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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr Exposes Anthony Fauci, The Czar Of The Medical Mafia In Charge of the Pandemic Response (Video + Transcript)

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has decided to dedicate a book on Anthony Fauci, the number one “Covid expert” in the United States and most influential man in the world today actively assisting in the geopolitical takeover of the planet. Director of NIAID, the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, and director or board member of numerous other important institutes, Fauci has advised six presidents and managed colossal budgets of tens and even hundreds of billions of dollars. Physician and senator Rand Paul is now accusing this medical Mob boss, and long-time partner of Bill Gates, of supporting and subsidising Gain-of-Function research in the US before it was banned. His institute continued, incidentally, to fund this controversial type research specifically on coronaviruses abroad, namely at the Wuhan laboratory in China until April 2020 through EcoHealth Alliance, an intermediary organisation.

Following an official FOIA request to make Fauci’s correspondence from the beginning of the pandemic available to the public, the recent release of these emails has exposed Fauci’s obstinate unwillingness to investigate treatment options such as hydroxycholoroquine while instead singing the praises of Remdesivir and ignoring information from scientists confirming the possibility that the virus could have been manipulated in a laboratory.

In this interview, Kennedy explains how Fauci first took control of public health in the US and elsewhere with his attempt to use, along with his colleague Robert Gallo, the discovery of AIDS as a way to turn public health into a “money machine” for the pharmaceutical industry. According to Kennedy, Fauci is a criminal. He is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people, and he belongs behind bars.

We are now at a critical moment in our history. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates are not the only players to be questioned. An entire network of influence peddlers, who can be found in national commissions in Europe and around the world, within health agencies and international organisations, all run by industry and finance, must now be dismantled and brought before the courts.

An important interview to watch, an important book to buy (currently available in English) and above all, a very important case to build based on the cold hard facts that should ultimately lead to a landmark lawsuit so that justice for Humanity can be served. Please share this information! Thank you!



Senta Depuydt: [00:00:00] Hi, everyone, I’m Senta Depuydt representing Children’s Health Defense in Europe and today, I have the honor and privilege to interview our chairman, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on his new book, The Real Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Big Pharma on the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. Mr. Kennedy, I was looking at the Amazon today for your book, and I see it as a best seller. So what’s happening? It’s out of stock. So tell us about it.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: [00:00:40] Well, you know, I really wrote the book, I started writing the book at the beginning of last summer and I really was trying to let Americans, because it is very distressing to me. And Tony Fauci has, in this very polarizing figure, he has been the embodiment of the polarization, the kind of tribalism that is happening in the United States. Where all of the Republicans have… So, many of them engage in tribalism following President Trump and the Democrats following Anthony Fauci. And the distressing thing for somebody like me is that the Democratic Party and the liberalism that I grew up in has many, many traditional liberals have abandoned their traditional values. The values that we all grew up with, the liberal values of critical thinking, constitutional rights, freedom of speech, due process as jury trials, justice and tolerance and patience and all of these things and kind of intellectual curiosity, intellectual integrity. All of those things have now been abandoned. There is no more critical thinking. We are back immersed in a kind of tribalism where if Tony Fauci says something, it has to be true. If Donald Trump says something, it has to be false and vice versa. And nobody is really doing critical thinking. And in the United States, you know, I’ve seen the Liberal Party, which was always the champion of constitutional rights, walk away from all of our constitutional rights. They have become the advocates for censorship. And, you know, the First Amendment was sacred to the Liberals and Democrats. When I grew up, we fought to make sure that the Nazis who marched in Skokie, Illinois, had a right to talk, even though it was abhorrent, it was repellent, it was repulsive. But everybody has the right to speak and we have to trust that the ideas are going to prevail or lose in the marketplace for ideas and policies and principles have to be unhealed in the cauldron of debate.

[00:03:30] And what’s happened now is that it becomes a religious enterprise, and people who raise questions about the orthodoxy are heretics. They have to be destroyed. They have to be silenced. Their words are dangerous. And because we have now gotten rid of the First Amendment, freedom of speech in the United States, where, you know, anybody who wants to speak about these things like myself is censored. Once you get rid of freedom of speech, all of the other constitutional rights are on the chopping block. So religious freedoms that are part of the freedom bill, a bill of rights, we had orders from government to close the churches for a year, even when the liquor stores were open as essential businesses. There’s nothing about liquor stores in the Constitution. There is about freedom of religion, the religious and the exemptions of vaccination have been abolished. The right to jury trial is gone now in the United States. Any corporation that can say that it is engaged in counter measures, no matter how reckless they are, no matter how negligent they are, whether they’re creating a drug or vaccine or masks or whatever the countermeasure is, you cannot sue them no matter how grievous your injury is, no matter how negligent their behavior, the right to the property rights have been abolished. They you know, we have government officials, medical officials. And Bill Gates will shut down every business in America essentially for a year, put 60000 businesses into bankruptcy, including 70 percent of black owned businesses that will never reopen again.

SD: [00:05:28] Now we have the same. Now we have the same catastrophe in Europe. I’m sorry to interrupt you. Many Europeans don’t know who Anthony Fauci is.

RFK, Jr.: [00:05:38] Anthony Fauci, he is the most powerful individual in public health in the world today. And he has been ahead of the National Institute for Allergic and Infectious Diseases, which is we call Niaid, which is part of NIH, which is the National Institute of Health, which is part of HHS, which is the large department with all of the health, twenty five different health agencies under one single federal department. And Anthony Fauci has been there for 50 years. He is the longest live public health and joram probably in the history, but by far the most powerful. His job at that agency is to learn the ideology of chronic disease and infectious diseases. In other words, he is charged by Congress with answering the questions of why has autism dropped from one in ten thousand people to one in every twenty two boys in the United States? Why peanut allergy suddenly appear in 1989. Food allergies and eczema. Why did all these autoimmune diseases suddenly become epidemic? Rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile diabetes, lupus, etc. Why suddenly we have an epidemic of obesity? His job is to tell us to answer those questions that there have to be environmental exposures. We know that genes do not cause epidemics. Genes can contribute to vulnerabilities. You need an environmental toxin, and his job is to figure out what environmental toxin is causing this enormous epidemic. When he came in in 1968, only six percent of Americans had chronic disease. Today is fifty four percent. Why is that happening? The same is true in Europe, not as bad as the United States, but the same is true in Europe. Well, none of our medical officials are doing the studies to find out the answer to that question.

RFK, Jr.: [00:07:58] And of course, the answer to that is that the chemicals that are causing these injuries are being manufactured by very powerful entities, by petroleum companies, chemical companies, by the big food companies, and most of all by the pharmaceutical companies. And the regulators have been captured by those industries are their job is not to protect public health, but protect the industry that they’re supposed to regulate. Tony Fauci has lasted for 50 years at this job because he has been a good protector of the pharmaceutical industry and he has taken the regulatory agency that used to be the best regulatory agency, health regulator in the world. And he has turned it into a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical industry. And Tony Fauci in answer to your question, two Presidents, Trump and Biden, have now named him to run the coronavirus response or all of these countermeasures that we had in the United States and have spread around the world. They’re all coming from Tony Fauci, a lockdown, social distancing, the masks, the suppression of therapeutic drugs, of early treatment, of ivermectin, hydroxide, chloroquine, all of the promotion of worthless therapeutic drugs like Remdesivir. All of these things are coming directly from Tony Fauci. Why? What is the source of his power? Here it is. Tony Fauci has a 6.1 Billion dollar a year budget. In addition to that, he gets another 1.6 Billion from the military because a lot of what he does do use technology, in other words, developing biological weapons. This is what he was doing with a gain of function studies in Wuhan and in many, many laboratories. Yes.

SD: [00:10:14] Can you elaborate a little bit on this? Because this is not really a question that everybody wants to know. We hear that there are some emails. You know,

RFK, Jr.: [00:10:24] The history is that the United States was developing bio weapons in the beginning in 1943 during World War Two and by 1969, we had developed bio weapons in our country with what the head of the bioweapons, the commander of a bioweapons program, David France, that we now had nuclear equivalents. In other words, we had bio weapons that could have the same impact as a nuclear weapon, a nuclear bomb. In 1969, Richard Nixon closed down the program. He went to Fort Detrick, which is the place where the major center for bio weapons research in the United States. And he closed it down and we signed that in 1972. We signed the bio weapons treaty, which was an extension of the Geneva Treaty. And we agreed to not stockpile biological weapons and research and not develop them. So the United States shut down Fort Detrick. We shut down all of our other bio weapons laboratories that year. The military wanted to get back into it. And the CIA, of course, was deeply involved in bio weapons and the pharmaceutical industry. Who was the head of the US weapons program during World War II? And in the 1950s? It was George W. Merck who was at that time also head of Merck. So, the pharmaceutical industry was the same companies that were developing bio weapons. And this, of course, came out of World War Two when you had

[00:12:25] the weapons, the people, the pharmaceutical companies and Germany that were developing bioweapons, […] developing the gases that were being used to kill the Jews at Auschwitz and involved and the other death camps. Oh, the industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the military and the intelligence apparatus all want it to have an excuse to restart bio weapons. And so in 1988, the Berlin Wall falls. We are all promised: ok, now we’re going to get a peace dividend. We’re going to take all the money that was going to the military, and instead we’re going to spend it on schools and roads and health care and education. And we’re going to have the United States, the shining example of alabaster monuments, a beautiful place and educated people to humanity. On the military and intelligence apparatus, […] when they hear the words peace dividend, they said that’s coming out of our pockets. We’ve got to figure out a way to get this going. Keep this going. Five years or four and a half years later, we had the first World Trade Center attack, and that was in 1993. And all of the money that was headed towards education and towards civilian use has suddenly stopped. And the vested interests that we got to spend this money on fighting terrorism, 2000, we got the 9/11 attacks. And at that point there is huge amount of billions, tens of billions of dollars pouring into the idea of Islamic terrorism that we’ve got to fight Islamic terrorism.

[00:14:35] Military at that point, understood Islamic terrorists were great because it’s a it’s a much more reliable enemy than the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union folded. Its had retreated. Terrorism is never going to stop because it’s not a nation. It’s not a people. It’s a tactic. And it will be around forever. So it is a perfect enemy, an enemy that would never die. And Dick Cheney promised a long war which lasts for generations. And that would that would be in 50 nations or more. At the same time, many intelligence planners were saying biological, security, biosecurity is actually where we ought to because of terrorism. The United States Islamic terrorism kills fewer people in the United States every year than the lightning strikes. It’s not an enemy that you can keep people really terrified out for a long time, but what is a great enemy, the germs, because germs can get in everybody’s home and they can kill your family. And, you know, that’s a real danger. The military and the intelligence that we have, all these documents where they’re talking about this are much more reliable than me. And they’re doing simulations and war games about pandemics and biological attacks. So there was a ferment that was a tremendous interest. And if you remember, one week after 9/11, really two weeks on October 4th, 2001, so two and a half weeks after 9/11.

[00:16:06] It was an anthrax attack and the anthrax killed seven people. It was 17 people, including some United States senators and congressmen. And at that point, the anthrax was blamed on Saddam Hussein. And it’s one of the reasons that we then went into what justified our invasion of Iraq. But it turned out when the FBI started doing an investigation that the fingerprint on the anthrax, that particular anthrax that we gave that was used in the attack came from the United States military. So it was clear that somebody in the U.S. military had something to do with sending out that anthrax. And what happened? There were billions of dollars that started being spent on biosecurity. And Tony Fauci as of course, part of biosecurity is used to develop the vaccines.[…] You say, well, we’re doing this defensively, we’re just developing the same technology that you use to develop vaccines and that can be used to develop bio weapons, and this is called gain of function. And what does that mean? It means that you send zoologists around the world to find microbes, deadly microbes and different animals. And these microbes cannot jump to human beings. They will kill pangolins. They’ll kill bats. They’ll kill civet cats. They’ll kill camels. But they won’t jump to human beings. You can take that. Microbe in a laboratory, and there’s two different ways you can make it infect human beings. One is you can do using CRISPR technology, you can insert

[00:18:02] new parts to that microbe will give it the capacity to attack a human lung. Or you can grow it on cultures thousands of times, you take it from a bat, you grow it on pangolin culture, you on that culture first, then you take those microbes, grow an pangolins culture, then you take them and grow and cocker spaniel cultures and eventually you grow them on the lungs of a human foetus. And then you’ve taught that microbe to jump from the bat to the person. And it’s part of the technology that some people say is useful for vaccines, although that’s never been shown. We do know is used for bio weapons. Anyway, in order to capture a lot of this money that suddenly began flowing to bio weapons around 2001, 2002. Tony Fauci began doing these gain of function studies. He funded a scientist called Ralph S. Baric, at the University of North Carolina. He began building biosecure labs, what they call BSL four laboratories at the highest level biosecurity. He reopened the lab at Fort Detrick and built a new one there. He built one out in Galveston, Texas, and I think he built about six altogether. China has one of these labs. We have about ten of them in the United States. And Tony Fauci began funding this work at these labs. Well, around 2014, a bunch of accidents and about a bunch of these labs and microbes escaped and three hundred scientists send a petition to President Obama saying, Please Stop, Tony Fauci from doing these experiments because one of his creatures is going to escape and it is going to cause a global pandemic. And President Obama reacted to that and ordered Tony Fauci and NIH to stop gain of function studies. Tony Fauci closed about twenty one of his studies, but he continued to secretly doing some of the worst oneswith Ralph Baric, who is this crazy scientist at the University of North Carolina. And then he took the most of it, most of his money that was going to gain of function research, about seven million dollars altogether, and he began funding these exact same kind of very, very dangerous experiments in the Wuhan lab, with Zhengli Shi who is a researcher there, known as “Bat Lady”. And she had been involved in the SARS research back in 2002, and actually she was a shrimp scientist. But she liked handling animals and she was very courageous about going into the caves where the bats live, which is out in Yunnan Province and some caves known as the Mojiang caves. She began collecting bats down there and they collected hundreds and hundreds of bats and the biggest collection of the biggest coronavirus collection in the world in that lab in Wuhan. Now, I know you’re Belgian, but you may be interested to learn that, and I think you know this, that the Wuhan lab was constructed by a French company called BioMérieux and the CEO of that company,a guy named Stéphane Bancel. The company was contracted to build a negative air flow system which, in Wuhan, is a critical piece of the infrastructure for keeping it safe which means no air going out. The air only comes in and it’s recirculated, but noting is going out, and that is one of the most critical piece of infrastructure of the lab and the Chinese had contracted BioMérieux to build that and they never built it. And Stéphane Bancell who was the CEO of that company, today is the CEO of Moderna, which is the company more than any other in the world that has profited from the release of this, which we now know almost certainly came from lab. I’m going to tell you one other thing, because I know you’re curious about this. In 2000, Bill Gates contacted Tony Fauci and he asked Tony Fauci to come to his mansion in Seattle, Washington, which is one hundred and forty seven million dollar mansion. And he brought Tony Fauci into his library and the two of them sat on club chairs with a drink. And Bill Gates proposed to him a partnership. And the partnership would be that the two of them collaborate on a enterprise of vaccinating the entire world and to abolish all infectious diseases with their vaccines. And under the partnership, the partnership was very critical to Gates because Gates was at that time trying to take over the world of, you know, the global health policy. And in order to do that, he needed some gravitas. He needed the endorsement of a powerful health official in the United States who could give him credibility abroad. And Tony Fauci did two things. One is he gave credibility to Gates and to his program, two, he develops the vaccine in his shop in NIH. And then Gates would guarantee a market for those vaccines abroad. And the third thing that Tony Fauci did… He is a very, very influential with the United States president. So he got President Bush, the first President Bush, to commit 15 billion dollars to Africa.

[00:24:59] So he took all of our US foreign aid. And instead of giving it to poverty alleviation, he gave that 15 billion to do AIDS drugs and AIDS vaccine in Africa. What that does is it creates an infrastructure in all of these health ministries all over Africa that becomes dependent on that flow of USA. And then he got President Clinton to make the same commitment and he would go to these president to say AIDS is in Africa. If we don’t solve it there, it’s going to come to the United States and we need to solve it in Africa. But really what he’s doing is he has relationships with all these pharmaceutical companies who are ultimately getting all of this money. And because he was a rainmaker, a power broker who could reign in all of these United States aid to Africa, he has tremendous credibility all over Africa with health ministries and when he goes over there with Gates and says, OK, this is my new guy, Gates automatically had cachet and had credibility. And that’s one of the ways that Gates took over.

SD: [00:26:20] Can I stop you 30 seconds? Because I think I have some comments, you know, on for example, indeed, in France, there is even more. I think it would be really interesting to look at the closer implication of France in the Wuhan lab. I can tell you that the director of INSERM went there, officially they participated with Bancel in this building, the lab and the facility, and they had a program. So they were there to cut the ribbon. The INSERM is the biggest research Institute of France in terms of health. And the wife of this director of INSERM was the minister of health during the beginning of the pandemic. She’s called Agnès Buzyn. So there were really like I think you’re quite implicated. Now she has been accused of mismanaging, let’s say she’s under investigation for not providing the correct information, then the measures, etc. So she left her job. She’s now promoted at the WHO, so where she’s now assisting Tedros, who is so they can have immune liability or you cannot sue them once they’re at WHO. And we have some scientists you might know, some of them who really looked into this, the virus.

[00:27:50] And that’s also one of the questions. I know that you did these videos, you supported the “Plandemic” video with David Martin with the research on the patterns. […] We have here a few scientists, one of them was called Jean-Bernard Fourtillan, who also try to look into the patterns and they say that the Pasteur Institute also have patents on coronaviruses and weaponizing them so they can track several patents from sort of one to sars-cov-1 to sers-cov-2. So this guy came out like six months ago. He’s now in a psychiatric institute. There is a big censorship and silencing and we also have, more or less, exactly the same kind of measures, the hydroxychloroquine which was blocked, and of course, the vaccine agenda, etc. […] Did you follow also this track of the patents? Does it also lead to other foreign countries? Because I really believe that several countries participated, I would say in Europe, certainly France, the United Kingdom and Germany.

RFK, Jr.: [00:29:13] I know, you know, the patents are an interesting area and right now and NIH has litigation against Moderna because Moderna did lie about patents. It did not disclose when it did its patents application. That it had received federal money and by that time, Fauci had put 2.6 Billion dollars in taxpayer money into the patents and into Moderna. And Moderna never disclosed that when it filed its patent, which is illegal in the United States. And it may be the U.S. taxpayer actually owns the patents. One of the interesting thing about the patents is that the patent office denied Moderna, repeatedly denied Moderna a patent, and said “No, you can’t have it”. And then Moderna went back in 29th of March 2019. And said “there’s an urgency that you immediately give us this patent”. This is in the patent application, anybody can access it, and it said “you need to give us the patent in anticipation of an accidental or deliberate release of a enhanced coronavirus. And what is that? It’s four months, five months before the coronavirus in October. The best of the best estimates that it escaped from the lab in October of 2019.

[00:30:58] So that’s April, May, June, July, August, September, October, seven months before the actual release they know urgently, they said “we’re expecting the release”.

[00:31:14] So thank you. And I also wanted to see because we have if you’re kind of mapping, because you just came back on the HIV virus and the whole program. And I think, you know, when I look at it, it was very interesting to see that some scientists at the beginning, you I’m sure you know, this scientist called Jonathan Mann, who was really the one to come out to come out with the the calls for HIV and make it a world calls. And the first idea is a really world epidemic. And so but he tied it to human rights. We’re coming back to the human rights issue. And if I understand well, at some point the other part of WHO and other people prefer to have a different approach than his human rights approach. So he was kind of pushed out from the the AIDS cause. And unfortunately, he died in an accident in a plane accident. A plane crashed in Swiss air, which is really rare, you know, for a Swiss airplane to crash. And after that, I understand that Fauci and other scientists and I’m thinking in particular of a someone called Peter Piot. I don’t know if you’ve come across him, he is a Belgian guy, but he’s the number one, let’s say, in charge for the European Commission on the pandemic response.

[00:32:58] So he was like appointed like and he’s also leading the institute, London Institute of Tropical Hygiene. So they’re very implicated together for decades already on the HIV. And so after that, they were really taking a different approach and the whole thing moved to the U.N. program and the U.S. aid program. And I think that’s when the bank stepped in and epidemics became in a way, something that was really like the possible instrument, the geopolitical instrument, and an attempt for world governance through health policies, to the control of health policies. And I think they started to really have more than just health in mind with these. You know, that’s where the World Bank stepped in and the IMF and then the pharma companies. But I think that’s this whole network of HIV scientists or not only scientists, you know, let’s say experts and all over the world who is now in charge. So I would say it’s all Fauci’s friends, Fauci was the one who popularized HIV. Luc Montagnier, what was the first one to isolate or to associate HIV, to identify HIV as a potential cause for AIDS. He never just said, he said its potential. His discovery was stolen by an American scientist who was a friend of Fauci named Robert Gallo. And Gallo claimed he had made the discovery and then there was a dispute and lawsuits that lasted for many years, and finally Gallo admitted that he had stolen the virus from Luc Montagnier and that he tricked Luc Montagnier into giving him the virus. Tony Fauci, you know before that, HIV was or AIDS was regarded as a cancer. It was associated with Kaposi’s sarcoma and it was probably most people thought that it had something to do with drugs that were being taken, that were associated with the gay lifestyle and particularly poppers and other environmental injuries. […] Tony Fauci had no jurisdiction over that kind of disease. The National Cancer Institute had jurisdiction over cancers and they originally got HIV, but when Bob Gallo said, no, it’s a virus, Tony actually said, OK, it’s a virus that means we got it because we’re the National Institute of Infectious Disease. And that’s how he got hold of HIV. And then all of this funding had HIV because the activism amongst the gay community, Tony Fauci, all of a sudden became a power broker. He had the biggest budget set by NIH. And all of this money was on.

[00:36:28] And what he did is he took NIAID which is his agency, and which is supposed to look at the origin for all these infectious allergic and autoimmune diseases and chronic diseases, instead he turned it into an incubator for pharmaceutical products. The first product developed was AZT, in collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline, which at that time was called Wellcome Trust. And they and he developed it and made it into the most expensive drug in history. It was ten thousand dollars a dose a year and all of these. […] GlaxoSmithKline, a shareholder value increased by something like 2.10 Billion dollars as soon as he got that approved and it became a template for what he did. So he stopped researching infectious diseases and he started developing drugs for the pharmaceutical industry. And the way it works in the United States is Tony Fauci’s Lab looks for the molecules that are effective against different viruses, coronavirus in a petri dish, and then they’ll put drops of different molecules on a different kind of poisonous chemotherapy drugs and other existing drugs, whatever else, what kills coronavirus. And if they find something that works and they’ll do some animal testing to see if it kills the animals and if it kills coronavirus but it doesn’t kill the animals and they’ll say this is a potential drug and they do this for everybody, this is not just for cornavirus, but for hundreds and hundreds of viruses.

[00:38:24] And then they’ll send it out to the universities, to what they call PIs, which are called principal investigators at the universities. And this is what you’re talking about, how he controls all the scientists in the world, because there are ten thousand PIs and most of them are very important scientists who are the heads of departments at Harvard, at Columbia, at Berkeley, at Oxford. And they are very powerful scientists wide because they are the ones that get the money. Tony Fauci gives them huge amounts of money. He’ll give you to do a study this year, maybe 200 or 300 million dollars. What happens is that money is forming that drug and they know that it doesn’t kill the animal, that it does kill the coronavirus. You’ll farm it out to on to, let’s say, to Columbia. The head of the department in Columbia conducts the clinical trials phase 1, phase 2, phase 3. For phase 1 it’s a small group of people, maybe a couple of hundred people. And every person that scientist recruits to the study, Tony Fuaci, will give them 15 or 20,000 dollars. Half of that money goes to the university.

[00:39:46] They skimmed off the top. So now the university is dependent on Tony Fauci. And then they developed the drug through phase 2, and if it still appears to work and they sell it to a pharmaceutical company like Glaxo, Gilead, Johnson and Johnson, Merck, Pfizer. And Tony Fauci keeps his part of the patent for his agency plus his favorite deputies each get patent’s interest. Those guys can make 150,000 dollars a year from each patent they own. That’s how he maintains his loyalty within his agency. He can give these guys patents and they make tons of money on it and that his agency may keep half the patents like they did with the Moderna vaccine. His agency owns half the patents. They will make many, many billions of dollars. So he is in a direct conflict of interest. Then the university gets part of the patent and the university researcher, the PI gets part of the patents so they’re all on the hook together. And he has 10,000 of these guys around the world. And who are these guys? They’re the people that you see that scientists like Paul Offit, Peter Hotez, Arthur Caplan, all of these famous scientists that you see on CNN that go on the news, Andrew Pollard from Oxford.

[00:41:29] Those people are all Tony Fauci PIs. And so you see them on TV and they look like these very credible, responsible people. Tony Fauci owns them all over the world. And what happens if there is a university scientist? I’d say a guy on the faculty of Harvard who he’s a young scientist, he’s naive and he says, you know what, I’m going to do an experiment. I’m going to do a study. I’m going to take vaccination records. I’m going to look at medical records from the HMOs. And I’m going to figure out whether there’s a link between diabetes and the Hib vaccine with hepatitis B vaccine or autism or food allergies. And he says, I think this will be a great study. The minute Tony Fauci finds out about a study. One of his minions calls the dean of Harvard Medical School and says, if you let this guy do this study, we are going to bankrupt your university. We’re going to shut you down because we’re not allowing this study to be done and that’s how Tony Fauci actually controls science all over the world. His budget, his annual budget is 13 times the annual budget of Bill Gates. So he’s much more powerful than Bill Gates, he’s giving away a billion, a couple of billion a year, Tony Fauci is giving away 7.6 Billion a year.

[00:43:12] And then he coordinates with Gates and they coordinate with Wellcome Trust, which is just a huge stock pharmaceutical stock portfolio that’s run by Jamie Farar. And all it does is serve the interests of the pharmaceutical paradigm. So you have the biggest funders in the world who are providing probably 90 percent of the funding to pharmaceutical companies and they are not doing research on where diseases are coming from. They’re doing research on how do we develop drugs. I’ll tell you one other thing. Between 2009 and 2016, there were over 200 drugs approved by FDA in our country that became National and International Blockbuster drugs for many of them, and 100 percent of that 200 came out Tony Fauci shop. So he is the major incubator, the entire pharmaceutical industry. He is the guy, you know, he is not a regulator. He does not do public health. That is the polite fiction to say Tony Fauci does public health or Bill Gates does public health. They do vaccine promotion and they do drug promotion. And that’s it. And those are the guys who are now running government all over our planet. And that is scary for us because they do not care about democracy. They do not care about public health. They care about profits, the pharmaceutical industry and control of the population.

SD: [00:44:48] Ok, I have two more questions, so I

RFK, Jr.: [00:44:51] Only have two more minutes.

SD: [00:44:52] Ok, so that’s unfair. One is you know, we heard that there was some senators and Rand Paul and other senators wanting to have an investigation, about Tony Fauci in connection to the leaked emails and the fact that he would have sponsored…

RFK, Jr.: [00:45:14] The President Biden, as ordered on May 25th, ordered the intelligence agencies to do a an investigation about the escape. And that’s going to be very interesting as a 90 day investigation that will come out August 25th. And we hope that comes out of around that same time. One thing I would urge your listeners. If you want to know how you can help our movement, buy my book and I want to say this, one hundred percent of the profits from my book, which is called The Real Tony Fauci, for which you can go on Amazon today and get it. But one hundred percent of the profits go back to Children’s Health Defense, CHD, the fund center works and I work and all the other lawyers who are working for us around the world. But there’s two things. I think we’ve already presold about 5000 books. If we can presell 10000 books before it comes out, it automatically becomes number one on the Amazon list, New York Times and all these other lists. And what happens then is the booksellers move it to the front of the store. There’s a whole lot of cascading effects. The more people know about Tony Fauci is and why he got to where he is, the stronger our movement becomes. Oh, if you want to help this movement, do your Christmas shopping now, go on Amazon today, buy a bunch of copies of the book for your friends, for your family. And as I said, the profits all go to CHD, one hundred percent. You’re also helping the movement a lot because you’ll drive the top of the bestseller list and then they have to. What happens is they put it up in all the airport bookstores and at bookstores all over the world. And more and more people, there’s this kind of feedback loop or more and more people see it and it becomes and it gives credibility and gravitas to our movement. So if you want to help,

SD: [00:47:25] Will there be any translations, Bobbie? But will there be any translations?

RFK, Jr.: [00:47:32] Yeah, we’re going to translate. It will be translated.

SD: [00:47:35] Ok, that’s interesting for us. You know, so same time or, you

RFK, Jr.: [00:47:39] Know, that CHD and The Defender is in five languages. And you’re are very conscious that we are a global movement, that we need to be speaking to people in many, many languages.

SD: [00:47:54] So I will request that the next time we do speak about Bill Gates, because there is a lot to say there as well.

RFK, Jr.: [00:48:02] Show on Bill Gates next on the you know, the book is half of it is about Bill Gates, the other half on Tony Fauci. So if you want to know the truth about Bill Gates buy the book.

SD: [00:48:14] Yeah. Do you think about his connection to Epstein? […] And I’ll tell you in one second so that’s a lead for another time. […] he was in 1987 already with Jeffrey Epstein on board of this charity operated by Apollo management. So, you know, with the CIA and the Mossad. What is interesting for us as Europeans is that in 2013, I just heard about it from another journalist, in 2013, so after Epstein was convicted, etc. […] and everybody knew who he was, they [Gates and Epstein] visited the European Parliament in Strasbourg together to find out about health policies in Europe. And then, you know. You need to ask questions, why is Jeffrey Epstein traveling with Bill Gates, who at the time wasn’t involved in WHO…

RFK, Jr.: [00:49:15] Send me some proof of that?

SD: [00:49:19] Yes, of course. That’s for the next that’s for the next interview then. With pleasure. All right,

RFK, Jr.: [00:49:23] Thank you Senta, thank you so much. Thanks for having me. And thanks for all the work, the amazing work that you do. You know, we’ll see you on the barricades.

SD: [00:49:36] Thank you very much. Thank you so much. And I’m very proud to be part of CHD thank you

RFK, Jr.: [00:49:42] We’re proud of you Senta. Thank you.

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