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Hope for change in health management thanks to the coordination of thousands of doctors, scientists and independent elected representatives (France)

The movement Coordination Santé /Libre in France, which brings together the Collectives of doctors, caregivers and scientists who do not share the current health management of the French government, was officially announced in Paris on Saturday January 09, 2021. It aims to defend patients and their doctors, as well as public freedoms, in particular the freedom to prescribe and the patient’s freedom of choice regarding vaccine policy.

These collectives represent to date more than 30,000 doctors, as many caregivers and more than 100,000 citizens who have officially joined these collectives, not to mention the thousands of citizens of France and elsewhere who, like you, follow and support them. An upcoming Press Conference will announce the resolutions announced at that conference (see video in French below) and which we summarize for you here.

“Very effective other therapeutics exist for Covid19 and nothing justifies the current health measures such as curfews, wearing face masks in the street, closure of restaurants, bars, theaters, etc. An independent scientific committee without conflicts of interest is created to guide another health policy and to issue informed opinions. “
Call of January 9, 2021 from Coordination Santé /Libre:
Many of our colleagues are aware of what is happening but they are scare to speak because of the threats to be excluded fro, the profession by the health authorities, threats of summons and radiation by the French Ordre des Médecins. We are going to ask these colleagues, who are close to us and who support us, to be visible because the French population must know that medicine and doctors are ready to treat them. Today, we do not have any elements that justify all these constraints of freedom and the collapse of our society at a social and economic level. We are worried and it is time to act and bring the country back to life.

The first main actions & statements of “Coordination Santé /Libre” are the following:

  • Creation of an Independent Scientific Council (a press conference to come will describe in details our decisions & actions).
  • A Resolution has been submitted to the French National Assembly asking for the end of the state of “health emergency” (État d’urgence). Since March 2020, the French experience a state of health emergency which by transitional measures is de facto extended until March 31, 2021. Jean Castex announced that this state of health emergency is going to be reviewed and extended until December 31, 2021. Therefore, throughout the year 2021, the French population should submit to unilateral decisions by the executive since in the under a state of emergency, the two parliamentary chambers are of little use. The state of emergency makes it possible to take decisions such as the various successive confinements but also curfews, therefore French citizens no longer have the freedom of movement, the freedom to undertake and this becomes extremely serious compared to the economy. And all these deprivations of freedom have a catastrophic, economic, social, psychological impact… Catherine Wonner, as a member of the National Assembly, proposed a resolution to eliminate this state of health emergency, so that all French people can once again have free access to healthcare, to guarantee front-line doctors the freedom to prescribe and to allow all French citizens to be able to freely choose whether or not to be vaccinated, without going through the extortion of the freedom to vaccinate. Everyone must be able to decide, including the elderly, wherever they are, at home or in a hospice, with genuine informed consent. Indeed, the decree which was published by the government just on Christmas Eve and which limits the expression of doctors is also very worrying because we feel that there is at the same time a putting under bell of all the citizens, to both on freedom of movement, freedom of access to healthcare but also on freedom of expression and this is becoming extremely worrying.
  • Creation of a therapeutic strategy unit which will make recommendations extremely quickly, in a collegial manner.
  • Reminder of the importance of prevention, which would involve vitamin D, Zinc, vitamin C and other complementary approaches depending on the doctor that each patient will have the freedom to choose and consult. It is important that the population do not wait for the vaccine (about which we will speak later) to do prevention. We know that in EPAD, there are vitamin D deficiencies, many French people are also deficient; we know that zinc is an anti-viral which helps reduce severe forms of Covid19. It is a shame and we have regretted for months that there are no official recommendations that would perhaps allow all doctors to prescribe much more these preventive products. These are common sense measures that can help everyone without any side effects, while waiting for other approaches and maybe a vaccine when it is effective enough.
  • The government is making medical recommendations and has replaced doctors by saying there is no cure and antibiotics should not be used. If you followed the government’s recommendations, you have to Test, Isolate, Trace. However, it is of great concern that the government has forgotten the all-important word of Treat. However, a doctor treats all his patients. The extraordinary paradox is that the people who have dared to say not to treat have the Légion d’Honneur (the higher French order of merit, both military and civil) and conversely, the doctors who have treated and treated patients successfully find themselves in front of professional councils and facing trials because they treated sick patient in the front line. All the scientific publications around the world show that the lethality (the number of deaths in relation to the number of infected patients) drops, by around 50% at least depending on the treatments adopted, depending on the early outpatient treatment. Countries that let their doctors prescribe have a death rate per million inhabitants much lower than France.
  • These early outpatient treatments have been proven by general practitioners and doctors, the only ones who could prove the effectiveness of these treatments. We are in a paradoxical situation where all the hospital doctors who went on and on in the main medias are doctors who see the patients too late, that is to say no longer in the viral phase but in the inflammatory phase where the treatment is no longer useful . On the other hand, the doctors who see the sick and treat them effectively are inaudible, never appear in the mainstream media.
  • We are very annoyed about the communication of Thursday January 7, 2021 which says not to consult, and therefore to completely modify the usual circuit of care. Our message is to all citizens to do as usual and at the first symptoms to contact your doctor and be examined by front line doctors. Stick to your habits and go see your attending physicians.
  • Creation of a Unit dedicated to Statistics and Numbers – one of the objectives is to make statistics with competent people on INSEE (Institut National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques) data and not on data invented to try to shed light on these deaths which largely condition the State of health emergency in which we live.
  • Creation of the Vaccine Unit – so far vaccines have been tested exclusively on healthy people of average age 50 years. At the moment, however, we are vaccinating people of the average age of 80 in poor health. So we are betting on the future and hoping that the vaccine will work on these people. We see that the countries that have vaccinated the most are also the countries that re-contain so that must prompt us to ask questions. Without mentioning that the vaccines are hard to keep because they need to be stored at a very cold temperature and therefore it is not sure that there is still RNAm in the syringe and also we would like a strict collection of figures around the vaccination such as a list of side effects, number of deaths following the vaccination, and especially how many people will be sick even after being vaccinated because we do not have these figures today and even less for a population of elderly people. The word Freedom must be a reality and not a word on the pediments of our town halls. We ask for vaccine freedom as well as the freedom to prescribe. It is essential that we have the freedom to choose, starting by the choice to be or not vaccinated with a vaccine on which we have little data.
  • Creation of an Information Unit for the general public – this health crisis is also a communication crisis. We hear a lot of dogmas, a lot of doubts about the state of our current knowledge – Visit our website www.ré
  • Raising concern about EPADs. Alain Houpert, senator and radiologist: ”The radiologists were in the front lines because initially the radiologists were the ones who could tell whether or not somebody had Covid19 or not. I have a lot of colleagues who have been diagnosed with Covid and who have chosen to be treated and have been through it. And from there, out of me came the doubt. We are all college graduates and college physicians, and what we learn at University is to doubt. (…/…) France is populated by EPAD: We assess the quality of a society through which we treat our elders. The elderly have been on the front line because we did not know what to do with them: remember the French Decree, the first time we have seen this since Hippocrates that a government advises doctors to prescribe drugs to go to sedation, the famous drug Rivotril. These elderly people suffered from isolation. As Erik Orsenna says, the worst thing that can happen in history is preventing people at the end of their lives from seeing their families and saying goodbye. These patients were in isolation in their rooms, died without saying goodbye. “As a man, this shocks me and I would like a little more humanity to be put into the management of this health crisis, which is currently exclusively technocratic and administrative management. “I wish we were given figures for the deaths in EPADs because you will have to count after the crisis to find out what happened. Our elderly people are in the front line because they are the first to be vaccinated. Consent must be Free, Informed and Written. Writing is important because it leaves traces. The consent must be free and away from any coercion, that is to say that any elderly person who does not want to be vaccinated will be free and have access, for example to the canteen, to meals taken together with all other residents of EPAD.
“As a man, this shocks me and I would like a little more humanity to be put into the management of this health crisis, which is currently exclusively technocratic and administrative management.
  • Reminder to l’Ordre des Médecins (French Council of the Order of Physicians) who convene in a totally unequal manner: “the Council of the Order has two major roles, the protection of patients and the protection of the role of physicians in the protection of health” – this is no is the protection of doctors but the protection of the role of doctors. During this crisis, the council did not defend freedom of prescription, and remained completely silent on the decree of December 23 prohibiting the speech of the doctors – many measures appeared between Christmas and New Year, during the Christmas holiday. We are awaiting a response from the council on this free speech that we all must keep.
  • Reminder and call to the Doctors’ Unions to return to their primary mission, which is to defend doctors. The unions are also not active in the defense of all our colleagues in the field who have done the best they can to treat, to support their patients. Note that we have been deprived of a lot of resources such as therapeutic tests and diagnostics.

The spokespersons and speakers in this video are:

Dr Violaine Guérin (Laissons les médecins prescrire – website:
Martine Wonner (Députée)
Alain Houpert (Sénateur)
Dr Eric Ménat (Médecin généraliste)
Dr Gérard Guillaume (Rhumatologue)
Dr Claude Escarguel (Microbiologiste)
Dr Claire Delval (Réinfocovid)

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