Vienna has a message for Europe and the World: Freedom wins!

After the failure of authorities in Brussels, Belgium, to contain a small but violent group of Antifa-Hooligans which led to the abortion of one of the biggest rallies in Europe with several hundreds of thousands of peaceful demonstrators from all over Europe on January 23rd, 2022, Maria Hubmer-Mogg, MD took a decision: we will send a signal to Europe and the World that peaceful protest against unscientific, totalitarian measures is not caving in. #w2702 was the Hashtag that was created, indicating that Vienna was going to be the host for a strong manifestation of protest.

And it was!

Among several high-profile speakers from all around the world was CHD President Mary Holland, who in her speech addressed the need to stay alert and not be lulled by promises from governments to “lift” the mandates and have a “freedom day”. This is Mary Holland’s Vienna speech:

And this is the transcript:

Hallo Wien! You are a beautiful sight! 

So, I want children, anyone under 18, wave your hand please, we want to see you. Yay, you are our future. We are here standing for you. You are the most precious resource of any society, and we have not done you well in the last two years. You are at very low risk from COVID, but you have been locked down. You have been forced to wear masks, you have been isolated, you have been told to stand two metres from people, you have been tested, and you have been required or asked to take experimental drugs. We have not done you well, and it is time for all of these repressive measures to stop.

Two years, enough is enough. We were told two weeks to flatten the curve around the world. Two years, enough. So I represent Bobby Kennedy's Children's Health Defense. And we have a very strong team here in Europe, and our first obligation in these difficult times is to stay informed. So please sign up at childrenshealthdefense.eu and at childrenshealthdefense.org. Every day, we bring truthful information, we have the science, we have recommendations about advocacy, we have television, we are covering the convoy of trucks that are driving now from California to Washington, DC, following the Canadian model.

We often hear that the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum, and the European Union and US foreign policy stand for ’global solutions‘. They call them ’the globalists‘. I think that is absolutely false! Those forces are pro-tyranny, pro-despotism, pro-billionaires today! They do not represent us! We are the people, and we have the global solutions from the bottom up! It will be grassroots efforts like this one, that will solve our problems through democracy and self-determination, not through tyranny. They would like to be able to rule us forever through emergency decrees, but it is not for them to take away our God-given, natural rights. We have the rights to free expression, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly like we are doing today, informed consent to medication, the right to work with our doctors without government interference, the right to run our businesses, and the rights to get education. That is not for any government to take away. Those are our rights and freedoms!

So I understand that March 5th is going to be freedom day here in Austria. Don't let us be fooled. We must not say, ’Oh, go back to sleep, take a vacation, the government has it under control.‘ Now is our time. Now is our time to educate, to investigate, to litigate and to end these emergency decrees, and the notion that there can ever be top down solutions for the world! So if we persevere, if we stay the course, if we hold the line, we will win! Because we represent human values, truth, love, community, responsibility, family, respect, democracy, peace and freedom. And so I leave you with a message from my friend and colleague, Bobby Kennedy: »Die Freiheit siegt!« [Freedom wins!]
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