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Vera Sharav, a Holocaust survivor, talks about the Corona-measures and how they attack our humanity (Part 1)

Vera Sharav is a survivor of the Holocaust. The video presents a moving conversation about the worries of a great woman who for many years has campaigned for the rights of people who are involved in medical experiments, consciously or unknowingly.

Vera Sharav was three years old when she and her family were deported to a concentration camp. She survived the Holocaust and for many years has been committed to helping people who are consciously or unknowingly used in medical experiments. With dramatic consequences. In this interview, Vera Sharav speaks about her concern: The Holocaust can repeat itself because the spirit of eugenics lives on and the participation of the medical profession has been achieved again.
Vera Sharav speaks of a “crime against humanity” that is repeated before our very eyes. Many willingly participate in it…

Uwe Alschner: Thank you very much, Vera Sharav. It is a great honor to have you in this issue of Klartext. You are a survivor of the darkest, most sinister periods in German history, and by that I mean the Holocaust. I am a historian, so it is a very special situation. It is not easy for me to have this conversation, but I know that it is important that we talk about it because the current situation has some analogies with what we know from history.
Before that, however, please be so kind as to give us a brief background on who you are and what led you to become an advocate for the rights of people facing medical research. If I may say so.

Vera Sharav: Yes, I am a child who survived the Holcaust. I was three and a half years old when my family in Romania was driven from our homeland and deported to a concentration camp. My father died there of an infectious disease, probably typhoid. I was in the camp for three and a half years, and although it was not a death camp, death was always present, also because it could happen every day that you would be transferred to a death camp. Our camp was one where starvation brought most of the inmates. I learned what life is like under such circumstances and what it’s like to be a despised outcast. Children perceive a lot more than adults think they can. Children see a lot more of what many adults believe they don’t notice. I was afraid of
At one point I did something that I kind of learned when I was six years old: disobeying authorities. I think that’s something I’ve done well as a public advocate on issues that the very powerful establishment doesn’t
want to delve into. Medical experimentation is one of those dark areas. One of the topics that people don’t really question is, whose children are they serving as human subjects to test new drugs and vaccines? Which clear-minded parents would put their child at the disposal of a guinea pig for something that can be very dangerous?

Nobody wonders that. Nobody wonders that. But it is the children of those who are despised by society as an underclass. Through a lot of research as an adult I have learned: as long as we do not consider each other and humanity as a whole, the Holocaust can repeat itself! The difference between the Holocaust and other genocides was the active participation of the medical establishment. That is the big difference. That makes it a completely different and, I find, much worse crime! Some of the doctors were in fact convicted of crimes against humanity. But it’s really scary to see that the mentality of the German medical establishment has never really changed.

It has infected the medical profession, especially the institutions. We are currently seeing medicine being used to rob us of our human rights and our freedom. Public health officials may be medically trained. Still, they are not general practitioners. A doctor is sworn to first and foremost not harm the patient. Public health officials are agents of the government. What they are supposed to focus on is called the “common good”. The problem with this is what is the common good? Who decides what is the common good? And what if they are wrong and it harms the individual? Civil rights result from the recognition that people have rights that are not granted by the grace of governments. These rights are based on our humanity. And when medical scientists start to see people as just biological matter, they are guaranteed to cause a lot of damage because they don’t respect the individual.

Eugenics was the mainspring of the Nazi Holocaust. Eugenics has never been eradicated. It continues to spread and continue to affect the academic establishment in particular. I know this is very difficult to understand, but after the Holocaust after the Nuremberg medical trials, a new species emerged called “bioethicists”, bio-ethicists and bioethics came into being in institutions of eugenics
. In fact, the American eugenic society is the breeding ground for “bioethics”. The bioethicists are essentially the goons of the government and the medical industry. They donate their blessings to unethical experiments and health policy. They are at the forefront of this pandemic, they are the ones who help formulate the policies that have been forced upon us.

Science is used as if it were “sacred”. There is nothing “sacred” about science! Science is no more sacred than individual human rights. But on the contrary! In fact, science today is very badly corrupted by interest groups, very powerful interest groups.

This includes the scientific journals and the media in general. It started a long time ago, probably around 30 or 40 years ago, but it is fully developed today.

The Bill [and Melinda] Gates Foundation has tremendous influence on major media, and the publishing houses of the New England Journal [of Medicine] or The Lancet. The best science journals essentially become mouthpieces for the kind of politics Bill Gates would like. Bill Gates has even said publicly that the “Final Solution,” … he has used this exact word [final solution], [which was also used by the Nazis for the final solution of the Jewish question], the end -gültige solution for Covid -Pandemic would be a vaccine, and a vaccine only.

Well, Bill Gates is a man who uses the term with full knowledge of its meaning. He stepped onto the public stage at one of the TED conferences and explained exactly how the human population around the world can be reduced by 10-15% with our new vaccines and birth control! Gates has big plans to eradicate parts of the population. But I do not believe that those he has in mind will be informed about it in order to then give their consent with awareness of the consequences.

Uwe Alschner: Let me, Vera, describe to you the self-image of a large part of German society: Modern Germany is very proud that the country has developed into a model democracy. That was really the sense of self and it still is. So Germany is aware of its heritage and its responsibility when it comes to the Holocaust and the war, or two wars and the destruction that has been wrought with it. That is why the Germans were peaceful for a long time, even if Germany is now widely involved militarily. Nevertheless, it is true of Germany that we stand firmly by Israel’s side and defend the State of Israel’s right to exist. Anti-Semitism is therefore an absolute no-go in German society! It has even become some kind of political weapon.
Recently, this was also used against critics of the Corona measures, who were described as “anti-Semitic”. For many of the German mainstream population, this was a kind of deterrent not to deal with the protest, the corona measures or against the vaccination. What do you think of that, Vera?

Vera Sharav : Well, it took three generations for the German people to understand. Let’s not forget: only 23 medical professionals were brought to justice in Nuremberg, although thousands were involved. And they went straight back to their positions in universities and laboratories. It was even possible that a Nazi doctor became head of the World Medical Organization.

There was no real willingness to become aware of the monstrosity of how many people were involved in the machinations of the Nazi regime. It wasn’t just a military matter. The civilian population was involved, even if many pretended not to know. But I think to the extent that the higher positions were taken over by the next generation, and then by the next generation, first the colleagues of the main perpetrators, by people of the same generation. It was then clear that they would not bring charges. But neither are their students, the second generation. Only with the arrival of the third generation – I’ve read a lot of German research literature on which has really blossomed – much more information has been processed about the role of doctors and science in bringing about the Holocaust. Numerous historians have researched this. So it is clear that the Germans, the young Germans, have nothing to do with the Holocaust.

And part of what I would say to you – and not so much aimed at Germany, but especially at the address of the Israeli public: What will your answer be when your grandchildren will ask you one day: “Where were you then? ? … Which side were you on? ”Because it’s not over yet. We don’t know what the vaccine will actually do. That is questionable for vaccines, and this is an experimental technology that has never been applied to humans before. But from the little research done on animals, we know that animals did not end well when they were exposed to the actual virus. They didn’t mind the vaccine, they were fine. But when they were exposed to the real virus,

It is indeed a huge crime against humanity that is being carried out before our very eyes! The Holocaust did not come about overnight either. It started with ” Operation T4″ (euthanasia program),and I don’t take it for anyone who pretends not to see the resemblance to the carnage currently being perpetrated on the elderly, especially those in long-term care and retirement homes. They were ordinances and laws of governments from the wealthiest and most developed industrial countries in the western world. These are the countries that are now trying to empty their homes, just as Hitler had it done. It started with babies and toddlers, the disabled. But soon after, he targeted the nursing home residents. They were called “useless eaters”.

People! This is happening again now. This is exactly what happens today! And what is really incredible: it is happening in the most advanced countries. So this is a big step. That’s a signal. What is the goal? What does it come down to? Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, they describe the endgame! It’s a totally dystopian world that in my opinion none of us want to live!

Now is the time when people have to take off their blinders and look things straight in the eye! I find it telling that the less educated, those who have manual jobs, seem to understand what is going on. They get it, they have no illusions, they haven’t been brainwashed!

The fact that the majority of the Israeli public are not rebelling against their land being sold as a testing laboratory that turns the population into human guinea pigs is… In any way, fear and propaganda have prevailed. The Nazis also used fear and propaganda, every totalitarian regime uses more or less propaganda to force people to do what they are asked to do. The fact that people have known – and there have been many revelations about the unscrupulous business practices of the pharmaceutical industry and governments too – [makes it so incredible.]

So how can it be that most people are unwilling to at least question and say, “Stop! Can you really trust that? ”… Fear is the state of switching off all judgment. It is the job of adults to make sensible decisions. A democracy is built on adults questioning things and either agreeing or disagreeing before a measure is designed. Now we have a state where politics is done behind closed doors, with no transparency. And then the measures are simply announced to us and we have to follow.
The guideline that led to the murder of the elderly is precisely the triage policy that was formulated by bio-ethicists and that was then simply adopted.
Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, even said he knew exactly what it would do. He gave instructions that senior citizens from nursing homes should not be treated in hospitals, that they should be transferred back to nursing homes, which of course were completely unprepared for anything like that. And he said the virus in nursing homes was like fire in dry grass. I think it couldn’t be more vivid: “Fire in the dry grass”. And that’s exactly what he did.

The fact that this happened in all western countries means that it was coordinated. Somebody did it, behind closed doors of course, in secret, but everyone got involved: Canada, United States, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, everywhere, Israel too… It was a concerted effort to get rid of the economic baggage.

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