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“The Green  Digital Certificate, Financial Coup And Global Agenda In The EU” ITW of Catherine Austin Fitts & Valerie Bugault by Senta Depuydt

While the question if the pandemic would serve a global agenda was considered heretic and conspirationist only a year ago, it is now openly discussed as ‘a wonderful opportunity’ for a ‘great reset’ led by a joint effort of the United Nations and the World Economic Forum. 

This reset also called ‘the 4th industrial revolution’ is meant to lead our world into a centralized and digital society, controlled by artificial intelligence and to achieve the goals of sustainable development or ‘Agenda 2030’ packaged in a green ‘eco friendly’ deal.

Klaus Schwab the founder of the World Economic Forum in Davos said it himself ‘this should lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity’, in other words accomplish the transhumanist dream of a global elite. To achieve the goals of ‘their’ better society they first need to install a full surveillance system to control humanity. This is where the green pass and the financial reset come in.

Senta Depuydt a freelance journalist from Belgium and President of Children’s Health Defense in Europe discusses the Green Pass or ‘Digital Health Certificate’ with 2 extraordinary women: Mrs. Catherine Austin Fitts and Mrs. Valerie Bugault.

Catherine Austin Fitts is a financial analyst and investment advisor who has mapped the American and international fraud in financial and government institutions while she was in public office as assistant secretary of the Housing Department for the US government. Catherine is detailing the world governance and money agenda in her famous ‘Solari Reports’, on her website and in many videos and is currently warning us for the totalitarian drift of this ‘not-so-great reset’.

Joining the conversation is Mrs. Valérie Bugault from France. Valerie is doctor in law from the Sorbonne University in Paris and has worked as a fiscal attorney before focusing on geopolitical analysis of our currency system, of course with a perspective on national and international policies.

Today we are discussing the following three questions.
How is the pandemic response agenda tied to a financial reset operated by central banks?

2. How is the Green Pass an instrument to take control over people and at individual and country level?
And what can we do to change this?

Senta Depuydt: First of all the three of us have something in common: we all knew that the big crisis and ‘great reset’ was coming for 2020.  Away from the question of the nature or origin of the disease I expected that a big pandemic would be declared at the beginning of the US election campaign.  This was logic looking at the push for global vaccination using the Global Health Security Agenda arguments of the ‘health threat’ to step over constitutional rights all around the planet. Catherine and Valérie you both saw it coming from the total failure of the current economic system and the financial bubble leading to the ‘end of currencies’ and the plans for an international economic coup with a cryptocurrency system run by central banks.

Valérie Bugault: Yes, the current economic system based on the creation of debt has allowed the central bankers to rob our nation’s money with the complicity of our governments. This has been operated by the bankers of ‘the city’ in London and also the Federal Reserve in the US. The current trend is to install a centralized digital currency controlled by the European central Bank and impose their policies even further on our nations.

France, Germany and Italy and their state leaders, especially Macron and Merkel are taking their orders directly from this financial globalist elite. Macron has a former carreer with the Rothschild bank, and Mario Draghi the new prime minister in Italy is the former director of the European Central Bank.

SD: In the EU different steps were taken in the direction of this ‘global reset’ as a response to the pandemic. In April the ACT accelerator proposed by the WHO, the EU, France and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation was voted by the EU parliament and gave ‘special powers’ to the European commission in order to fast track legislation and financing of the Covid-19 vaccines and of the digital solutions. This allowed them to give a waiver for the risk assessment of the GMO regulation for the Covid-19 vaccines and to sign contracts with zero liability and zero transparency with the the vaccine manufacturers. More than that the EU Council authorized the Commission to make a huge loan on the capital markets for a recovery plan amouting 750 billion euros called ‘Next Generation EU’  on behalf of the members states. The loan comes with conditions of digital and ‘green’ policies and with the intention of the EU to start getting proper resources and direct power of taxation on the Union’s citizens or businesses.  In parallel the European Central Bank has started to prepare for a digital euro.   

VB: Absolutely, but on the other hand there is a resistance movement growing in Germany. Many remember what happened under the Weimar regime when a similar printing of money provoked uncontrollabe inflation and a big economic collapse which finally led to the rise of nazism. A number of German industrialists do not want history to repeat itself and they are fighting this global coup at the level of the EU institutions. A court in Karlsruhe blocked the approval of the ‘Nextgeneration EU’ loan of 750 billion saying it was  unconstitutional. And about a dozen other countries have not ratified it yet, so there is still a margin for action and a possibility to block or at least slow down this move. In theory they need an unanimous approval of all the member states.  Now they are delayed in paying the vaccines and support programmes.

Unfortunately we don’t see the same thing in France, people still think they will get some support money from the government and they also discuss the introduction of a universal income system. They don’t have the same awareness as the Germans, they don’t realize that they will have to pay for this huge debt, one way or another.

Catherine Austin Fitts: We have seen the same tactics used in the US where the Federal Government is creating debt for the states and flooding the country with dollars while the Federal Reserve works to implement a digital currency system.

The Green Pass or Green Digital Certificate, is really all about having a way to control people and create a direct totalitarian governance of humanity. Of course money is a perfect instrument to enforce everything. A system with direct control would not need banks, police force or courts anymore. That’s actually already happening in China for example with their ‘social credit system’ in which the way you behave or what you say conditions your access to travel or to the purchase of certain goods or capacity to make a loan etc.

At global level this is the ID2020 agenda that links identity, account details, health data and a tracking system for a permanent surveillance of every individual 24/7.

Note: That is currently implemented in India with the Aadhar system used for digital banking that is now also storing vaccination records. And while some EU politicians have ‘warned’ against the possible loss of fundamental freedoms when discussing the green pass in public or on social media at the same time they approved its fast tracking. (Guy Verhofstad for example)

SD: The information we have from EU insiders confirms our worries about the implications of the Green Pass. Apparently the EU Council and the Commission aim to impose Covid-19 vaccines on the entire European population by 2023. After acceptance of the Green Digital Certificate the other ‘options’ such as PCR-test and proof of immunity now supposedly ‘respecting’ individual rights not be vaccinated would be removed, probably by a delegated act. Everyone would receive mRNA vaccines once or twice a year and of course that would reinforce the use of the Green pass.

CAF: We need to know what’s in those vials. We would need to get samples from Covid-19 vaccines from all over the world, create a repository and analyze them to see what’s in there. The chief scientist of Moderna has openly declared that their vaccines were ‘hacking the software of life’ and he compared the injection of their mRNA technology to the download of new operating system in a computer. For the rest we don’t know if they are inserting some kind of chip, but we have no guarantee that they’re not doing it either. A few years ago an Italian team performed some independent analysis of several vaccines and found a lot of nanoparticles that were not supposed to be there. We need to ask these questions.

SD: This was the work done by Gatti and Montanari from nanodiagnostics with a powerful electronic microscope.  They identified nanoparticles of metallic origin in different vaccines during an investigation that originated after the death of Italian military personel sent on mission abroad.  Their results showed the toxicity associated to these nanoparticles and an elevated risk for cancer and death.  This is different from the PEG or Poly Ethylene Glycol nanoparticles used in the Covid-19 vaccines as ‘platforms’ to deliver the mRNA genetic codes inside the human cells. Both can be detrimental and harm our cells but PEG ‘lipid coated’ nanoparticles and Covid-19 vaccines should also be analyzed with other instruments than an electronic microscope, for example they could undergo a ‘Next Generation’ deep genomic sequencing.

Note: In a recent NBC broadcast of ’60 minutes’ Matt Hepburn a retired colonel from the DARPA military programme explained that they were thinking of using a microchip to be inserted under the skin to detect ‘chemical reactions inside the body and signal early signs of Covid-19. According to him this uses a tissue-like gel that constantly monitors and tests an individual’s blood. Unlike other vaccines, the Covid-19 vaccines or rather injections of operation warp speed have been designed as military operation ran by DARPA, mostly outside of the control of the American health services and are not eligible for a FOIA Freedom Of Information Act request.

SD: It’s almost impossible to get an independent analysis of the vaccines. The protocol devised by the Department Of Defense and Interpol is requesting to collect all empty vials and store them in a locked container after use. In Belgium, my country, people are not even authorised to ask what vaccine they will receive. So how can you even mention informed consent? How do you report vaccine injury?  How would you get something from an insurance? This is unbelievable.

VB: At the moment they are not ready yet with the technology to implement this digital surveillance in a centralised control system but people need to be aware of all the different experiments that are being done on them at all levels, body level, social level, economic level. Cryptocurrency is an experiment, mRNA vaccines are another experiment and combining them together is again a new experiment.

Note: It’s striking that IBM is working with Moderna to create a digital health pass. During WWII IBM was in charge of establishing individual identification records including health, race and other data.  The company organized the discrimination of healthy ‘essential’ people from abnormal, weak individuals and later jews to be ‘neutralized’ (watch interviews of Vera Sharav and Naomi Wolfe ‘The return ticket to fascism”).

Alphabet the company that funds Google, also funds vaccine development. In Israel Pfizer has negotiated to have access to all the vaccination data.  In Europe Microsoft will run the ‘health data hubs’ centralizing national health records. Microsoft also applied for a patent linking signals of biological and physical activity to a cryptocurrency system. In a dystopian scenario an algorithm imposed by Gates and his ‘philantropist’ clique could for example control how to reward or sanction work activity, the use of drugs or medication, the frequency or distance or type of physical contact with other people and this on a 24/7 basis, even at home.

If depopulation is on the agenda it would certainly facilitate this global coup because it still needs a huge infrastructure to put all of this in place and it would be easier if there are less people to control.  Here you need to question who is doing all of this. I say you need to look at those who rule over maritime transport and the highways of the economic fluxes. Again we can think of the city in London. Although as Catherine also outlined in her reports this is now extending to the control of space and the satellite networks for digital communication. Here we have a though battle going on between the US and China.   

CAF: When you track who is actually behind all these initiatives you can see it’s always the same players. There was an interesting video called ‘Monopoly – Follow The Money’ on the Great Reset done by a Dutch team.  They looked at how a handful of big corporations dominate every aspect of our lives, food, tech products, energy, pharma, transport, news corporations, banks etc. All lead to the same giant investment companies such as Vanguard, Blackrock, Warren Buffet or the Gates Foundation. So in a way they already own everything, but now they want to go a step further and also take permanent control of our lives. So they create problems, they provide solutions, and they change the rules.

Senta: So what can we do to stop them? How can we take back our power?

VB: Well I think there is a window of opportunity at the moment. They need to push everything very fast but they have been slowed down by different forms of resistance that they probably didn’t expect.  There is a serious back push in Russia and China. Those governments are infiltrated by the global elite network and for example people like Jack Ma who owns Ali Baba the Chinese Amazon, are joining them, but a part of them is also resisting. The same battle between globalists and nationalists is happening in both countries. This is probably why the Biden administration is now pushing things in the Donbass area and a possible war between Ukraine and Russia.

In Europe, the vaccination programme is failing, the uptake is low and slow in different countries, people don’t trust the vaccines, you have the issues with Astra Zeneca etc. And the fact that the Court in Karlsruhe is opposing the ratification of the EU loan is huge. If other countries would follow this, it would be a big blow in their plan. That decision was pushed by the core of the German economy, national industries, businesses and local banks who all realize where this is leading to, more and more debt. They need to show the example. Also in the South of Europe the population is in a critical situation, in Italy or Greece people can’t support their families anymore. They can’t wait much longer, we are on the verge of civil wars. EU countries and institutions could collapse.

SD: Yes but the EU institutions and the UN will try to take the opportunity to install a central EU governance. The EU commission is discussing a proposal for a ‘European Health Union’ to have a ‘common response to health threats’. The UN, the WHO and the EU all blame the ‘selfish’ behavior of different nations and the lack of coordination between the European member states to explain the current disaster. So they want to centralize recommendations such as masks, lockdown, social distancing, surveillance systems, vaccination programmes and they want this to be binding for members states. They also want a new European agency called HERA Health Emergency Response Agency and the possibility of enforcement power, perhaps with a sort of European ‘sanitary police’. The other step in the central control is the call of  Charles Michel the President of the EU Council and the world leaders to elaborate pandemic treaties in order to ‘harmonize the measures’ at international level under the governance of the United Nations and the WHO.

(Charles Michel started his political carreer as the mayor of a small Belgian town Wavre the headquarters of ‘GSK vaccines’, one of the biggest vaccine production sites on the planet).

And in Germany Angela Merkel is now trying to centralize the power into the hands of the federal government by asking taking away the autonomy of the different lander or ‘states’.  This is close to what happened before the war, the same mechanisms. So we are really in the middle of this battle for democracy against central power.

CAF  We need to decentralize. People need to take back their money, remove it from the major banks. Shun the global banks, shun the global bankers. If you’re at a dinner with the CEO of Morgan Chase get up and leave the table!  I had some investors checking together into smaller banks that seems trustworthy.

The other important thing is to invest in an economy that supports life. Support local food production, water and energy supply, restaurants, businesses, innovative tech, healthcare. Rebuild your community and defund the big corporations. We also need to keeping using cash, the cryptosystem is not safe.

And another big issue is taxation. Our taxes are being used to bankrupt us, we can’t go on like this any longer.

VB: I’ve written an entire new proposal to reform the fiscal system and I will be happy to share it and discuss it with you. But in my opinion the main issue is the control over money creation. We need to have a citizen control over this. You certainly know that JF Kennedy tried to change this and return the control of money creation into the hands of the Congress  by signing Executive Order 11110 shortly before his assassination.

CAF:  Of course, back to basics. This is what we also discussed in Basel, the other financial capital hosting the Bank of International Settlements, the ‘bank of the Central banks’. We had a meeting with several groups and experts around this issue and the World Freedom Alliance even decided to include this in its human rights charter as the “freedom from coercive and exploitative credit systems”.

Some new political parties like JFK21 in Denmark are also taking this as a central issue.

VB: In my view elections and political parties don’t work, they don’t change anything.

It’s the lack of real democratic oversight in the political organisation that is problematic. The representation in our Parliamentary Assembly and the current ‘separation of power’ is simply not allowing it. It was designed as a fraud from the start, taking the worse of both the British and French systems to allow the banks to keep control over things while giving an illusion of democracy to the people.

SD:  You are referring to the Gilets Jaunes or Yellow Vests movement and the Referendum d’Initiative Citoyenne that aims to rewrite the constitution and have a real form of democracy. It’s true that at present there is no way to sanction elected members who betray their voters and simply get away with doing the opposite of what they promised. It’s the same for people in public office.

CAF: Yes, we were just discussing the question of liability in a previous meeting today. How can we make those decision makers accountable?  To come back on the green pass we see that citizens, politicians, doctors, scientists (for example Covid4ethics) a whole part of civil society is now willing to confront people with the consequences of their decisions. So, some are sending notices of liability by registered post to the MEP’S and other policy makers to warn them that if people die from the vaccines they might have a personal responsibility in it and be prosecuted for civil and criminal tort reparation.

SD: That promises exciting developments and it ties to the initiatives of Reiner Fuellmich the German lawyer who is leading the ‘committee of investigation on Covid-19 issues’.  He is launching an international legal offensive with lawyers around the world to initiate lawsuits and build files on responsible people for the Post-Covid ‘Nuremberg trials’. How to reform our political system and make people accountable? Well I think these are perfect questions for our next interviews!

CAF: Yes this is really the discussion we need to have everywhere at the moment.

SD: Absolutely! Thank you very much Catherine and Valerie, I look forward to our further discussions.

Find Catherine Austin Fitts on the solarireport.com

Find Valérie Bugautl on valeriebugautl.fr

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