Vaccine Passport: Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Looking At Death Reports In Most Vaccinated Countries

by Dr Gérard Delepine

The vaccine passport is a serious threat to freedom

For several months now, the supporters of an anti-Covid vaccination obligation have been trying to impose it by means of a health passport. [the UDI group in the National Assembly defends the introduction of a “green pass”, aimed at allowing future vaccinated people to “return to a normal life”, such as going to restaurants or cultural events and places]

Such a system is illogical, discriminatory and a serious attack on fundamental freedoms. Fortunately, the refusal of the USA condemns it in the long run.

The vaccine pass is totally illogical

Its supporters include people still terrorized by covid-19, under the daily smoke of the media (they have been vaccinated or are waiting for their shot), exhausted professionals ready to give in to the blackmail of our “vaccinate or be ruined” governments, and the lobbyists of the firms who dream of the ideal market of a disguised vaccine obligation.

The Covid19 vaccinated individuals still scared should remain coherent: if they believe that vaccines protect them, they have no reason to fear contact with the non-vaccinated. And if they fear contact with the unvaccinated, it is because they believe that vaccines do not protect them sufficiently: they then have no reason to impose an ineffective vaccine on their fellow citizens.

No one has been able to demonstrate that vaccination prevents people from being contaminated. Roselyne Bachelot, the famous Minister of Culture and former Minister of Health at the time of H1N1, has just demonstrated the opposite. It does not protect from dying of Covid-19, it does not limit the transmission of the disease. We now wonder if vaccination does not promote the disease, on the contrary, because in countries champions of vaccinations, vaccination campaigns have been followed by a sharp increase in contamination for several weeks.

The example of Bahrain is typical:


Like that of the United Arab Emirates:

The comparison of mortality rates between Sweden and Great Britain is also demonstrative


Believing that the resumption of activities will be allowed by vaccination is an illusion

Professionals who hope to resume their activity normally thanks to this disguised vaccination obligation are sadly mistaken, at least for France.

An 80 year old who had made this bet in the hope of freeing himself from the authoritarian measures that the government has imposed on us has been rejected by the Council of State, to which he asked for his total “release”.

Olivier Véran’s arguments addressed to the Conseil d’Etat are worth recalling:

“the partial effectiveness of vaccines”, and the particular risk of the vaccinated: “the vaccinated people are also those who are most exposed to severe forms and deaths in case of initial ineffectiveness of the vaccine or post-vaccine reinfection or virulence of a variant. “

These unexpected assertions by the Minister of Health about the uncertainty of the ability of Covid vaccines to prevent transmission of the virus are confirmed by the High Authority on Health.

“In view of the limited data to date on the impact of vaccination with AstraZeneca’s vaccine on the risk of transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the HAS insists on the need to maintain all barrier gestures and social distancing measures”.

After the experimental vaccination, you will not be freer than before!

The WHO is not in favor of vaccine passports.

The World Health Organization has stated that it does not support mandatory vaccine passports for international travel.

WHO spokesperson Margaret Harris said, “As the WHO, we are saying at this stage that we would not want to see the vaccine passport as a condition of entry or exit, because we are not sure that the vaccine prevents transmission.

There are all these other issues, aside from the issue of discrimination against people who can’t get vaccinated for one reason or another. ”

The Council of Europe recalls that the pass violates fundamental rights

The Council of Europe [the Council is composed of two bodies: a committee of foreign ministers and a parliamentary assembly composed of 648 members representing the countries (their number is weighted according to population). The French delegation, for example, is composed of 36 deputies and senators (titular and substitute)], which includes all European states except Belarus, Kosovo and the Vatican, is the sponsor of the European Court of Human Rights. On 27.01.2021 in its resolution 2361/2021, it recalls, among other things, that “no one may be vaccinated against his will or under pressure”.

“The 47 member states are invited to signal before vaccination that vaccination is not compulsory and that non-vaccinated persons should not be discriminated against.

Discrimination is also expressly prohibited in the case of existing health risks or if a person does not wish to be vaccinated

Vaccine manufacturers are required to publish all information about the safety of vaccines.

Europe’s largest human rights organization has now established standards and obligations, as well as creating guidelines under international law, which must be applied by all 47 member states, including the EU as an organization.

Discrimination, for example in the workplace or travel bans for unvaccinated people, are therefore excluded in any legal proceedings, against any authority, employer, travel provider, householder…

This resolution is not binding for States, but it recalls the fundamental rights of our civilization on which judges will be able to rely to challenge any attempt to infringe them.

The United States has set an example by refusing the pass

Donald Trump Jr. the former President’s son, tweeted, “if you are a Republican in office and not vocally and aggressively opposing vaccine passports, maybe it’s time to find another career. ”

Ron De Santis, Republican governor of Florida, issued an executive order prohibiting government entities from issuing any type of vaccine certificate and businesses from requiring one.

Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, signed a similar executive order, prohibiting any organization that receives government money from requiring proof of vaccination before entering.

Idaho’s Republican governor, Brad Little, also banned “vaccine passports” for Covid-19.

Mrs. Governor of Iowa, Kim Reynolds, stated:

“I strongly oppose vaccine passports and believe we need to take a stand as a state against them, which I intend to do. I will work with state legislators on passing a bill during this legislative session, and if that fails, I will issue an executive order.”

The White House has stated that it will not introduce mandatory federal passports for Covid vaccines.

Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary clarified:

The administration is not in favor at this time, nor will we support a system that requires Americans to carry a vaccine passport.

There will be no federal database of vaccinations, no federal requirement that everyone obtain a vaccination certificate.

Medically illogical, unnecessarily infringing on fundamental freedoms, discouraged by the WHO, banned in many American states, the vaccine passport that the mercenaries of the vaccine companies want to impose is condemned. Let’s make sure that it is definitively buried.

Originally published in Riposte Laïque

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