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France will take to the streets on December 10, 2022 to commemorate family and friends who died shortly after receiving a covid-19 injection.

The citizens of France have organized multiple locations to commemorate covid-19 vaccine victims and to tell their stories about the dangerous nature of this vaccine. They will be holding photos of loved ones who left us early soon after receiving the injections. The date of December 10, 2022 was chosen specifically as it is the anniversary of the 1958 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Many citizens of France are strong in their belief that the mandate of the covid-19 injection clearly violates the principles of this agreement.

Jean-Pierre Eudíer is a spokesperson for event. He appeared on the UK Column newscast yesterday to advertise this event.

An English translation of the event poster says “Let’s bear witness, in large numbers, in our city and everywhere, through images and words to the national day of gathering in tribute to the victims of the covid-19 injections. To demand transparency on these products and to alert of their extreme danger to ensure that the precautionary principle is applied. “

Here are some of the locations where the events will take place.

Events in France, December 10, 2022

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