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German Medical Doctor Appeals to her Colleagues Around the World

“Physicians following their Hippocratic Oath must resolutely stand up for the well-being of their patients.”


Gerlinde Laeverenz-Foti, M.D., is a holistic physician and has been dealing with the issue around vaccination for many years. She turns to her colleagues on this occasion, stating that if physicians in particular are not attentive in this crisis, they will become complicit in a policy that makes a mockery of all human values and scientific standards.

Here is what she has to say:

I urge all physicians in this country and indeed around the world, without exception, to think outside the box of what we have been taught in medical school and beyond our further education.

Use your common sense, question and explore connections with a desire to know the truth. Trust in your gut feeling, something that every good doctor should be capable of. Do not be satisfied with what is written in your textbooks, but go one step further – on behalf of the human being, on behalf of your patients.

Being a doctor means being independent of any system, of opinions, of politics, of guidelines and directives, even of every (man-made) law. The only guideline that counts is to be found within yourself and your patient.

I would be very surprised if even one doctor could and would sign that vaccinations cannot pose a threat to a person’s health or life.

Why are vaccinations so trivialized and complications often neither recognized, let alone noted in the patient’s file?

And to those physicians who consider vaccinations to be useful – how many of you have studied them in depth, have delved deeper into immunology, studied the scientific and well-researched literature and listened to the testimonials of parents and patients?

To all of those who have seen or experienced as much suffering through vaccinations as I have, affecting children and their families, and to all of those who do not dismiss it from the outset with the sentence “this cannot come from the vaccine”. All of those that can no longer help but ask the questions and take a critical look at allopathic medicine.

Do not be complicit in this so-called “health policy” that neither respects the dignity and true development of man, let alone his soul and his being. Do not sell yourselves and the people entrusted to your care for fear of being defamed or because you believe that your professional existence will be threatened. This is an illusion anyway, because no one can take your vocation away from you except yourself. Rather work on rehabilitating the patients’ trust in the medical profession, which many people have now lost, and rightly so. Put your patients back in the centre of attention, listen to them with interest and a healthy curiosity. Take their concerns, doubts and fears seriously and take steps to educate yourselves independently. Especially in the context of vaccines and the current mask obligation!

Let us work together to ensure that we retain our sovereignty and independence. It is not up to politicians or a school principal to decide what is medically justifiable and how to assess a health risk to the individual! We as physicians should remain the decision makers here. Likewise, the patient entrusted to us must remain protected, and should not be made to discuss their personal health issues with a manager of a supermarket or their employer! This is degrading and shameful at the same time. This is a novel and absolutely unjustifiable disregard of human dignity, which we simply cannot accept!

And what about our children? We must protect them instead of handing them over to state measures! Right now, political fears and moves are being played out on the backs of our children – we physicians must not allow this under any circumstances, let alone accept it silently!

We must rise up, it is high time!

Dear colleagues, if you haven’t already done so, I urge you to come back to the ground of facts, to the real basis of medicine. Remember your Hippocratic Oath, the oath that you once took, and by which you committed yourselves to the well-being of the patient! Remember the reason for which you – hopefully – once became a doctor. Remember what is essential in life and what is really important in medicine. It is about the individual. And thus it is about the health of our society.

Remember what is essential when it comes to your medical responsibility.

You do have a great responsibility. Please be very serious about it. And, if you cannot do so because of fear or other reasons, then you should give up your license to practice medicine.


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