Awareness needs to be raised that exposure to EMF / 5G today is putting our children specifically but all mankind into a vulnerable position unprotected against harmful radiation.
We aim to address this by all means with collaborative groups to ensure safeguards to eliminate future harm.

Behavioural disorders and mental illnesses on the rise among Swedish children

The number of Swedish children with behavioural disorders or mental illness has increased sharply over the past 20 years, according...
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School That Let T-Mobile Install 9 Cell Antennas Near Playground Locked Into 31-Year Contract

A private school in San Diego signed a contract with T-Mobile to install hidden antennas only 20 feet above the...
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Schools Are Signing Cell Tower Deals — Without Telling Parents

Telecom companies are approaching school boards across the U.S., offering to install wireless towers in exchange for what initially appears...
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Wind turbines: unreliable, expensive, climate-changing and harmful to health due to infrasound

Source:, Dr Peter F. Mayer, 14 May 2024 The climate must be protected from CO2 and therefore we need...
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