Facilitating the WHO power grab: the return of Bill Gates crony David Cameron

The return of former British Prime Minister David Cameron to office as Foreign Secretary affirms that the main purpose of the British state is really to push vaccines. In a disturbing turn of events after a punishing weekend on the streets of London provoked by the Gazan war – which has left the country politically and socially fractured as never before – present Prime Minister Rishi Sunak decided to have a cabinet re-shuffle which almost certainly had less to do with those events than promoting the forthcoming WHO accords at the beginning of next month (but for which, of course, the weekend events were a painful and useful distraction). My guess is that Sunak did not appoint Cameron to save his own political skin (actually it made him look even more ridiculous) but rather to please Bill Gates. 

Back in June 2011 I was one of about ten protestors outside a hotel in the City of London in which David Cameron in the presence of Gates signed the British government up to become the principle funder of GAVI, the Global Vaccine Alliance – from which point, with no debate or democratic consultation the UK started to pour obscene billions of tax-payers’ money into the global vaccine industry/cartel.

One might have thought that egregious though this event was that it was somewhat incidental to the wider business of government, but in fact it turns out it was probably thematic. Dissident British MP Andrew Bridgen has told how as a new Conservative MP in 2010 he attended the first parliamentary party meeting to be addressed by Prime Minister Cameron but instead of the expected pep-talk Cameron brought with him Bill Gates, who gave Conservative MPs a lecture about his vaccine products (from 3.30)! This was not admittedly the beginning of Gates’s association with the British government as Gordon Brown – latterly a proponent of  One World Government and a WHO fundraising ambassador – had brought him in as a business consultant in 2006 (as if there was any reason Gates should have concern for the well-being of British citizens or any loyalty to them). By June 2020, in a speech largely hidden from the British electorate Boris Johnson in the company of Gates was hailing GAVI as the new NATO.

In particular, Cameron’s return needs to be considered in the light of Sunak’s earlier appointment -when he came to office in October last year – of Andrew Mitchell MP also to a Foreign Office role. Mitchell too, was a long associate of Gates who was present at the 2011 GAVI meeting and had not been in government for 10 years after an altercation with a Downing Street policeman. Like Cameron he was never expected to return to office. Now with barely two weeks to go these two gentleman are in pole position to ease the passing of the WHO accords, and negotiate away the sovereignty of the British people without even the remotest Parliamentary scrutiny.

Even more perplexing is Cameron’s deep involvement in the Greensill scandal which was even candidly reported by Wiki:

During Cameron’s premiership, the financier Lex Greensill, was an unpaid advisor who had access to eleven government departments… In 2018, Cameron became an advisor to Greensill Capital and held share options in the company… reportedly worth as much as $60 million as well as being paid over $1 million each year for 25 days work per year.A Panorama investigation concluded that overall, through a combination of his salary and share sales, Cameron earned around $10 million before tax for 30 months part-time work.

In 2019, Cameron arranged for a private meeting with Lex Greensill and Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock; under Hancock, several NHS trusts went on to use Greensill Capital’s Earnd app. In 2020, a few months before Greensill Capital collapsed, Cameron lobbied the government to bend the rules to allow it to receive Covid Corporate Financing Facility loans…He sent several text messages to Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak, who ultimately declined to help Greensill; Cameron also held ten virtual meetings with permanent secretaries Tom Scholar and Charles Roxburgh to try to obtain money for Greensill…The government-owned British Business Bank lent Greensill up to £400m through a different scheme, leading to a potential £335m loss to the taxpayer…

So, what possible motive could Sunak have for rehabilitating Cameron now?

This article was originally published by Age of Autism on the 15th of November and reproduced here with the kind permission of the author and editors.

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