International
Pharma board in ‘independent’ Covid 19 vaccine evaluation committee (Belgium)
Doctors express their concerns on Covid 19 vaccines (‘Ask the experts’ video)
Germany in the face of a Health Dictatorship
Amazing freedom rally in Leipzig, Germany. Lights in the dark
CHD Europe supports research and notices of liability associated with the risks of wearing masks in schools and at work
An International Message of Hope for Humanity From RFK, Jr.
Warsaw police force against ‘Stop Covid 1984’ campaigners at March for Freedom. Over 200 activists arrested.
Children’s Health Defense Europe Seeks Annulment of the EU Regulation on GMO Covid-19 Vaccines
Peaceful Rallies Around the World to Champion Freedom
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Holds a Press Conference in Berlin After Launching CHD’s Europe Chapter
Covid-19 Vaccines: An Alarming Update from Europe
Pandemic ‘Democracy’ is Machiavel back?
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus: is the WHO led by a terrorist? The go-between of Gates and China engaged in the global leadership battle.
Open Letter from International Organisations  to the WHO on the Issue of Vaccine Safety
Vaccines: Interview Senta Depuydt and Nassim Langrudi (Corvelva) by Database Italia (Video in Italian)
Message from RFK