Awareness needs to be raised that exposure to EMF / 5G today is putting our children specifically but all mankind into a vulnerable position unprotected against harmful radiation.
We aim to address this by all means with collaborative groups to ensure safeguards to eliminate future harm.

Critique of EU Commission expert opinion report on radiofrequency radiation from wireless technology – EU Commission hand-picked expert report authors known for bias towards telecom business needs

Image by on Freepik Two European NGO's, specialized on the health risks from radiofrequency radiation (RFR) emitted by modern...
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CHD Petitions FCC to ‘Quit Stalling’ on Court Order to Address Harmful Effects of Wireless Radiation

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) on Tuesday petitioned the Federal Communications  Commission (FCC) to “quit stalling” and comply with a court-ordered mandate to...
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Pediatricians Must Advocate For Stricter Wireless Regulations to Protect Kids From Radiation, Scientists Say

The medical community has a critical role to play in preventing harm from wireless radiation by educating parents and advocating...
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9 Leading Experts: RF Radiation Can Lead to Brain Damage, Alzheimer’s

Research on 5G radiofrequency (RF) radiation shows it can cause brain damage and possibly lead to dementia and Alzheimer's disease,...
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