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No joke: Gates, Soros, Zuckerberg & Co finance startup for “vaccination against cow farts”

Source: Report24.news, Heinz Steiner, 16 May 2024

Climate fanatics blame farting cows for climate change. Now Bill Gates and other billionaires such as Bezos, Bloomberg, Ma, Soros and Zuckerberg are throwing a few million dollars at a start-up that is working on a vaccine against cow farts. Yes, you read correctly – this is absolutely not satire.

If the climate fanatics have their way, cows are a threat to the global climate. This is because ruminants eat vast amounts of grass (and now also “concentrated feed”), which also produces methane during the digestion process. This gas is categorised by extremists as significantly more “potent” in terms of global warming than the long-term enemy CO2. So it’s no wonder that the culling of entire herds of cows “for the climate” keeps popping up on the agenda of these groups.

But now the start-up ArkeaBio, which is working on a “vaccine” to reduce methane production in cows (and other farm animals), has received a whole 26.5 million dollars in venture capital. This includes an investment fund (Breakthrough Energy) founded by Bill Gates. Several billionaires are also on board, including Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, Jack Ma, George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg.

However, the question arises as to what such a “vaccination” does to the cows’ metabolism. After all, it obviously interferes with the digestive system of ruminants in order to reduce methane production. The company also illustrates this with a diagram on its website interspersed with climate change buzzwords. But what long-term effects on the global cattle population can be expected as a result?

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