Awareness needs to be raised that exposure to EMF / 5G today is putting our children specifically but all mankind into a vulnerable position unprotected against harmful radiation.
We aim to address this by all means with collaborative groups to ensure safeguards to eliminate future harm.

Italy subjected to pressure to raise limits for radiation exposure

Despite strong pressure from the mobile phone industry to raise the limits, the Italy maintains its lower limits than those...
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Public Benefit or Big Profits for Big Telecom? Here’s What’s Really Driving the 5G Rollout.

Image by on Freepik Proponents of 5G say the technology will address the “digital divide” by increasing online services...
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5G may reduce bone strength

A new study shows that exposure to the 3.5 GHz frequency used in 5G reduces bone strength and flexibility in...
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The EU Commission selected biased experts for radiation report

Serious criticism has emerged from an in-depth review of the European Commission’s latest expert report on the health risks of...
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