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European Justice – What recourse for citizens?

10 December 2021. Since the health crisis, several associations have noted that their appeals against EU decisions are systematically deemed “inadmissible”. They refer to a judicial crisis.

Children’s health Defense Europe and four other European associations (Coordination nationale santé médecine environnement, European forum for vaccine vigilanceLa Ligue nationale pour la Liberté des VaccinationsTerra Sos-Tenible) have just lodged an appeal in order to change a case law that excludes them from the European legal area.

Initially, these associations attacked the regulation 2020-1043. Adopted in July 2020, without debate in the European Parliament or scientific consultation, this regulation authorises clinical trials of medicines containing GMOs, in particular for vaccines against covid-19. It removes the application of a major European directive that has regulated the deliberate release of GMOs for 20 years. The industry now has total freedom for GMO-based medicines against covid: there is no need for impact studies, risk assessments, scientific and public consultation, etc.

The associations’ appeal against this regulation was judged “inadmissible” by the European Union’s court. The European judge argued that the interpretation of Article 263 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU, which normally authorises citizens’ legal recourse, was very restrictive. In their appeal filed on 2 December 2021, the associations contest this inadmissibility. The future decision of the European Court of Justice will be decisive: why should associations not have access to the European judge when the institutions and bodies enshrined by the European Union are so deficient?

The denial of justice is also a denial of democracy.

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