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Here is how the globalists take illogical concepts and turn them into pillars of our culture, for instance, that health relies on planetary biodiversity

An example from the UN Environment Program. The plan is laid out for embedding the idea that health and biodiversity are inextricably linked–to push the One Health agenda as outlined below.

It’s important to get a good grasp of how globalist organizations like the UN, WHO and World Economic Forum have taken concepts that everyone agrees on, such as the need to protect the environment, prevent species extinction, eat healthy food, and improve our agricultural practices and twisted them to usher in their own agenda.

Here is one example. Just a few years ago, the globalists decided that ‘biodiversity’ needed to be forcibly intertwined with health. By decree, biodiversity considerations were to be integrated into One Health. And the Conference of the Parties, in #1 below: “recognized the importance of ecosystem-based approaches for the delivery of multiple benefits to human health and well-being.” Hello?

Next, they needed to find some scientific way to link the two, so science-based indicators were to be established. 2. (a)

Next, “targeted messaging approaches on mainstreaming biodiversity for the health sector” were to be developed. 2. (b)

Next, a “global action plan to mainstream biodiversity and health linkages into national policies, strategies, programs and accounts” was to be drafted and developed. 2. (c)

This 35 page document tells us what has been done to further their objective. Here is a snapshot of page 1:

A bit further along in the introduction of this document you can read the following:

Section III contextualizes the relevance of One Health approaches, among other holistic approaches, and the recognition of interlinkages between biodiversity and health, in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to reduce the risk of future zoonotic pandemics. Section IV provides a draft recommendation for consideration by the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological
Advice. The draft global action plan to mainstream biodiversity and health linkages into national policies, strategies, programmes and accounts appears in the annex below.

The very end of the document tells us the messages they wanted to jam into everyone’s brain. Are any of them true? As I explain in my dialogue with James Corbett on Good Morning CHD (TV) on April 8, it is absolutely necessary for the globalists to justify their incursions into our land, agriculture, hunting and fishing that people remain convinced that pandemics emerge from contacts with wildlife, not from labs. Furthermore, the globalists appear to want to control our access to food. And that is why so many people continue to make this claim, even though there is no evidence to support it. See the take-home messages on biodiversity from the end of the document, below.

COVID-19 and recovery measures

(a) The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the importance of the relationship between people and nature. While the relationship between biodiversity and infectious disease is complex, it is clear that the loss and degradation of biodiversity undermines the web of life and increases the risk of disease spillover from wildlife to people;
(b) Overall plans for post-COVID-19 recovery, and specifically plans to reduce the risk of future epidemics, need to go further upstream than early detection and control of disease outbreaks, by prioritizing prevention actions rather than reactions to emerging issues;
(c) Biodiversity and conservation efforts at all levels (genes, species, and ecosystems) increase resilience by mitigating the risks to severe disruptions caused by climate change and pathogen spillover that can lead to global pandemics;66
(d) Reducing systemic drivers and anthropogenic [the term means human-caused, but the authors do not want readers to understand their gist] impacts in emerging disease hotspots could reduce pandemic risk, protect biodiversity and ecosystem services.67 [What are ecosystem services?]. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the health risks arising from the cost of inaction and continued ecosystem degradation and loss;
(e) The risk of future pandemics could also be reduced through a more integrated, cross-sectoral and biodiversity-inclusive One Health approach that builds the health and resilience of people and ecosystems, in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development;
(f) There are many opportunities for responses to COVID-19, including both short-term stimulus measures and longer-term approaches to ‘build back better’, contribute to sustainable development, and reduce the risk of future pandemics.

Key messages from the Workshop on Biodiversity and Pandemics of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services68

(a) Pandemics emerge from the microbial diversity found in nature;
(b) Human ecological disruption, and unsustainable consumption drive pandemic risk;
(c) Reducing anthropogenic global environmental change MAY reduce pandemic risk;
(d) Land-use change, agricultural expansion, and urbanization cause more than 30 per cent of emerging disease events;
(e) The trade and consumption of wildlife is a globally important risk for future pandemics;
(f) Current pandemic preparedness strategies aim to control diseases after they emerge. These strategies often rely on, and can affect, biodiversity;
(g) Escape from the Pandemic Era requires policy options that foster transformative change towards preventing pandemics:
(i) Enabling mechanisms;
(ii) Policies to reduce the role of land-use change in pandemic emergence;
(iii) Policies to reduce pandemic emergence related to the wildlife trade;
(iv) Closing critical knowledge gaps;
(v) Foster a role for all sectors of society to engage in reducing risk of pandemics.

The World Economic Forum also fosters these false theories and action plans.

The UN Environment Program chief parrots the same talking points.

And so does the avuncular Tony Fauci. If you had any doubt about the veracity of these concepts, I hope Uncle Tony, the World Health Godfather, will put them to rest.

Tony knows the labs he funded developed COVID or pieces of COVID, but has latched on to raccoon dog story to CYA and push the globalist agenda. April 6, 2023. You can watch the video here:

Please share this information with everyone you know. Thank you.

Originally published on Meryl’s COVID Newsletter

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