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Pathologist warns: Most cancer cases are among vaccinated people

Source: Dr Peter F. Mayer, TKP.at, 15 March 202

A Croatian pathologist has warned that the vast majority of people now being diagnosed with cancer have been vaccinated with coronavirus modRNA preparations. Doctors have been reporting an increasing number of cancer diagnoses since 2021. Many warn of rapidly developing forms of the disease, known as “turbo cancer”.

The most common form of cancer is carcinoma. A carcinoma develops when the DNA of a cell is damaged or altered. The damage causes the cell to grow uncontrollably and become malignant. A growing number of experts now fear that carcinogenic DNA damage is caused by Covid mRNA injections. Some time ago, Japanese researchers showed, as reported here and here, that vaccine spikes disrupt ribosomes in the cells they enter and thus inhibit or prevent the formation of vital enzymes.

Steve Kirsch, an MIT computer scientist who founded the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF), spoke with Croatian pathologist Ivana Pavic about the link between cancers and Covid vaccinations.

Pavic told Kirsch that 65 per cent of all cancer cases in young people aged 15 to 59 were vaccinated against corona. She revealed that the vaccinated cancer patients had received one or more corona modRNA vaccinations.

According to Kirsch’s calculations, this data shows that even one coronavirus modRNA injection increases a person’s risk of developing carcinoma by 52 per cent.

However, the problem is not limited to those who have received an injection. Doctors now fear that “shedding” of vaccine spikes from vaccinated individuals may also cause cancer in unvaccinated individuals.

Kirsch explains how he calculated that the mRNA injections increase the risk of cancer by 52%. He presents a simple graph of 100 people, 55 of whom are vaccinated and 45 unvaccinated. If the cancer risk in both groups is, let’s say, 10 per cent, you would have 5.5 and 4.5 for 55 per cent vaccinated.

“To arrive at a ratio of 65 per cent, this would mean that more vaccinated people develop cancer: 8,342 people,” Kirsch continues.

“So you take 8.342 / 5.5 = 1.517.

“So an increase of 52% compared to the initial risk.”

Given the information Pavic provided, it is not surprising that she did not get vaccinated.

“Even in Croatia, hardly anyone is still opting for the vaccination, even though 99% of doctors recommend it as safe and effective.

“Maybe I can get one of them to come on camera with me and explain their recommendation.”

Kirsch also conducted research on the impact of the pandemic measures on Amish communities and found that Covid death rates among traditionalist populations are 90 times lower than in the rest of America. The main difference, the study found, is that Amish communities completely ignored guidelines from the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

People who took the shots certainly have a higher concentration of spike because there’s obviously no mechanism for the body to stop producing it.”

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