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Dear Moms + Dads in the UK – A Warning From American Children


Dear Moms and Dads in the UK, my name is Emily, and I’m a 10-year-old American girl. I saw that your country has begun vaccinating 5 to 11-year-old kids for Coronavirus.

This made me feel scared and sad for your children. Are you prepared to lose all trust in your medical system? Do you know that your doctor will turn their back on you if your child react to the vaccination? Are you ready to be attacked in the news, if you say that your child was hurt by this vaccine? Ddo you know that no one will believe you? American kids have had access to this vaccine for six months now, but 65% of their parents have refused to allow it.

Despite what you’re told, most American parents are not keen on the vaccine for their kids. Have you been keeping up with how the vaccination program has hurt children in America… In my country, we have the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

As of last week, the parents and doctors of 10,290 children have filed reports of young kids under the age of 11 being hurt by this vaccine. Five children have died after vaccination, and that’s just counting the ones that are reported. Nobody knows how many they really are. 248 of these reports are very serious, like seizures and anaphylaxis. My brother has had anaphylaxis before, it’s very scary. Without the Epipen, my parents carry, he would have died. Other reports on these children were for chest pain, facial paralysis, body paralysis and swelling in their hearts.

Why would a mom and dad ever allow a shot that could hurt their child’s heart? I trust my Mom and Dad to take care of my heart, and your child’s trusting you to… Only 15 children in the UK have died with Coronavirus in the last two years. Coronavirus doesn’t hurt all the kids but this vaccine could hurt them forever.

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