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Message from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. “The Swiss People Have the Right and the Responsibility to Stand Up for Democracy”

“The Swiss people have the right and the responsibility to stand up for democracy globally, and to send a message of courage, of inspiration to the rest of the world.”

Quiet time is over… things are going to get loud tomorrow!

Switzerland is at the heart of the battle for democracy, as it is in an ambivalent position. Its constitution, which governs the Confederation of 26 cantons, is inspired by the American constitution, and makes it the most democratic state in Europe. In addition to the broad powers of autonomy enjoyed by the cantons, the political organisation is based on a unique form of direct democracy, thanks to the citizens’ rights to vote and their ability to call for referendums, if enough people demand them.

Tomorrow, November 12, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and many other ambassadors for freedom will participate in a national demonstration in the Swiss capital of Bern.

Follow [LIVE or REPLAY] the press conference and the rally on CHD Europe LIVE here.

The press conference – Friday November 12 2021 at 9.30 am CET – will be broadcast LIVE in English and German on CHD LIVE.

Why Switzerland must stop all Corona measures immediately. A medical, scientific and legal assessment with international guests.

Dr. Andreas Heisler, General Practitioner, President of ALETHEIA
Dr. Kati Schepis, Graduate Pharmacist ETH
Dr. Thomas Binder, cardiologist
Robert Kennedy Jr, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Children’s Health Defense
Catherine Austin Fitts, President of Solari Inc.
Philipp Kruse, lawyer, LL.M.
Dr. Björn Riggenbacher, general practitioner

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