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Prayers for the Fertility of Women At Lake Constance Where 3 Nations Meet

Catherine Austin Fitts has kindly attracted our attention to this very special celebration in the heart of Europe. We could not resist sharing her post about this touching gathering of souls so much aligned with the intent of this letter.

In several days, on August 15th, many people celebrate the Assumption of Mary. This day celebrates the passage of Mary, the mother of Jesus, into Heaven at the end of her earthly life.

At Lake Constance in central Europe, there is a statue of Mother Mary on the lake floor in the middle of the lake where Austria, Switzerland, and Germany meet. Every August 15th for the Assumption of Mary, boats leave from the shores of each country to meet in the middle to pray for Mother Mary. I have asked my friends there to make sure to include our prayers for the fertility of young women. They sent me the picture above as their prayers have begun.

How do we create a great civilization? One healthy mother and one healthy, beautfiul baby at a time.

I pray for the health and well-being of all of our young women, for their fertility, and for the unborn children they carry in their hearts, their minds, and in their womb.

I pray for divine protection for the fertility of women and ask Mother Mary to be with us and guide us at this time.

I pray that those who would contribute in any way—by direct action or support and financing—would be touched by Mary’s love, that their heart would be warmed by a Mother’s love to change their path.

Please join us between now and August 15th as we pray for the mothers who bring our future into this world.

You can read Catherine’s full article and other prayers on The Solari Report.


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