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Bird flu as a new “plandemic”? Dr McCullough warns of food shortages

Source: Report24.news, Vanessa Renner, 21 May 2024

What will trigger the new p(l)andemic propagated by the WHO under the code name “Disease X”? Critical observers see reasons to believe that it could be the bird flu: Dr Peter McCullough, the critical physician who carried out important educational work during the coronavirus years, points to warnings from authorities and the WHO, risky research and the potentially devastating consequences of an avian flu panic for food safety.

On 18 April, the United Nations published a warning on its website: pandemic experts were expressing concerns about the transmission of bird flu to humans. The background to this is documented outbreaks of H5N1 among dairy cows in the United States. Dr Jeremy Farrar, the WHO’s controversial chief scientist and director of the Wellcome Trust, which has close ties to Big Pharma, warns: “The big concern, of course, is that the virus is evolving and developing the ability to infect humans by infecting ducks and chickens – but now increasingly mammals as well. And then, crucially, the ability to be transmitted from human to human.” He also warned that the bird flu virus had an “extremely high” mortality rate among the several hundred people who are thought to have been infected so far. However, Farrar criticised that there is a lack of diagnostic options worldwide and vaccine development is lagging behind.

In a joint assessment by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, the WHO and the World Organisation for Animal Health on 23 April, the risk of H5N1 viruses for humans has so far been assessed as low. Overall, relatively few human infections have been reported; the reported cases involve people who worked directly with infected birds and livestock. Employees in these areas should therefore pay attention to hygiene and the use of appropriate protective equipment. According to the risk assessment, cases of human-to-human transmission are not yet known and are also unlikely, provided there are no genetic changes to the virus. There is also uncertainty regarding the risk posed by milk and dairy products; the consumption of non-pasteurised milk is not recommended. Close monitoring is generally recommended in order to monitor the development and spread of H5N1.

Testing not only of birds but also of other animals is likely to have been significantly increased since the outbreaks became known. In fact, a federal order has been in place since 24 April requiring lactating dairy cows to submit a negative PCR test for avian influenza within 7 days of interstate transport.

In an interview with John Fredericks on “Real America’s Voice”, Dr Peter McCullough gives his assessment of the events: He sees the danger that an avian flu craze with comprehensive mandatory PCR testing could lead to food shortages. The insanity of mass PCR testing has already been highlighted by the coronavirus pandemic. If false and misleading test results lead to mass culling of animals that may not actually be infected and therefore harmless, this is not only a disaster for the affected farms, but also for the population that depends on food production. And yet bird flu is treatable, emphasises McCullough.

Explosive: McCullough also denounces the fact that so-called gain-of-function research is apparently being carried out with H5N1. His sub-stack denounces research work (see here and here) in the USA in cooperation with China, which is based on the process of serial passage. When different species are infected with a virus in the laboratory, zoonotic jumps are mimicked in an accelerated form, which can lead to the creation of new, more easily transmissible pathogens. A 2020 study also discussed a potential laboratory origin of SARS-CoV-2 based on serial passage. Although the WHO and other organisations currently still consider the risk of an H5N1 pandemic for the human population to be low, this could change very quickly as a result of genetic changes.

In view of the upcoming elections in the USA in November, the timing of current events may well give pause for thought. For Joe Biden and his Democrats, the prospects of electoral success are not yet very high. Would a new catastrophe be just in time?

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