Courts follow culture – and culture changes

Editor’s Note: Mary Holland, President and Chief Legal Counsel of Children’s Health Defense, gave the speech below on March 25, 2023, at the COVID Litigation Conference in Atlanta.

I got involved in this world of health liberty more than 20 years ago, in the late 1990s, when my son was severely injured by routine “safe and effective” childhood vaccines.

It took me a while to realize that vaccines were the only plausible cause – and, of course, I looked at it first as a mother, but then I looked at it as an advocate – and WOW!

Everything I thought would work didn’t work – there was no transparency, there was no informed consent, there was no compensation for civil wrongs, there was no malpractice for knowingly administering dangerous substances, there was no accountability – and there wasn’t even access to the courts, much less justice.

And then we, the parents of the injured children, experienced what many of you have experienced over the past three years – gaslighting, ostracization, stigmatization and more.

I am deeply grateful to Steve Kirsch, Warner Mendenhall, Louisa Clary and the other organizers of this conference for bringing us together to address these issues.

If you came to the health freedom movement after COVID-19, it is important to understand that these issues, while more intense now, are not new.

I recommend watching these films for context:‘The Greater Good‘,‘Trace Amounts‘, ‘Vaxxed’ and‘Vaxxed II‘ and ‘The 1986 Act’ – these films will help you understand the relevant context of the COVID-19 disaster.

I also recommend an important new book that I was privileged to co-edit –“Turtles All The Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth”

It is a devastating, impeccably cited debunking of any claim that science supports the childhood vaccination program. The authors are anonymous to avoid the kind of vilification that would otherwise inevitably arise, but there is no doubt that they are experts in science and medicine.

But back to COVID. Many heroes have fought bravely for freedom and the rule of law in recent years. Children’s Health Defense founder Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is one of many outstanding advocates who have helped lead us to where we are today.

As he often points out, the world has suffered from a kind of Stockholm syndrome that is finally beginning to fade.

The syndrome manifests itself when prisoners begin to love their captors. They strive to please them because their helplessness causes them to repress any sense of injustice and “somehow do the right thing.”

It’s probably a kind of survival mechanism, but a very dangerous one.

Another analogy Kennedy often cites is the Milgram Experiment – for the past three years, the world has been living through a huge Milgram Experiment. Dr. Stanley Milgram, a Yale scientist, was part of the CIA’s mind control study, dubbed MKUltra.

He had subjects press buttons on one side of a screen that they were made to believe caused excruciating pain by electric shocks to actors on the other side of the screen. The experimental subjects did not know that the people on the other side of the screen were actors – the subjects believed that they were really screaming.

Experimental subjects were urged by an authority figure dressed in white to increase their pain level. Two-thirds of the subjects complied, raising their pain dials, even when they heard people on the other side of the wall screaming and even though they were aware that the shocks they applied could be fatal.

Only a third of people acted out of conscience and refused to participate.

Kennedy often says that people like you – you’re among the one-third who gave up on the global Milgram experiment. But you, those gathered here today, have gone even further – you have mobilized your training and commitment to fight tyranny.

We defy the authority of the white-clad authorities and the dark forces behind them, and in the process, we bring those who have blindly obeyed with us. You are leading the charge and making a difference, though there is still much to do.

The courts follow the culture

This period has taught me many lessons about the law as a tool in such troubled times – and many of the lessons I have learned have come from the lawyers here today.

One of the most important lessons is that the courts follow the culture.

For one thing, judges have also been subjected to the Milgram experiment, as we all have, and are by vocation rule followers and rule enforcers. Most seem to have aligned themselves with government orthodoxy more out of conviction than political calculation.

Second, we have learned that judges who are reluctant to hear challenging cases hide behind the doctrine of standing. In several CHD cases, judges have simply dismissed them for “lack of standing” – even when the grounds for such dismissal were very weak.

The good news is that the culture is changing, and the truth is coming out. The collapsing COVID narrative and trend line favors us, not the tyrants.

For example:

  • Hysteria has passed – here we are, gathering in person. No masks, no tests, no vaccine passports.
  • People are gathering, traveling, going back to work and school, and institutions are dropping mandates for tests, masks and shots.
  • And the truth is out there – and defending itself. It’s now common knowledge:
  • That vaccines have been completely ineffective and unsafe – they have not stopped infection or transmission, and have killed and injured thousands, if not more.
  • That natural immunity is indeed at least as effective, if not more so, than vaccine-induced immunity.
  • That the government, with corporate proxies, has created a censorship-industrial complex.
  • That government policies have led to a drop in average life expectancy in the US by three years – and even more for certain subgroups, including Native Americans, who have lost an astonishing nearly seven years of life expectancy.
  • That we are suffering from“sudden unexplained death” at staggering levels and that there have been dramatic excess mortality rates around the world that can only be explained by COVID injections.

The bottom line is that the tide has turned and that this is our time to do justice and put safeguards in place so that future closures, forced medical experimentation, discrimination, censorship and mass atrocities become impossible.

Legal victories show hope

There are some signs of hope:

CHD itself has had some important victories and I think we’ll see more this year:

We also have many cases pending against:

As the tide turns, all of our cases have an increased likelihood of success. We look forward to brainstorming with other attorneys and working on cases that lead to the protection of children.

CHD can offer a number of things that might be helpful:

  • Attorney Ray Flores maintains a mailing list for attorneys across the country. He regularly sends pleadings, decisions and legal articles. This is free, so sign up at legal@childrenshealthdefense.org.
  • We do mailings every day. If you represent individuals regarding exemptions, custody disputes, workers’ compensation, whistleblowers, medical license defense and discrimination, please let us know. Again, write to legal@childrenshealthdefense.org.
  • We are particularly eager to identify workers’ compensation attorneys. We believe this is a viable way not only to obtain compensation for employees injured by vaccines, but also to financially discourage employers from ever implementing medical mandates again by increasing their financial costs.
  • If you have a case that you think aligns with CHD’s mission, email legal@childrenshealthdefense.org. We have an internal committee that evaluates potential new issues against many strict criteria and we regularly consider collaborative efforts.
  • Also, our website has lots of resources that might be helpful, including pleadings, sample letters, references for legal organizations, and more.

In addition, if there are legal stories we should cover in our daily newsletter, The Defender, or on our video platform, CHD.TV, or on our social media, let us know.

We reach millions of people – and we want to keep our followers up to date with accurate, up-to-date information on important legal issues.

It’s not just about COVID

Of course, we’re not just fighting COVID – we’re fighting the dark forces of global totalitarianism. We’re fighting back:

  • A model of surveillance capitalism with the real threat of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) in the near future.
  • A control network with individual digital IDs for every human on the planet.
  • A censorship industrial complex that seeks to promote a single global narrative and would try to portray us here as fringe far-right extremists and even domestic terrorists.
  • A global grid of control that involves the World Health Organization’s “One Health”; the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” and transhumanism; the promotion of genetically modified foods; weather modification; and the explosion of towers, antennas and uncontrolled devices that emit electromagnetic radiation.

CHD works on all of these issues through education, advocacy, science and litigation, as these avenues together create the necessary synergies.

If you are here, it is because you are seeking to overcome these dangerous trends fueled by fear, ignorance, polarization and repression. If you are here, it is because you believe in human freedom, human dignity and humanity itself, and you believe that we can make a difference.

Having a longer view of this movement than others, I want you to know that with your new resources in this epic battle, I believe we can win, we will win – and we must win.

What has happened these past three years were not mistakes – I urge you to watch this powerful two-minute video,“Mistakes Were NOT Made: An Anthem for Justice” The perpetrators – and especially the perpetrators – must be held accountable. As the video ends:

We were terrorized.
We were isolated.
We’ve been gaslightened.
We’ve been dehumanized.
We’ve been injured.
We’ve been killed.

Don’t let them get away with it.

That’s the job of lawyers – we must not let them get away with it. We need to help restore the social contract between action and responsibility and between crime and punishment. We must help restore the rule of law over tyrants.

As I have said in the past,

TRUTH is on our side,
SCIENCE is on our side,
ETHICS is on our side and
LAW is on our side.

And I hope and pray that God and the Universe will be on our side and that we will meet again – soon – to celebrate our victory for the rule of law, for justice, and for the future of our children.

Thank you.

Originally published on The Defender

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