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Electromagnetic Radiation & Wireless

Our goal is to provide the public with the information they need to make an informed assessment of wireless and other radiation-emitting technologies. We hope to empower individuals to advocate for environments that are conducive to humans, with the best interests of children, health and the environment in mind.

Find the latest news, and The Defender articles regarding wireless and other EMF-emitting technologies, including 5G, from the U.S. and around the globe HERE.

Learn about the health and environmental impacts of EMFs, the agencies that set regulatory limits and the underlying physics of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and wireless technologies HERE.

Signstop5g.eu campaign supported by CHD Europe.

Stop 5G – Stay Connected but Protected

Hundreds of scientific studies prove harm to life far below the current limits of radiation and with 5G it will increase significantly. Further, we will see a steep rise in energy consumption, depletion of rare minerals and serious infringement of our privacy.

Our goal is to be protected when connected. Our goal is fair and sustainable connectivity. We ask the EU to make regulation that will protect our health, nature, environment and privacy.

Learn more about the initiative + campaign here.

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