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WHO general threatens vaccine opponents

WHO Director General Tedros has made a crystal-clear threat to so-called “anti-vaccination activists”.

Source: TKP.at, Thomas Oysmüller, June 2nd, 2024

Clear words from the controversial head of the controversial WHO organization. Tedros demands for more aggressive action against “anti-vaccination groups” because this group has used “Covid as an opportunity”. They would intentionally create and wreak havoc, which would now demand a response.

“More aggressive”

The entire quote, which has been interpreted by most as a clear threat, made by the WHO Director-General to the public during the WHO meeting in Geneva:

“The anti-vaxxers pose a serious challenge and I think we need to develop a strategy to really fight back because vaccines work, vaccines work in adults and we have the science and the evidence on our side. I think it’s time to take more aggressive action against anti-vaxxers. I think they are using Covid as an opportunity and you know what a mess they are making.”

The Ethiopian did not explain exactly what he meant by “more aggressive against anti-vaccination people”.

But he does not really intimidate anyone. Kat Lindley, a strong WHO opponent, interpreted the threat differently: “That’s what fear sounds like,” she commented on the statement from technocrats.

Referring to the WHO reform negotiations, David Bell said: “ If health organization leaders resort to cheap labels and silly generalizations to avoid rational debate, it would be foolish to give them more responsibility.”

Mollie James, also a doctor, asks: “ What does “more aggressive” mean? They have prevented employment, travel, going to grocery stores, and participating in life in many regions of the world.”  So it remains to be seen exactly what he meant by “more aggressive.” But the statement is already triggering a wave of outrage and indignation around the world.

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