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The many untruths told by EMA chief Emer Cooke

This 6-minute clip from the European Parliament’s three-hour meeting on 27 March with the Special Committee on the COVID-19 pandemic is a must-see!

Robert Roos MEP from the Netherlands has demanded answers from former Big Pharma lobbyist and EMA CEO Emer Cooke on the following areas:

  1. There are many testimonies that Pfizer falsified clinical trial data: Is the EMA still relying on manufacturers’ data or does it have independent safety information?
  2. According to the Australian Medicines Regulatory Authority’s assessment report, lipid nanoparticles do not remain at the injection site but end up in the spleen, liver and ovaries – did EMA know before the vaccine was approved that it spreads throughout the body?
  3. Personal question to Ms Cooke: Given our current knowledge, are you still convinced that the process and approval of the vaccines used by the EMA was correct?

Ms Cooke admitted that“most of the data came from companies…”

Untruth #1: “…but we are requesting additional data and doing some independent research ourselves.”

Really, Ms. Cooke? I for one, along with the rest of the public, would like to see the EMA’s independent research on these experimental COVID-19 vaccines.

Untruth #2: She went on to say: “We also monitor all the literature, so if anything comes out of any studies, we will take that into consideration in trying to assess whether restrictions are needed

How is it that your team has remained silent and failed to assess the many studies in the scientific literature ,which show that mRNA vaccines cause harm, being linked to adverse events. Or did they only look at studies funded by the pharamaceutical companies and/or written by medical experts with significant conflicts of interest?

Untruth #3: Ms Cooke said: the EMA takes “very seriously” allegations of data falsification and any misconduct” leading to targeted investigations and possible prosecutions.

As an investigative journalist, I have brought to the EMA’s attention evidence that strongly suggests Pfizer/BioNTech falsified Western Blots results to meet their obligations to the regulator, showing that only the spike protein was expressed by the vaccine mRNA and that their product was consistent between batches. My two-part investigation for Test site news included the EMA’s official response- ”These figures [Western Blot images] were extracted from the submitted dossier and inserted into the assessment report, which resulted in a loss of image quality. In addition, the redaction software used by the EMA to prepare documents for publication following an ATD request has an impact on the resolution of the documents.”

This is a far cry from a targeted investigation into the allegations of data fabrication.

We also interviewed Brook Jackson, the Pfizer/Ventavia whistleblower, who alleged that Ventavia (Pfizer’s subcontractor) committed fraud, endangered patient safety, and engaged in a cover-up of errors and irregularities during Pfizer’s management of clinical trials.

Untruth #4: Cooked stated (in a confused manner while searching for the answer) that vaccinemRNA breaks down quickly in the body – in about 9 days

According to the March 2022 study published in Cell by Röltgen et al. the researchers revealed that instead of being rapidly degraded, the vaccine antigen spike COVID-19 mRNA persists for weeks [8 weeks] in Germinal Centres (GCs) in lymph nodes.

I don’t know where Cooke got 9 days from? He probably recited what he was told by the pharmaceutical companies. In retrospect, she should have had their information verified by her “top team of experts” because they read “all the literature” as you know.

When it comes to the spike protein produced by the body’s own cells, thanks to the vaccine’s modified synthetic mRNA – not even the pharmaceutical companies themselves know how much spike protein is produced, where and for how long! This was revealed in my in-depth interview with Dr. David Wiseman, who critically evaluated a crucial July 2022 FDA meeting to decide whether to authorize Pfizer and Moderna’s experimental mRNA vaccines for babies as young as 6 months old – which they did. It’s worth watching a very short clip of the interview below.

Untruth #5: Cooke: “mRNA and lipid nanoparticles mainly stay at the injection site”

When reviewing Pfizer’s own Nonclinical Overview, which was published in late 2021 as part of Pfizer’s court-ordered data repository, it contained animal studies – which we reviewed for Trial Site News. The alarming studies showed that lipid nanoparticles travel to the liver, spleen, brain, adrenal glands, ovaries and testes- basically everywhere.

The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (their drug regulator) had access to this information as far back as January 2021, in the form of their own Non-Clinical Evaluation Report, which was even more damning.

Surely Cooke and his team at the EMA must have known that mRNA and lipid nanoparticles don’t “mainly stay at the injection site” if they had bothered to read the necessary documents.

He must also have known that Pfizer/BioNtech had not conducted any vaccine safety studies on: genotoxicity, carcinogenicity, safety pharmacology and pharmacokinetics. These should have been done, as the lipid nanoparticles (surrounding the modified mRNA) contain 2 completely new (and known to be toxic) compounds: ALC-0315 and ALC-0519.

In response to Roos’ personal question – “With the knowledge we now have – are you still convinced that the process and approval of the vaccines used by the EMA was the right thing to do?

Cooke emphatically states, “I would do it again!”

This is the truth.

Originally published on Sonia Elijah Investigates

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