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Nuremberg Code undermined: “RKI protocols must lead to turning away from the WHO!”

Source: Report24.news, Masha Orel, 03 April 2024

The RKI protocols prove that the Covid threat situation was “scaled up” on political demand. This formed the basis for evidence-lacking measures and the largest medical experiment in human history: mRNA injections. The pressure to vaccinate trampled medical ethics and the Nuremberg Code underfoot. In this guest commentary, Masha Orel, daughter and granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, denounces the associated mockery of the victims of Nazi crimes that once led to the creation of the Nuremberg Code. She warns against the WHO pandemic agreement and warns that there is no such thing as “public” health.


A guest commentary by Masha Orel

There is another aspect of the published RKI protocols that has not yet been addressed. For me, this is obvious, the need to talk about it – it is eminent.

Since December 2020 at the latest and until today, the Nuremberg Code has no longer been applied. The “upscaled” emergency without evidence and the panic created by pseudo-scientific word acrobatics have ultimately led to the largest medical experiment in human history – the mRNA injection. Even if we did not have to mourn the 17 million (official) – if not billions (number of unreported cases) – victims of this experiment, the fact remains that the Nuremberg Code has been completely overridden, and the sacrifices that it took to make this ethical pledge to the world have been and continue to be mocked .

The Nuremberg Code defines conditions and limits for medical experimentation on human beings and makes doctors and researchers personally responsible for the education and safety of patients, with no possibility of delegating this responsibility or excusing it with instructions from above. The standards of the Nuremberg Code have been incorporated into the International Criminal Code. They are legally applicable today – in peacetime and in war.

The panic artificially created by the “upscaling” culminates in the signing of the WHO treaty and the International Health Regulation (IHR), which is expected in May 2024. The “public health” of Nazi Germany back then has become the “public health” of the WHO today. The difference is that in the 3rd Reich the “care” of the state served the German people, and the WHO understands the entire world population as an average patient, an amorphous mass without soul, ethnicity, gender, age, family history… – without all the valuable characteristics that make up ONE HUMAN BEING and influence individual health. Isn’t it the case that some Asians cannot tolerate alcohol, to name just one example of delicate individuality?

There is no such thing as public health. Health is something individual and intimate. The Nuremberg Code unequivocally manifests the dignity of the individual above the collective good. The non-negotiable dignity of the individual is the essence of the Code. This and the right to say NO without being threatened with ostracism or even dismissal.

However, the RKI has taken measures that leave no room for individual health. And it is on this very basis that the WHO director, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is to gain sole power to declare pandemics and order how they are to be combated. This is the essence of totalitarianism. Did the RKI prepare the planned seizure of power by the WHO director, or is this an unwanted side effect?

The findings from the published RKI protocols must lead to a complete renunciation of the WHO, its power ambitions and the inhuman principle of public health. Otherwise, the RKI, the PEI, the Stiko and the German government would have to be accused of intent: Premeditation in disinformation and psychological terror, premeditation in the destruction of the economy and society, premeditation in the destruction of families, premeditation in exploding suicides, premeditation in health damage and unprecedented excess mortality in the temporal context or as a result of experimental injections, premeditation in the permanent undermining of medical ethics and its most important statute – the Nuremberg Code.

– Masha Orel, daughter and granddaughter of Holocaust survivors,
born in the USSR

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