Green Pass in Europe An Attempt To Take Control Over Citizens And Member States #FreedomNeedsNoPass#HealthNeedsNoPass

” Hi I’m Senta Depuydt and I represent CHD Europe and I’d like to share some insights on what’s happening in the EU right now. Our organization is currently calling the European Parliament as well as national elected officials to reject the proposal of the Green Digital Certificate. This pass would be used to cross borders between member states, and citizens would have to show proof of vaccination, or a recent negative PCR test or proof of recovery from Covid-19.  So at the moment this is the equivalent of ‘an infection passport’.  This pass would offer the benefit of being an ‘interoperable’ instrument between member states and this is how the EU is trying to justify its introduction, and the fact that it is interfering with health regulation wich is a national comptence. 

The reality is that the European Union is actually supporting the idea of reinstating border controls instead of condemning them and this just unbelievable.  It’s a clear violation of the fundamental principles of the European treaty whose very purpose is to guarantee the open circulation of persons and goods within its borders. 

The EU says that it’s a measure requested by some countries of the South of Europe who live from tourism, such as Greece or Spain to reopen their economy and that the pass would respect individual choices as it currently is offering other options than vaccines. 

First of all let’s be clear that the instrument in itself has no use and would not be efficient and the EU is actually well aware of this. Because one hand the vaccines cannot be said to block transmission of the virus, only to reduce the severity of the disease. This was stated by the EMA when the current vaccines were rolled out in the EU and it has again been confirmed by ministery of health in France in a recent decision. Because elderly who were fully vaccinated had asked to be exempted from quarantines and wearing masks but the government didn’t allow it and said they could still be contagious after the vaccine. 

So why would vaccination be used as a way to exclude or assess someone’s risk of contagion?

On the other hand we also know that PCR-tests produce a very high number of false positives cases.  So this lead to continuously block the socioeconomic activity of people who do not represent any danger.  So this means money is wasted in doing all those PCR tests and by imposing useless quarantine for a huge number of people.

So if vaccines and PCR tests won’t work to really block transmission of the virus, most governments know that. And there is news that it’s not needed to reopen borders and the economy as we can see in Florida or Texas or in Sweden or the Netherlands. These are all states who had better results than those who took draconian restrictions such as France or Italy for example. 

Therefore we need to ask what is the real intent of this proposal that is to be adopted by the EU without proper debate, without serious cost analysis or risk-benefit evaluation?

Well it certainly seems that this part of a general attempt to push this great reset of the WEF or Davos ‘gang’ who represents the interest of the richest people and businesses on the planet. You should know that there has been an agreement in 2019 between the WEF and UN to partner on a common ‘reset’ agenda. This means that nations might favor these private interests over those of their own population. And this is constantly demonstrated by parrot declarations of our presidents and leaders.  ‘We are at war’, ‘We’re all in this together’, ‘flatten the curve’, ‘the new normal’, ‘we have no choice’, ‘until everyone is vaccinated’, ‘build back better’, ‘the green deal’ etc. 

Through this EU ‘pandemic response’ and the introduction of this Green Digital Certificate we can see that the EU is trying to take control  not only over the citizens of Europe  but also over the member states. On November 11th the Commission has proposed the idea of moving towards a European Health Union.  There is a push to say that the pandemic response was a failure because of ‘nationalism’ and that there is a need to a central coordination. Health is normally a national competence. But the EU wants to centralize health data, surveillance systems, recommended measures such as vaccines or masks for example and wants this to be binding for all member states. It’s also suggesting to have a specific enforcement power for those issues.  So we can think of some sort of specific ‘sanitary police’. And the EU is planning to create a specific new European agency called HERA Health Emergency Response Agency to lead this. 

And this also goes in pair or is rather driven by a financial control agenda organized with the complicity of central banks who are keen to push the digital currency as ‘a response to the pandemic’. 

We absolutely need to ask guarantees about future use of this green pass and the real intent behind it. Right now it is already unacceptable because of the apartheid that it’s creating in society and we have many testimonials of this coming from Israel where a vaccination pass has been introduced.  But it could become even worse than that. It is likely that it could be used in the future to also store banking data and any other kind of personal information. We know that this is already tested by ID 2020 in Africa and India where people have a sort of digital wallet with all kind of healh information, but also identity and banking data. In China this is even including a social credit system where people who are expressing views or behaviors other than what the governement allows cannot travel or have a bank account, access some services or buy some goods. The next step is a permanent data exchange and control of an individual’s location, biological parameters, social and economic activity that would condition all forms of participation in society. 

Let us remember that Klaus Schwab and his partners in Davos want to achieve such a fusion of ‘physical, digital and biological’ identities while they are also calling for a one world governance. Only a few days ago there was a call of 27 state leaders to agree on an international pandemic response treaty.  

So there is obviously a huge risk for our society in accepting this kind of control tools.

The good news is that right now there isa resistance growing and much will depend on what happens in the coming weeks. In some countries a very consistent part of the population is refusing vaccines. Half of France doesn’t trust the experimental products and refuses to see their freedom restricted by imposed medical interventions. On the other hand many countries have not yet ratified the huge amounts of money 750 billion euros that the EU has borrowed to implement this programme. The constitutional court of Germany disagreed with this financing directly operated by the EU institutions on behalf of the members states. 

So the next weeks will be crucial and it is important that everyone understand what is really at stake here. It’s not just reducing the risk of getting ill with a disease that hasn’t been as devastating as it was first announced. Contrary to what its claims, this pass is all about taking control over people.  So this is really about keeping our freedom. And this is where we need act. “

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