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The objective of the meeting is to leverage and support actions focused on Europe’s special needs and opportunities that aim to Restore and enhance individual and national sovereignty, Regain transparency, Implement accountability, Reinstate and uphold the integrity of agreements and constitutions fought for by our nations and societies throughout history.

Our Community will deepen the conversation on advocacy, propaganda and our critical role in protecting the health of our children. Join us to get and share helpful insight on educating and empowering communities from the grassroots level all over Europe!

Lisa Victoria, CHD Europe Community Coordinator
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Join our weekly or monthly Community Meeting to be inspired by the latest news from health freedom activists around Europe.

Agenda, Monthly Meeting
Friday, 3rd March

17:00 UK – Smart Cities Oxford
Jonathan Tilt, UK

17:10 Croatia – Andrija Klaric, Founder of Slobodni Podcast

17:30 Legal actions in Europe and plans to address WHO
James Roguski and Orsolya Gyorrfy, CHD Europe

18:10 Pre Launch of the CHD Europe Website
Karen McKenna, CHD Europe

18:15 Informative Video series – 5G and EMF
Gerrit Spriet, Save Belgium

18:35 The Fight of Greek Health Workers Against Mandates – Success and Prospects
Nikos Vakolidis, WFA Greece

18:35 Invitation to The Attack on Food Symposium and Solutions to Fight Back
Orsolya Gyorffy – CHD Europe, Meryl Nass – Children’s Health Defense

18:40 Closing and Wrapping up
Catherine Austin Fitts

18:45 BONUS – Breathwork Session
Alexander Pohl


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april 2023

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