Manon Aubry, MEP: “The Health Certificate Is “A Gimmick” That “Masks The Fiasco Of The Vaccination Strategy At European Level”

EU vaccines commissioner Thierry Breton announced on Sunday that the “health certificate” for travelling in Europe would be available by “mid-June”.

The “health certificate”, validated by the 27 EU Member States, will be available in “two to three months”, “in mid-June”, said on Sunday 28 March the commissioner in charge of vaccines in the European Union, the French Thierry Breton. “A gimmick” that “masks the fiasco of the vaccine strategy at the European level,” said Manon Aubry, MEP for La France insoumise, on franceinfo.

“It should apply in all EU countries but at this stage there are still a number of contradictions,” the MEP said. Thierry Breton explained that this certificate would apply “from the moment every European who wants to be vaccinated will have access to a vaccine and, at the same time, he talks about an application for mid-June. It has not escaped anyone’s notice that at the rate we are going we will not all be vaccinated by June. So there is a real contradiction,” insisted Manon Aubry, who went so far as to speak of “discrimination”.

The “health certificate” raises many questions “particularly in terms of data protection,” said Manon Aubry. It will be necessary to ensure that they are not used. Thierry Breton and Clément Beaune tell us that it may not just be required for travel, but also for important events and entering public places. The next step is to go to a bar or a restaurant and we can see the drift we can get into.

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