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The chemtrail industry for man-made weather and climate change

Source: TKP.at, Dr Peter F. Mayer, 18 April 2024

Chemtrails are a conspiracy theory until they become true. Weather manipulation is known to every winegrower who wants to protect himself from large hailstones. But in fact, weather manipulation is now practised on an industrial scale. Government and corporate media prefer to write about climate change allegedly caused by “man-made” CO2, but not about the industry that deliberately alters the weather.

Before we delve into the web of interests and endeavours, a brief digression on the term chemtrail, which has been attempted to be ridiculed. It refers to traces in the atmosphere caused by chemicals or as a result of chemical reactions. In an aircraft engine, the chemical reaction of hydrocarbons (paraffin, aviation petrol) with oxygen takes place, producing CO2 and H2O. The water vapour becomes visible as condensation trails. But there are enough aircraft that spray chemicals from tanks into the atmosphere to produce rain, hail or other atmospheric weather reactions that can subsequently influence the climate via feedback mechanisms.

Cloud seeding has made its way into the mainstream media these days thanks to the heavy rainfall in Dubai, with even ORF reporting what can no longer be denied: “The AP news agency reported on Wednesday that meteorologists from the country’s meteorological authority (NCM) had confirmed six or seven cloud seeding flights to Emirati media.

Last March, Saudi Arabian Oil Co – the world’s third most valuable publicly traded company – was granted a US patent for generating rain “to help flood remote oil fields”. Drillers need water to test wells and increase oil production. In the process patented by Saudi Aramco, silver iodide or other substances are sown into the clouds and the precipitation is then collected in reservoirs that can be used to increase oil production. It is unclear whether the oil giant has already used the process, which may have caused the rainfall in Dubai.

The Journal of Weather Modification (pictured above), published by the Weather Modification Association (WMA ), already has 55 issues. The WMA lists companies as members, mainly in the USA, but also in other regions of the world. The Industry News section lists articles about weather modification projects, such as “Idaho experiments with new way to boost snowfall in warming world“.

There is also news from Abu Dhabi (United Areab emirates – UAE): “UAEREP initiates kick off meeting for 5th cycle awarded project for real-time cloud seedability tracking“. Another project funded by the UAE is experimenting with nanotechnology by seeding clouds with special nanotechnological particles.

WMA member company 3D s.a. describes itself as “one of the most innovative companies in the world in the field of protection against adverse weather phenomena. It is a member of the Weather Modification Association and has been carrying out such programmes since 1981“. With aeroplanes, radar and qualified personnel, the company provides rain or snow depending on the customer’s requirements. The company is based in Thessaloniki, Greece.

More than a dozen companies, research institutions or individuals have patented at least 19 technologies or methods for cloud seeding since 2018, according to a review of international patents by E&E News. The “electrostatic air system for weather modification” invented and now being tested by Martin is included in this list.

Two further patents for rainmakers have been granted in the USA to aircraft manufacturer Boeing andin the EU to WeatherTec AG in Zug, Switzerland.

Military use of weather and climate manipulation

Military use is of course a must. EE News shows a picture with the caption: “A Malaysian military aircraft performs cloud seeding in2019 to clear haze from plantation fires by shooting water and salt into the sky.” In Ukraine, clouds and rain were observed in the frontal area for some time when mud hindering movement was favourable. This year, however, this mud season has largely failed to materialise and dry conditions are enabling rapid, albeit still slow, progress.

Last summer, the geopolitical analyst and former economist at the World Bank and WHO published an analysis entitled “The Criminal Insanity of Climate Change: Direct Energy Weapons (DEW) Create Forest and Bush Fires, Destroying Entire Cities and Igniting Boats in the Sea” (The Criminal Insanity of Climate Change: Direct Energy Weapons (DEW) Create Forest and Bush Fires, Destroying Entire Cities and Igniting Boats in the Sea) Among other things, he writes:

Since 2020, with the entry into force of the infamous UN 2030 Agenda, news and fake news about heat, man-made CO2-induced “climate change” has reached new heights. To further emphasise this, forest fires are not only set by paid arsonists, but also with military energy weapons (Directed Energy Weapons, DEW) and other means of environmental modification (ENMOD).

This is called geoengineering – and what we are witnessing today, in the last three years and even much earlier, is an outright war with sophisticated weaponised, laser-guided electromagnetic energy.

Directed energy weapons are electromagnetic systems capable of converting chemical or electrical energy into radiant energy, which is then fired by laser beams at the speed of light at specific targets. DEWs can generate forces ranging from deterrent to damaging to destructive.

In parallel with these terrible heat waves, typhoons, hurricanes and tsunami-like floods are occurring around the world, particularly, but not exclusively, in the northern hemisphere. Most of them are also the result of geoengineering. Scandinavia was hit by torrential rainfall, causing flooding throughout Norway and Denmark.

Extreme flooding also occurred in Japan and north-east China. In Beijing, record heatwaves were recorded almost simultaneously, closely followed by extreme torrential rainfall caused by typhoons and the resulting flooding. Of course? Of course.

Just a thought: the self-appointed masters of the universe think linearly. That’s what their minds have been trained to do. What if these weather and climate changes they are now making to specific – increasingly diverse – targets develop their own dynamics as they are not linear but, yes, dynamic – and have long-term effects that are different from those intended by the globalist cult? – I’m just saying.


Back to DEWs and other ENMOD technologies. This science has been developed since the 1940s and has evolved over the last 80 years into a sophisticated technology capable of wreaking unspeakable havoc, destroying infrastructure, homes, forests – and the lives of all sentient beings, including animals and humans.

These technologies are very diverse, ranging from DEW to the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme (HAARP), a US Air Force programme, to scalar electromagnetic wave weapons similar to DEW – and more.

There is an extensive literature on the subject, but virtually no media coverage.

Here is the HAARP antenna field in Gakona, Alaska.

Here’s a screenshot from the University of Alaska Faibanks site:

It’s worth noting that the HAARP programme was confirmed in a CBC programme back in 1996.

Video HAARP CBC. Weather Control:

US air weapon about “owning” the weather in 2025

At the beginning of November 2023, a HAARP experiment produced northern lights that were visible up to our latitude, about 45 degrees latitude. The frequencies used corresponded to those of the plutonium decay series up to hafnium.

F. William Engdahl, strategic risk consultant, lecturer and best-selling author on oil and geopolitics, writes in an essay that extreme weather events could well be man-made. It could be due to the wilful and malicious manipulation of our most important weather patterns.

Engdahl reports on military approaches to weather manipulation:

“In June 1996, the US Air Force published a report with the provocative title “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025”. The report outlined the possibilities of artificially influencing the weather (geoengineering) in order to, among other things, intensify precipitation or storms, prevent precipitation (trigger droughts) or eliminate an enemy’s cloud cover. The report was prepared “to examine the concepts, capabilities, and technologies needed for the United States to remain the dominant aerospace power in the future.” The report states at the outset: “Weather modification can be divided into two main categories: Suppression and intensification of weather patterns. In extreme cases, this can mean

creating entirely new weather patterns, weakening or controlling severe storms, or even altering the global climate on a widespread and/or long-lasting scale.” (emphasis added).

The Air Force document, which curiously wasn’t deleted from the website until 2021, goes on to say, “…the tremendous military capabilities that could result from this field we ignore at our peril…appropriate application of weather modification can enable unprecedented dominance in the battlefield…The technology is there, waiting for us to use it.” By 2025, the report says, “we can dominate the weather.” The report points out that back in the Eisenhower era, “in 1957, the President’s Advisory Committee on Weather Control explicitly recognised the military potential of weather modification and warned in its report that it could become a more important weapon than the atomic bomb.” That was nearly seven decades ago.”

The military use of weather modification to harm the enemy is nothing new. Engdahl describes how during the Vietnam War, then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and the CIA authorised a top-secret geoengineering project codenamed Operation PopEye. It was carried out from Thailand via Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Using WC-130 military aircraft and RF-4 jets, US forces sprayed silver and lead iodide into the seasonal monsoon storm clouds to turn North Vietnamese supply roads into impassable mud holes. The task was to create enough year-round rain to block the Ho Chi Minh trails.

But apparently they are now going further and further beyond these simple beginnings, Engdahl writes:

“Since the 1970s, work on artificial geoengineering has become increasingly sophisticated and also much more secretive. The traditional method of ‘rainmaking’, i.e. ‘cloud seeding’ by aeroplanes, which typically scatter silver iodide particles on clouds containing water droplets to produce precipitation, has been used since the 1940s. Since the 1990s, around the time the US Air Force published the book Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025″, new methods have been developed with far greater reach and impact, well before 2025.

This 1996 US Air Force report states, “…modification of the ionosphere is an area with many potential applications, and there are probably ancillary applications that are not yet foreseeable.”

Of course, not everyone is happy about what the USA is doing. An ionospheric research project by the US Air Force and the Office of Naval Research, HAARP – High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme – in Gakona, Alaska, has provoked opposition. In January 1999, even the European Union surprisingly labelled the project a “global concern” and passed a resolution calling for more information on the health and environmental risks. Washington ignored this demand. Most HAARP research data was kept secret for “national security” reasons, leading to widespread speculation about sinister activities.

A good source of information about money-making projects is usually the patent offices. Engdahl has an example of this as well:

“In 1985, a brilliant physicist, Dr Bernard J. Eastlund, while working for ARCO Oil Company, filed a patent (US #4,686,605) for a “Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth’s Atmosphere, Ionosphere and Magnetosphere” with a grant from the Pentagon’s DARPA. The patent description claimed that a targeted irradiation of strong radio waves into the ionosphere could cause a warming and “lifting” of the Earth’s ionosphere. This could be used to control the weather by changing jet streams, triggering tornadoes or causing or preventing rainfall. ARCO approached the US military and sold it the patent rights of its then employee Eastlund. The US military then reportedly passed the patent rights on to the leading military company Raytheon. Raytheon is also reportedly involved in the construction of all major ionospheric heating radar systems worldwide. Coincidence? A HAARP spokesman denied that Eastlund’s patent was used for HAARP. However, he did not mention any of the other facilities.

HAARP is a high-powered, phased array of radar antennas aimed at the ionosphere. It is sometimes referred to as ion heating. The ionosphere is a high-altitude layer in the atmosphere that contains high-energy particles. When radiation is projected into the ionosphere, huge amounts of energy can be generated and used to destroy a specific region. The now-deleted HAARP website initially stated that HAARP was “a scientific endeavour aimed at studying the properties and behaviour of the ionosphere… for both civilian and military purposes”.

HAARP in Gakona was officially decommissioned by the US military in 2013. In 2015, it officially transferred the operation of HAARP to its civilian partner, the University of Alaska at Fairbanks. The closure served as a pretext to stop the live broadcast of HAARP signals on a public website, which had provided clear evidence of links between HAARP activities and major weather disasters such as Hurricane Katrina or the 2008 Chengdu earthquake. The operation of the facility was transferred to the University of Alaska in 2015.”

The largest US defence contractor Raytheon, which received the Eastlund patents from ARCO, is reportedly involved in many such facilities around the world. Former board member Lloyd J Austin III is the current US Secretary of Defence.

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