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Mary Holland, Brussels January 23: ” The Official Narrative is Dying. Our Movement for Freedom, Democracy, Truth and Human Rights Is Winning”

“Merci !

We are at a crossroads: we can follow the path before us to global tyranny OR, together, we can set ourselves free. We in the international Children’s Health Defense network stand with you today to set ourselves free.

The official narrative of the global coup d’etat is over:
•    The coronavirus has no “natural origin;”
•    Lockdowns DON’T work;
•    2 weeks didn’t “flatten the curve;”
•    COVID vaccines DON’T work;
•    Masks and tests and distancing DON’T stop COVID;
•    COVID vaccines AREN’T safe; 
•    Booster shots DON’T work; and
•    The “Green Pass” or passports DON’T protect. On the contrary, they discriminate, segregate and endanger those not “up to date.”

We here today reject the narrative of the coup plotters – we say NO to mandates for vaccines, tests, masks and passports. And we say YES to our fundamental rights –
•    informed consent
•    bodily integrity
•    parental rights
•    free exercise of religion
•    free speech, free assembly, free press, 
•    And the right to protest and petition the government, as we are doing now.

So how do we fully win the restoration of our God-given rights? We have not yet fully won, here in Europe or the United States, where I am from.

We get there through educating, advocating and litigating. 

•    We peacefully educate all the people we know about the truth – we form a global truth coalition. We move our supporters from 1/3 to ½ of the global population.

•    We advocate for an end to all emergency measures, whether related to pandemics or future disasters based on climate, supply chain or the financial system.

•    And we litigate to make those who have perpetrated this coup d’etat accountable under law.

We at Children’s Health Defense with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. are dedicated to education, advocacy and litigation to protect our children, our health and our democratic values.

•    We are proud of our international partners around the world, but especially CHD-Europe.
•    We are proud of our daily publication, The Defender, available in French, German, Italian and Spanish at our website, childrenshealthdefense.org.
•    We are proud of our growing CHD.TV available at our website, where there is live coverage of this event, but also more than 20 shows each week on science, news, advocacy, finance and more.

We know that the pandemic measures here in Europe have been among the most harsh and brutal in the world. We know that life here has been very difficult these past two years, and that in places like Austria, Germany, Italy and France, life is getting harder, not easier. 

But we also know that our movement for freedom, democracy, truth and human rights IS winning – pandemic restrictions are dropping, and dropping quickly, all over the world – in the US, the UK, Russia, Brazil, Israel. The official narrative is DYING. 

We are winning because
o  Courage is contagious.
o  Freedom is infectious.
o  And real human values are viral.


Mary HOLLAND, president of Children’s Health Defense.
Brussels, January 23 2022.

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