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After three years of mRNA vaccination campaign, “explosive” increase in people in need of care

Could it also have something to do with the oh-so-safe, tested and effective vaccination, which was touted by politicians and the pharmaceutical industry as being free of side effects? There were even media reports that long-term effects could be completely ruled out. Now the number of nursing cases in Germany “suddenly explodes”. Instead of 50,000 people as expected, 360,000 people are now dependent on healthcare. Is it all just a coincidence, without any connection? Decide for yourself.

Source: Report24.news, Florian Machl, first published 28 May 2024

A commentary by Florian Machl

It is probably an important topic in every German system medium today: the number of people in need of healthcare in Germany has literally “exploded”. The Minister of Health, Karl Lauterbach (SPD), has been very publicly clueless in this regard. In the meantime, system writers everywhere are endeavouring to find the right framing. Ageing and the already ailing German care system are the problem. This may well play a part, but it does not explain why so many people are suddenly no longer able to manage their own lives.

If you go to one of the fortunately more frequent events organized by self-help associations for vaccine-injured people, you can get an idea of what other reasons could be responsible for the increase. Heart damage, brain damage, complete loss of strength, neurological deficits. These are just a few of the many symptoms that have been on the rise since 2021.

However, very few of those affected have managed to establish a connection to date: Between experimental vaccinations, which can have massive harmful effects – and their own history of suffering. If you talk to older people who are ill, they usually explain that they tolerated the vaccinations well. Before they then go on to give a list of health problems that are also known from the side effect catalogues.

In any case, the figures are alarming. If, instead of 50,000 people in Germany, 360,000 are suddenly so severely crippled that they cannot survive without the help of others, there must be fire under the roof. This is seven times the expected figure. Civil servant statisticians should immediately go and analyse the last few decades to see whether this really is an unprecedented state of emergency. And together with doctors and pathologists, they should be researching the reasons. Instead, a health minister with his usual desolate demeanour stands in front of the cameras and pretends to be “at a loss”. In any case, NDR has already stated that the increase is not so surprising, while the Berliner Zeitung refers to the coronavirus period.

“We don’t yet understand exactly why,” the socialist told the SPD-affiliated editorial network RND. In a functioning democratic constitutional state, a health politician who has failed to understand so much for years and published so many false assessments and misinformation should have resigned a long time ago – or been forced to resign by a functioning media. But Lauterbach can continue to stumble through political life without direction and sometimes contradict himself several times in just one interview. He makes absurd statements such as:

The very old people in need of care are being joined by the first baby boomers, who are now also in need of care.

This quote, which was also reproduced by ZDF, is completely devoid of content. If he had said nothing, nothing would change. It offers neither an explanation of the situation nor a description of the facts or a perspective on a solution and the future. It is simply what we are used to hearing from bad, blinkered politicians: warm air. Why should the cohorts of people who have brought many children into the world suddenly find themselves in need of care out of the blue? With the best will in the world, there is no correlation here.

In addition to the apparently hundreds of thousands of vaccination victims in Germany, a responsible policy should also take a closer look at immigrants. How many of those in need of care are migrants or people who have come to the country through “legal” family reunification? And can Germany really be responsible for the fact that people from all over the world would like to enjoy all-round medical care – in a country where they have never contributed a single cent of economic and tax revenue?

This complex of issues is also not addressed, or even touched upon, by the system media. Instead, Lauterbach says that people who have paid into the social security system all their lives naturally have a right to care. Yes eh.

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