Does the EU have too little power to deal with the crisis?

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Guy Verhofstadt (Member of the European Parliament from the Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats party and former Belgian Prime Minister) calls on EU countries to transfer full power over them to the EU structures:

What is the main problem in today’s crisis? The main problem is that EU member states refuse to transfer sovereignty and power to EU structures.
And we all know that the only way out of the crisis is to transfer full power to the European Union and its structures.”

The various corruption scandals should be remembered on this occasion. Especially around Commission President Leyen, who ordered a total of 5.4 billion mRNA vaccine doses from Pfizer via SMS for tens of billions of euros. Parliament agreed that these SMS messages were classified.

The head of the European Medicine Agency, which is responsible for approving vaccinations and medications, is a good fit. Emer Cooke was formerly the managing director of the largest EU pharmaceutical lobbying agency.

In September 2022, a series of billionaire NGO conferences took place on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York, such as the “ Clinton Global Initiative ” and of course the “Goalkeepers 2022” conference by the Gates Foundation. As reported here, Leyen received the “Global Goalkeeper Award” for best implementing the goals of the billionaire foundations.

Leyen was again worthy of an award for supporting Ukraine’s war efforts and, above all, the most radical implementation of the Green Deal prescribed by BlackRock and Co. The prize comes from the “non-profit” organization World Law Foundation, which was founded in 2019.

Brussels is full of the lobbying groups that are the actual legislators in the EU.

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