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French Attorney Diane Protat Warns of Side Effects of COVID Injections During Air Travel

In this interview, French lawyer Diane Protat representing the group Navigants Libres (press release available here), explains their fight in court defending pilots, flight attendants and all flight personnel who have experienced the severe and deadly effects of the Covid -19 vaccine shots and mandates.

Due to the life-threatening consequences of not just those commandeering flights but the entire population of airline passengers, it is crucial to evaluate these cases and stop the government regulations that continue to pose un-safe and grave consequences.

Serious health incidents and factual medical data coming from flight personnel is also being questioned worldwide through other international aviation organizations. The Global Aviators Coaliton, is partnering with Navigants Libres, and others who areworking to reveal that theses health risks and dangerous outcomes of the mandatory vaccines are being experienced globally within the airline industry.

Protat sites several cases where flights were forced to perform emergency landings due to pilot and co-pilot death or illness after the vaccine and the accounts of many pilots who have been grounded due to new health issues not allowing them to pass routine health examinations. 

Flight crew members such as flight attendants have suffered female reproductive issues that pose serious problems and prevent them from returning to work in this sector. Because of this specific phenomenon with women, Protat has also been heard in the Senate representing the woman’s groups “Where is My Cycle” and a collective of Midwives called, “Key Woman”, where thousands of women members are reporting reproductive health issues after the Covid vaccine.

Protat argues that these mandatory vaccines present too high a risk and evidenced hazard for aviation employees and citizens around the world who embark on airplane travel, and that measures must be taken immediately to prevent any further risk. 

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