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Censorship Attack: CHD Deplatformed from Facebook and Instagram!

There has never been a time in history when the suppression of the truth has had such devastating impacts on people’s lives.

                                    ROBERT F. KENNEDY, Jr, chairman of Children’s Health Defense

On Wednesday, Aug. 17, without warning, Facebook informed Children’s Health Defense (CHD), our parent organisation in the US, that their page was deplatformed (unpublished). Simultaneously, their Instagram account was deplatformed (suspended). Each of these platforms had hundreds of thousands of followers. Collectively, more than half a million followers have been denied access to truthful information. CHD received the following notifications from both platforms:

Fighting Big Tech + Big Pharma

Despite not posting content on Facebook for the past 21 days due to an existing 30-day ban, and constantly self-censoring our content in an attempt to avoid continual shadow-banning and censorship, both CHD pages were abruptly deplatformed. Removing CHD accounts is evidence of a clearly orchestrated attempt to stop the impact we have during a time of heightened criticism of our public health institutions.

Deplatforming by the tech giants came days after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) quietly walked back many of their previous COVID-19 policies that CHD has criticized since the beginning of the pandemic. Within hours of CHD deplatforming, CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky shared her plans for overhauling how the agency works while admitting to a flawed response to the COVID-19 and pandemic missteps.

There’s no clear indication of why Facebook and Instagram chose to deplatform CHD at this time, but the timing dovetails with CHD ongoing censorship lawsuit against Facebook. CHD filed a lawsuit against Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, in August, 2020. Recently, in its Ninth Circuit Court appeal filed on July 29, CHD provided the court with CDC-produced documents the agency shared with Facebook. These documents, provided to Facebook on a regular basis, contained what the CDC considered misinformation. Titled “COVID Vaccine Misinformation: Hot Topics,” the CDC documents asked tech giants to “be on the lookout” (BOLO) for various topics they consider to be misinformation including: COVID-19 vaccine shedding, VAERS reports, spike protein data and more. The CHD case is currently pending in a Ninth Circuit decision.

Facebook is acting here as a surrogate for the Federal government’s crusade to silence all criticism of draconian government policies. Our constitutional framers recognized this peril of government censorship. We don’t need a First Amendment to protect popular or government approved speech. They incorporated the First Amendment specifically to protect free expression of dissenting opinions. They understood that a government that can silence its critics has license for every atrocity.

                                 ROBERT F. KENNEDY, Jr, chairman of Children’s Health Defense

Big Tech Wants Us Silenced … Don’t Let Them Stop Us!

Despite attempts to censor CHD, we will continue our important mission. Many people only followed CHD on these large social media platforms so it is important that we let them know we have been deplatformed. Please share all or parts of this email with your friends and family so they can sign up for our free CHD Europe newsletter available in 5 languages, sign up for “The Defender”, and watch the censorship-free shows streaming live daily on CHD.TV.

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Stakes are high. With your support, we can conquer censorship from social media platforms that have ruthlessly censored, suppressed and distorted our information. Please consider donating to support CHD Europe, so we can continue to defend freedom of speech, medical freedom, truth, bodily autonomy and children’s health.

The Children’s Health Defense Europe Team

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