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WHO treaties: a clear victory for the pharmaceutical industry and a threat to public health

The WHO’s Assembly of Countries ended on 1 June with the adoption of key points of the planned changes to the International Health Regulations and parts of the pandemic treaty. Since then, there has been a debate about the negative impact these changes will have. Anyone who believes that the resistance will be successful is ignoring the role of the WHO in the coronavirus pandemic over the past four years.

Source: TKP.at, Dr Peter F. Mayer, 04 June 2024

The pharmaceutical and pandemic industry and its billionaire owners came up with a maximum programme in 2022 that would have given them extensive freedom of action in the future with the help of further fake pandemics. These maximum demands failed in part due to resistance from the global South and the educational work of many scientists, civil society organisations and free media. However, this is not the decisive factor, but rather the fact that sufficient tightening was decided upon to provide the pharmaceutical-digital-financial complex with the means to permanently enforce the pandemic.

James Roguski and above all the “Aktionsbündnis Freie Schweiz” have analysed exactly what these means are. Mr Sander-Faes has reported on this in detail here. The key points are the redefinition of the “pandemic emergency”, new state authorities as an extension of the WHO, the redefinition of “relevant health products” (everything that creates profits for the pharmaceutical industry) or stricter WHO control over travel regulations.

This must be seen against the backdrop of the WHO’s performance in the coronavirus pandemic. The WHO used a respiratory virus, whose average IFR (infection mortality rate) was already determined by studies by top scientists in March 2020 to be in the medium flu range, to declare a pandemic. All previously valid epidemiological rules and findings were then thrown overboard and a series of evidence-free and harmful regulations such as masks, lockdown, unsuitable PCR tests, distancing rules, contact tracing, business and school closures were introduced. In addition, there are regulations such as the counting of alleged Covid deaths if a positive PCR test was available within 28 days.

The highlight was the global vaccination campaign, which according to the WHO was necessary to achieve herd immunity. The WHO continues to claim this on its website. I have analysed how the WHO’s claims have developed here. Tens of millions of vaccine deaths have been caused, as the increase in excess mortality since the start of the vaccination campaign shows us, as well as hundreds of millions of vaccine injuries and vaccine injuries. The result is a decline in birth rates and average life expectancy.

With this performance of the WHO, one would expect the future powers of an organisation that has just caused enormous damage to be reduced. The opposite has happened, it has been given more powers and resources to push through the interests of the pharmaceutical-digital-financial complex even more efficiently. The WHO is 80% financed by this very complex. The WHO is a classic organisation of corporatism, the fusion of corporate power with state power, which, according to Benito Mussolini, is also called fascism. The WHO is a corporatist and therefore fascist organisation that has been granted more power.

Let me briefly address the question of who was involved and how the countries’ delegations were put together. I have reported on the delegations of the DACH countries here. At the top are gentlemen like Lauterbach, about whom Der Spiegel reported on 28 March 2004 under the title Der Einfüsterer:

“… just a few years ago he was known for carrying out drug studies on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry. He received over 800,000 euros in third-party funding for this in 2000 alone.

He was also involved in a study on the fat-lowering drug Lipobay – the drug that the manufacturer Bayer withdrew from the market in 2001 due to fatal incidents. Lauterbach was just as unaware of the early indications that Lipobay was potentially dangerous as his clients were.”

A large proportion of the members were the permanent representatives of the countries in Geneva, i.e. officials who are in constant close contact with the WHO bureaucrats and are undoubtedly heavily influenced by them, as well as officials from the respective health ministries. The extent to which they have already mutated into pharmaceutical salesmen can be seen from this example of a promotional event for MSD’s HPV vaccine disguised as a doctors’ training programme.

The bottom line is that the WHO has been given further weapons to organise pandemics, as it will probably do next with avian flu. They can organise worldwide mRNA vaccination campaigns and this time not only for humans but also for livestock and pets. They can even enforce the culling of huge livestock populations (e.g. cattle). The WHO Director-General Tedros is merely a vicarious agent of the financiers.

Now it is up to the states to object to and reject these changes. A corresponding democratic process has already been initiated in Switzerland.

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