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Members of the European Parliament Denounce the ‘Abusive’ Green Pass

“What we have seen in this crisis is that civil rights and liberties have been transformed from fundamental rights to privileges that governments grant or revoke as they see fit.”

Press release – Strasbourg, European Parliament – 21/10/2021

On 20th October, 4 Members of European Parliament hold a press conference to denounce the digital health pass which is now being applied to Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and their staff.

Reacting to the increased violations of basic human rights all across EU, members of the European Parliament took a common stand in defence of the fundamental rights of all EU citizens, which are under threat now due to mandatory vaccination and abusive use of the Digital COVID Certificate.

Speaking at a press conference in Strasbourg, on 20 October 2021, they also gave voice to the severe concerns of hundreds of staff members working for the European Parliament, who live under threat of losing their jobs if they do not have the Digital COVID Certificate, aka Green Certificate.

The press conference called “Defending fundamental rights by opposing the misuse of Digital Green Certificate” was addressed by four MEPs: Christine Anderson (Germany, ID), Francesca Donato (Italy, NI), Ivan Vilibor Sinčić (NI, HR) and Cristian Terheş (ECR, RO).

MEP Cristian TERHES (Roumania): Introduction – staff and MEPs won’t be able to enter the premises of the European Parliament if they don’t have the Green Pass. Their fundamental rights are under threat.

MEP Christine Anderson (Germany): civic rights are being increasingly curtailed. It’s not clear why citizens are going along with it. We have to fight for our right to freedom. They’re not privileges given by governments, which can then be withdrawn. I am not fearful of Covid but what I am worried about are that kind of governments which exploit this crisis in order to curve civic freedom and to grant certain privileges or not. What we stand in Europe is freedom, democracy and the rule of law. There is no reason to curtail these rights.

MEP Francesca Donato (Italy): In Europe, a medical issue has turned into a democratic issue. Our human rights are under threat. The European Charter of Human Rights has the status of a treaty. Basic rights to freedom of movement, employment, health, equality, free association, education, free expression of thought are being seriously violated. And all over Europe, peaceful protests are being violently repressed. The European Union and the European parliament introduced a Covid Certificate just to facilitate movement between member states and with the purpose to avoid any discrimination against not vaccinated people. But as the Italian government and other governments in Europe have introduced a compulsory Covid certificate for every social activity, employment and education. They just made a big discrimination. The Green Pass is being used as a tool of discrimination between the vaccinated and non-vaccinated. We are forcing citizens to accept a risky, invasive treatment; the number of adverse events reported is unreliable, and citizens who are harmed and have adverse effects from the Covid shot, they get no free help. Today we must all stand for the defence of human rights in Europe. Let’s give back the right to people to live a full life. A lot of families are losing their job; they’re losing their right to earn money to live. Let’s treat everybody as an equal human being as our charter of human rights obliges us to do.

MEP Ivan Sincic (Croatia): We can now see that people carrying their digital pass can infect others. This Green certificate gives a false sense of security in term of health. It is illogical, not scientific and must be abandoned. They must have the freedom to go to their workplace. Health measures must be proportionate, the vaccine must not be compulsory. Staff at risk should be able to work from home and there should be free and informed consent in line with the Oviedo Convention, Nuremberg Code, and the Council of Europe’s Resolutions. People must have the freedom to say Yes or No for a medical treatment. We support the staff of the Parliament to stand up for their rights.

MEP Cristian Terhes: quoting the text of the Green Pass regulations voted by the European parliament: “This Regulation respects the fundamental rights and observes the principles recognised in particular by the Charter of Fundamental Rights (‘Charter’), including the right to respect for private life and family life, the right to the protection of personal data, the right to equality before the law and non-discrimination, the right to free movement and the right to an effective remedy. Member States should comply with the Charter when implementing this Regulation.” This is why it was voted. After a few months, we see exactly the opposite. The Green Pass is actually going against all these rights. All these rights which were supposed to be protected; they’re actually violated. “I have been bombarded with complaints from EU citizens about this”. Even from people with natural immunity and can prove they have antibodies. Yet nobody cares. They are forced to take the vaccine. Is this the type of European Union we want to build, where people are forced to take medical products they don’t want? People are no longer fighting for higher pensions pr salaries but for simple basic human rights, to be free, to decide what they want to do with the bodies! It now affects the staff working for the European parliament, just like the rest of the citizens of the European Union. The stress is making staff feel threatened and afraid. The certificate doesn’t guarantee anything because with the vaccination you can still get sick and spread the virus. A negative test only shows you are negative at that moment, not later on. They removed the natural immunity as a guarantee for movement from the regulations. The whole idea of a green certificate started with ‘facilitating’ freedom of movement; now it’s a tool to condition your right to work, your right to eat, travel and have a personal life, etc.

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Second Press Conference, Brussels, 28th October 2021

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