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Let’s Break the Silence about Covid-19 Vaccine Injury and Death

CHD Europe is proud to support the #CanWeTalkAboutIt Campaign

As part of the ongoing mission of Children’s Health Defense, we continuously advocate for transparency and sound science within any vaccination program. The grave side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine in the world’s populations are now too many to be ignored. In CHD’s support of campaigns like #CanWeTalkAboutIt, we hope to help raise awareness and create communities for support, education and action.

As Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says, the COVID-19 countermeasures, including the vaccines, were “never about science or public health”.

The US Vaccine Adverse Events Report System (VAERS) currently shows a total of 1,134,984 reports of adverse events and 24,402 deaths.
The European adverse event reporting system has recorded over 1.4 million adverse reactions.

In an effort to defend the future health and freedom of our children and obtain justice for those already injured, we are happy to give a platform for Campaigns such as #CanWeTalkAboutIt which aims to:

  • Create a safe space for COVID-19 vaccine injured to share their stories
  • Create awareness among the general public that COVID-19 vaccine injuries are real
  • Raise funds to support global organizations and initiatives working on projects related to research, health solutions and lawful processes leading to compensations

Launch of the Campaign and How to participate

#CanWeTalkAboutIt launch event will take place on June 14, 13h20 EST / 18h20 BST / 19h20 CEST and will be live streamed globally.

Once you register you will receive updates on how to join the campaign. The campaign instructions will be sent out on the launch date. You can join as a supporter or someone that’s been injured.

Download the Press Release of the campaign here.

By providing a safe space for those who were injured to share their stories, get support and have their voices heard we will create awareness among the general public that the COVID-19 vaccine injuries are real and not rare. Every donation will support global organizations working on projects related to research on COVID-19 vaccine injuries, health solutions for those injured, and lawful processes for victims. The denial and silence around the COVID-19 vaccine injury further threaten the rights to informed consent and bodily autonomy. These basic human rights should be upheld by all democratic governments to protect all citizens, yet we are witnessing a worldwide failure by governments, media and the medical establishment.

Grass root organizations globally have identified large numbers of COVID-19 vaccine injuries that are not reported by the media. These numbers are likely an underestimate. Even before COVID, only 1% of vaccine injuries were known to be reported. Many doctors do not have enough knowledge to link illness, injuries, and adverse reactions to the shots. There is also pressure for doctors to not report events – the medical establishment severely discourages speaking against vaccination for fear of increasing vaccine hesitancy. Citizens also lack the information and knowledge necessary to determine when illness is caused by vaccines. These numbers are growing rapidly and we are yet to witness the long term effects that have not been studied properly yet. Our campaign aims to raise these issues and get people to think twice before taking the shot.

For more information and to register to the live or in person event – please visit the dedicated website Can we Talk About It.

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