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Dr. Tess Lawrie: “Ivermectin Is The Key To End The Pandemic”

Doctor & Researcher, Dr. Tess Lawrie runs a company called The Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy since 2013, which work for the World Health Organization as external consultants and also for other organizations to provide evidence to help them make decisions on whether to recommend a medicine or not.
In this interview, Senta Depuydt and Dr Lawrie discuss treatment for Covid, and how Covid can be prevented, treated with this safe, low-cost, generic tablet called Ivermectin.

“Ivermectin is very safe, very established drug around for 40 years”
“Ivermectin is the key to end the pandemic”
“It has been a surprise to me that the authorities have been reluctant to inform the public that there is this very safe medicine that can treat and prevent covid”
“I just evaluated the evidence on Ivermectin but I am aware of this controversy around hydroxychloroquine and I know that many doctors around the world use hydroxychloroquine early on in Covid and find it to be very useful”
“Covid can be prevented & treated with a safe, low-cost, generic tablet called Ivermectin. Share this positive message to the world!”

Children’s Health Defense Europe is proud to be one of the allies of the World Ivermectin Day in the field and on the frontlines.

Join and support the WORLD IVERMECTIN DAY on 24 July 2021!

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Senta Depuydt: [00:00:02] Hi, everyone, it’s Senta Depuydt from Children’s Health Defense Europe. I’m with Dr. Lawrie today for the World Ivermectin Day on the 24th of July. It’s going to be the same day as the Worldwide demonstrations. She has a really important message for you. So thank you for joining us.

Tess Lawrie: [00:00:25] Hi Senta. Yes, I’m a doctor but also a researcher. And I’ve been running a company called the Evidence based Medicine Consultancy since 2013. We work for the World Health Organization as external consultants and also for other organizations to provide evidence to help them make decisions on whether to recommend a medicine or not. And I became involved voluntarily in evaluating the so called Ivermectin in there and a systematic review of the evidence and the meeting with experts and health professionals and scientists and also patients from around the world to make decisions as to whether or not Ivermectin should be recommended for coverage. And the you know, the overwhelming agreement was that ivermectin should be used for both prevention and treatment of it. And it’s very effective and also very safe.

Senta Depuydt: [00:01:33] So you are aware that it was suppressed in a way, in many countries.

Tess Lawrie: [00:01:40] Yes, well, it’s come to my attention over the past few months because we’ve been trying to communicate this message to the World Health Organization and other authorities that there is a lot of pressure to keep the public unaware of ivermectin. And, you know, this has surprised me because especially as we know, it’s very safe on the World Health Organization’s database for assessing, for recording safety, for medicines. It’s shown to be very safe. And we and it’s a very established mechanism because it’s been around for 40 years. So it’s on the World Health Organisation’s list of essential medicines and also won a Nobel Prize. Its developers won a Nobel Prize in 2015 because it’s been so useful to humankind, it’s already been used four billion times. So so it has been a surprise to me that the authorities have been very reluctant to inform the public that there is this very safe medicine that can be used to prevent and treat kind of it.

Senta Depuydt: [00:02:52] It’s a bit of a similar story as with hydroxyl fluoroquinolone in a way.

Tess Lawrie: [00:02:56] Well, I mean, I evaluated the evidence on hydroxy chloroquine. I just evaluated the evidence and ivermectin. But I am aware of this, the controversies around Hydroxycut, Arquit. And I know that many doctors around the world use Hydroxycut early on in it and find it to be very useful.

Senta Depuydt: [00:03:18] So, of course, if we would have a treatment that is officially recognized by health authorities, the WTO, the European Union, et cetera, it would make a big change in terms of the whole response to the pandemic.

Tess Lawrie: [00:03:36] Ivermectin is the key to ending the pandemic because, you know, if you have something that prevents and treats, it prevents transmission. So if you take it when you early on, it reduces the number of days you’re transmitting. So obviously, then you’re not going to pass it on to anybody else. And, um. And also. You know, they also so many people suffering from side effects from the. The vaccines and and because the side effects are quite similar to covid itself, it’s quite likely that Maten may help people with vaccine side effects, too. We are in an unprecedented situation at the moment where we have rolled out a fairly experimental. Treatment to to many millions of people around the world, and we’re now starting to see actually that these treatments are causing a lot of side effects. So I think. We’re going to have to use our common sense and and think about how we can help people who are suffering from side effects, and I think ivermectin is key. And I can explain life, if you’d like to know just first.

Senta Depuydt: [00:05:03] I would also like to know. So there are many countries who use ivermectin and whether it’s it’s authorized or I’m thinking of India, perhaps, or what what’s what happened in India, what’s the situation in Europe? We heard from the United States also with Professor Corey.

Tess Lawrie: [00:05:24] I believe there are at least 20 countries using ivermectin, that they’re not the they’re not the most industrialized countries know. It’s not America and and the U.K. and but not many countries in Europe, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are using it tonight. In Bulgaria. It’s being used, but it’s not officially authorized. But, you know, we are we are trying really hard to communicate the message to country governments through the organization, which is called the British Ivermectin Recommendation of Development Bird, and enjoined in collaboration with the front line, the Critical Care Alliance in the States. We’re trying to get the message about ivermectin to country governments and actually we’re trying to get the message to the public. Because, you know, the public, I think the ones who really need to be empowered with this information.

Senta Depuydt: [00:06:37] Please tell us a little bit about ivermectin. Is it over-the-counter drug, is it safe? Is it?

Tess Lawrie: [00:06:45] Well, I mean, it has been around for 40 years. It was discovered on a golf course in Japan by Professor Satish Yamura, and it was developed into an Internet form. It was able to it’s found in the sun and the bacteria. And it was developed along with Professor William Campbell of Merck and into the medicine ivermectin, Merck, how the patent was approved some years. But because it was not a very profitable medicine, because the people who suffered from the diseases that responded to make sure were poor and there wasn’t much profit in it, Merck donated the medicine to the world. And so any country can actually make ivermectin and for the population at a very, very low cost.

Senta Depuydt: [00:07:33] This is really fantastic. I didn’t realize that. So what this what is really then what do you expect of the world ivermectin? What are people supposed to do?

Tess Lawrie: [00:07:46] Well well, ivermectin day is a day that we set aside in recognition of this very, very useful medicine, but also in recognition that it is treatable. And we don’t need to be afraid of this. So we we would like to take that day to get that message across to the public and and and help them to to realize that one doesn’t need to be afraid and one doesn’t need to rush into decisions either. If you have been wondering whether or not to take these new injections, you don’t need to rush into that because ivermectin can can be used, become used for prevention as well. And you could wait for safety data to come out of the vaccines. But also, if you had one, you don’t need to have a second one necessarily or booster. And and also to just let people know that ivermectin may help them if they’re suffering from covid kind of side effect after the vaccination. So it’s kind of it’s a day of unification, really, because ivermectin will help everybody. And it’s one of the things that needs to be included in any treatment plant. OK, we know covid responds best to multiple combination therapy, so it’s best not if you stick with Kiva’s based, not choose one medicine. They stay with medicines and that they actually maybe medicines that can be used to treat covid mostly they are used in combination. The doctors who have the most success at treating but are using combinations of therapies, but mostly ivermectin is among those treatments. And so that’s why we are urging all governments around the world to make sure that the doctors have ivermectin in their toolkit so that they can treat patients.

Senta Depuydt: [00:09:40] We have. Are you in touch with the doctors groups also in other countries and especially in Europe?

Tess Lawrie: [00:09:48] Yes, we have a lot of affiliates and it’s wonderful, actually just seeing all doctors committed to ethical medicine all coming together at this time to support and share protocols to share treatment plans. Doctors groups saying we’re using this and it’s really working. We’ve got this list of medicines and these doctors are saying we’re using this, you know, so we’re gathering all these protocols and we’re holding meetings. And we as as a united global group of doctors are really looking at ways we can help the public because the authorities are really dragging their heels and they’re not offering patients any treatments. And there are many things that many medicines and supplements, nutritional supplements that that doctors are using. And and it’s and they work and they help. And so we are trying to get these messages to the public as as soon as Birju. We are. We are we have begun publishing these doctors and other groups protocols on our website. But the the but ultimately, what we’re moving towards that very quickly is an International Council of Health and Well-Being, which incorporates all these affiliates from around the world so that we can come together and independently help help the public navigate this really, really difficult time.

Senta Depuydt: [00:11:16] Yes. Thank you very much for this initiative. I’m aware that, for example, in Belgium, we have also some some lawsuits regarding the right for treatment, the right to use appropriate treatments for against covid-19. And are you worried that ivermectin nasals would also be involved in similar lawsuits or again?

Tess Lawrie: [00:11:43] No, I’m aware that there is a lawsuit in it taking place in India. See, the Indian Bar Association is taking legal action against the World Health Organization for spreading disinformation about ivermectin, because in India, the World Health Organization, one of the lead scientists, has said that ivermectin is dangerous and shouldn’t be used for cohabitant and that the opinion there is that that has led to unnecessary deaths and suffering. So we’re watching that court case very closely. And I think that there could be some the legal actions taken in other countries around the world.

Senta Depuydt: [00:12:29] Thank you. That’s a really interesting and encouraging anything, you know, your last message for the ivermectin. What do people need to do? Go to the

Tess Lawrie: [00:12:41] Website as well. So we have a website swilled ivermectin Dadush OK, and we’re asking members of the public who have used ivermectin to submit a testimonial, just a 30 minute testimonial I ivermectin. And this is what happened. And we also and also doctors who are using it, we have testimonies. We’re also asking is we actually calling on artists and musicians and just members of the public with their names and graphics and art to submit this to our website. But I think we’re going to be giving T-shirts or something away as as prizes just just to get people motivated. And and and I think if people can just. Lighten up a little bit and feel hopeful it’s OK, you can feel hopeful and optimistic even though the situation is really difficult. I think if people just for that one day can embrace and enjoy the feeling that actually they are safe medicines, we can use it this time and that and just feel allow yourself to feel grateful for that. Just on that one day and have a joyful day.

Senta Depuydt: [00:13:53] Thank you very much for taking this action. I think it’s brilliant and and it’s so indispensable, necessary. So I really ask everyone to join you support, share the message and perhaps we’ll see you on the on Zoome or Skype or on streaming on there. We’ll try to to give you more information and follow it up on the 24th. Thank you very much, Dr.. Just Laura, you’re really such a wonderful person. Thank you.

Tess Lawrie: [00:14:28] Thank you.

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