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Remember: You’re Not Alone. There Are Millions Of Us!

Open Letter from an Italian Mum

To you…

who look around and feel as though you’ve been parachuted into a world gone mad,
you who will not give in and who still find the strength to laugh.
You who don’t believe the narrative that says you need a green pass to go on holiday.
You who can see when the rules make no sense and who can talk about it even when everything is designed to make you feel guilty when you do, you never argue and always manager to muster a smile.
You who know that treatments exist and that many doctors are using them to save lives while risking their own as they dodge official protocols.
You who are aware that the Italian Ministry of Health is fighting the Senate’s decision so it can to turn the Covid emergency rules into protocol. You know that such a short-cut would have overturned the government in any civilised country. But here, you know it has gone unnoticed.
You who know that thousands of people are taking to the streets to defend their health freedom and that no mainstream media is reporting it.

To you…
who insist on going to demonstrations and talking about it, because you know that without people like you, the silence would be deafening.
You who know that if home care and treatments became protocol, all doctors would use them, the pandemic would become manageable, no one would need to be vaccinated, and the economic cost, compared to what we are paying now, would be infinitesimal.
You who feel sorry for all the people who have died, be it from Covid or the “vaccine”, and who know that the real madness lies within those who deny there is any harm being done.
You who don’t feel the need to post on social media that you’ve had a colonoscopy or a gynaecological check-up because you know health data is personal and you have no need to flaunt it like a tacky plastic trophy.

To you…
who is shocked when you hear individuals like Figliuolo in Italy, who employs military terms as if we were at war, saying he wants to go “door to door to flush out those who do not want vaccinations”, you don’t understand how guys like him got where they are. But you know own money footed the bill.
You who have done the math and know just how much is being spent on all the pieces neede to play this game: masks, vaccines, tests, health personnel, overtime, hand sanitizer and gazebos and benches on wheels. When you call to book an urgent MRI, you get an appointment for two years from now. And then you wonder just how we got here.
You who have never worn a mask outdoors when you’re not in a crowd, and you have sewn the lightest cloth masks you could for your children to wear to school, and you who have explained to them that they must never get used to this mad practice of covering their beautiful little faces.
You who smile from ear to ear whenever you run into someone like yourself because it’s so refreshing to see your reflection walking your way.

To you…
who always knew Fauci was a cunning manipulator, now that his emails have been revealed, you’re making bowls of popcorn and getting ready for more because you know one season of FauciGate won’t be enough to delight in knowing how right you were all along about the scamdemic.
You who never blamed it on poor bats for even a minute.
You who know the media are all telling the same story, and that it’s all one-sided, you go looking for answers to other questions and you never get tired of informing yourself, or studying, or researching because you know that, for many years now, maybe even decades, things have never quite been right. And they certainly aren’t right now. 
You who are horrified by any kind of censorship when you look around and see that the social networks are all deleting profiles and groups and blocking users and channels, just because they disagree with the official narrative.
You who know that Zuckie’s algorithms use your own tags and keywords to bury, hide and even delete your posts. You who’ve seen groups you follow disappear into oblivion, who know that when you look for information, you have to scroll way, way down before you find what you’re looking for because the WHO, the FDA, the CDC, the EMA, Wikipedia and Mister Gates, and of course, the now-familiar and ubiquitous Covid disclaimer, are all programmed to appear first, right at the top of the list.
You who, when they tell everyone that vaccines are safe, reply with “But have you looked at the VAERS or Eudravigilance data?” You who tell others that those are the official US and European government sites for reporting adverse reactions. You who ask, “Have you seen the number of people who have died or gotten sick after getting the ‘vaccine’?” And then suddenly the government data don’t meaning anything anymore, because, well, they will just tell you it was all just a coincidence.

To you who wonder why no one ever talks about prevention, a healthy lifestyle, the immune system, the microbiome, meditation, outdoor life, sports and food that heals.
To you who know that not wanting to get vaccinated has nothing to do with you being selfish, because you know that even vaccinated people can contract and transmit the disease because the FDA and the EMA have told us so themselves.

To all of you who take responsibility for your lives, carefully choosing what to eat and deciding whether or not to take antibiotics, protecting the grandmothers you love by visiting them and bringing them cake because you know that getting big hugs full of love from their grandchildren is the best medicine in the world.
To you who are always thinking and refusing to adapt to the narrative forced upon you. You who will continue tirelessly to go out there to fight for the right to just be you, even when you feel your strength starting to go, even when you know it would be so much easier to just blindly nod and play along.

To you who, at all costs, want to feel alive and free to live life, understand that you are not alone. There are millions of us around the world. And we, the ones with intact arms, don’t need magnets to stick together! ❤️


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