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The 11 Forbidden Speeches of International Key Speakers, Brussels January 23 2022

Brussels, 23 January 2022 – Organizers of the peaceful protest against COVID mandates in Brussels called off the event after police — using tear gas, water cannons and dogs — ordered them to disburse. Key speakers later in the day delivered their forbidden speeches at a restaurant.

Catherine Austin Fitts, President of Solari, Inc., Managing Member of Solari Investment Advisory Services, LLC.

[…/…] in August 22nd of 2019, the central bankers for the G7 nations met and voted on a plan called The Going Direct Reset, and that is what we are experiencing, we are experiencing a financial reset. The plan was put together by a group of central bankers, working through the Black Rock investment Institute, and pursuant to that plan, we proceeded to see the Central banks literally take down the economies of the world. […/…] They’re converting to a new financial system, which will give complete central digital control to the bankers and the central bankers, whether they call it a vaccine passport or a digital ID or a biometric system or Central Bank digital currencies. The result will be a control system. […/…]

Mary Holland, President and General Counsel of Children’s Health Defense

[…/…] The official narrative of the global coup d’état is over. The coronavirus has no natural origin. The lock-downs don’t work. Two weeks didn’t flatten the curve. Covid vaccines don’t work. Masks and tests and distancing don’t stop Covid. Covid vaccines aren’t safe. The green pass or the passport don’t protect. On the contrary, they discriminate, segregate and endanger those not up to date. We’re here today to reject the official narrative. We’re here to say No to mandates and No to the passports, but yes to our fundamental rights, to inform consent, bodily integrity, parental rights, free expression of religion, free speech, free assembly, Free Press, and the right to protest and petition the government as we were attempting to do today. But how do we fully restore our God-given rights? We have not fully won here or in the United States, but we can with education, with advocacy and with litigation, […/…]

Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor, founder and president of the Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP)

[…/…] An important lesson of the Holocaust is the genocide was facilitated by Global silence, indifference, and the failure to intervene. The Holocaust was set in motion when personal freedom, legal rights and civil rights were swept aside. […/…] As a survivor, I’m appalled by the posers who control the Holocaust narrative. They deny the relevance of the Holocaust to current discrimination and increasingly aggressive, repressive edicts. These vigilantes censor and silence those who speak out. By denying the relevance of the Holocaust and the correct repression, these vigilantes are holocaust deniers. Elie Wiesel, an Auschwitz survivor, Noble laureate, who was regarded as the victim’s voice, stated: Indifference and the silence of people led to the Holocaust. To remain silent and indifferent is the greatest of all sins. […/…]

Dr. Renate Holzeisen, lawyer (Italy and EU)

[…/…] I am an attorney in Italy and in the European Union. I joined the press conference today also as a member of the advisory board of Children’s Health Defense and I’m battling now with a lot of Italian lawyers in the middle of the totalitarism in Europe and in Italy. […/…] In Italy, we have now mandatory Covid 19 vaccination for all the population from 12 years up, and we have immediately to stop this crime against humanity. […/…]

Senta Depuydt, Journalist & President de CHD Europe

[…/…] I’m also here as a mother, and I urge all parents, mothers and fathers, please think about your child first. This is the most important: you need to protect your child. You need to resist all these mandates, all these obligations. You need to protect them, to love them, and I’m sure we will come through this victorious. […/…]

Maria Hubmer-Mogg, Doctor (Germany)

[…/…] my message to the world is that we really have to say No, that we really have to go out into the streets. As you know, in Austria, the Parliament decided the mandatory vaccination from 18 years old and older on Thursday. The mandatory vaccination begins with the first of February, and we really have to stop this unscientific nonsense. […/…] We have to show that we do not comply with what they are doing to us. […/…]

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, international trial lawyer (Germany, California/USA)

Francesca Donato, Member of European Parliament

Mads Palsvig, Former Investment Banker & Chairman of JFK21

Francis Lalanne, French Artist

Justyna Walker, Activist

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