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WHO insider on the UN war on life

A WHO insider who worked for the UN organisation for years reports from the engine room of the “global coup d’état” that is currently underway.

Source: TKP.at, Thomas Oysmüller, 05 June 2024

The doctor and scientist Astrid Stuckelberger worked for years with the WHO on the controversial International Health Regulations (IHR) and wrote policy papers for the UN and the EU Commission. She knows the WHO, and not just because she works at the university in Geneva. In the midst of battles over elections, pandemics and (WHO) treaties, she helps to see the ‘big picture’: The grip on all living things in itself. ‘The UN wants to vaccinate all animals and replace plants with synthetic life,’ says Dr Stuckelberger.

Destruction of life and health

In an interview with the two journalists and lawyers Tess Lawrie and Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, she explained in detail the power structures and intentions of the WHO in particular and the UN in general. She spoke in a dramatic tone about the de-democratisation of the UN, the “problem of representation” and the dismantling of nation-state sovereignty. Everything is to be standardised: Every government, health (One Govt, One Healh) and every procedure. Somehow, the people would have to manage to turn the “power pyramid” upside down, explains the UN expert.

A body like the UN cannot be reformed, says the health expert. The WHO absolutely needs to be “dismantled” – this is the only way it can be restricted. This describes what is already happening in parts of the world. In the name of the United Nations, in the name of “climate change”, in the name of “health”: “What has already happened is an example of how they [the UN] can come and confiscate your land in the name of ‘detoxification’ because they have allegedly found chemicals in your soil. Then you have to leave your country.”

Stuckelberger speaks right at the beginning, but the other presentations are also absolutely worth listening to. Wahome Ngare added to Stuckelberger’s presentation that population control – reduction is deeply rooted in the UN.

“Everything that belongs to life, the system is trying to hack,” says the WHO whistleblower, “The thing with WIPO [United Nations World Intellectual Property Organisation] is scary – they want to patent life. They want to vaccinate all animals, eliminate plants and use electro-synthetic life forms instead.” She also confirms critics of the “fourth industrial revolution”, who see it as a “war against life itself”.

Covid certainly was a test run; the widespread introduction of the PCR test was central, which could be expanded: “We know they lied,” adds the whistleblower. “We know that the PCR test used as a test for COVID infection is not a diagnostic tool and they lied to us with 97 per cent positive cases.” Stuckelberger emphasises that this can happen “in many areas” for people around the world, including “in their homes, their water, their food”.

Her appeal:

“You must come and protect the natural right – your life must be respected wherever you are. The right to live, the right to breathe, the right to eat, the right to keep your children, the right to raise your children the way you want… That means the government has no say over their upbringing”

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