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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s Call to Support Children’s Health Defense Europe

“The resistance has to be global, and we have to be able to organize, to communicate with each other and to coordinate our response to totalitarianism, to inform each other of the strategies of our opponents, of the people who want to take our children away, who want to take our rights away.”

“I want to urge all those of you who are members of the European community, who are citizens of the nations of Europe to support CHD Europe with your membership, with your pocketbook, to support our events, our protests, and to help us resist this imposition of tyranny on humanity.” 

Since its launch at the giant rally in Berlin last year, Children’s Health Defense Europe has brought the voice of truth and the work of justice of Mr. Kennedy, Jr. all over Europe. In a widely shared open letter Mr. Kennedy  presented legal and scientific arguments to the members of the European parliament calling them to have an open debate and thoughtful consideration before rushing Covid vaccines and health certificates. Mr. Kennedy addressed European citizens in several recorded messages and recently traveled to Switzerland and Italy to support citizen’s effort to defend their rights and fight for the health of our children. 

CHD Europe’s legal efforts this year included an appeal in the European Court of Justice in Luxemburg of the decision of the European parliament to waive gene modifying regulations for Covid vaccines. CHD Europe also supported 4 requests to cancel the conditional marketing authorization of each of the 4 Covid vaccines used in the European Union.

CHD Europe worked with experts questioning European decision makers and agencies such as the European Medical Agency on issues regarding Covid vaccines, the ‘Covid certificates’, surveillance and privacy matters.  These actions were also meant to empower parents and citizen’s movements in the different member states. 

Next to protecting the health of our children, CHD Europe is also raising awareness of the economic and political implications of the global agenda and the threat its measures pose on our society as a whole. 

The members of CHD Europe’s advisory board made significant contributions, speaking before officials at public hearings, in conferences or at rallies, filing important lawsuits, documenting evidence of harm, fraud and conflicts of interest in scientific, economic and legal matters. 

CHD Europe’s team contributed to this work with a European website and newsletters in several European languages, the translation of essential documents and interviews. Our close collaborators also met with national and European legislators, stakeholders, associations, whistleblowers and experts and spoke in several media.

We can say that the international ‘Kennedy team’ facilitated the emergence of a network that brings together people of excellence who have a sincere desire to serve humanity.

We are infinitely grateful to all those who have supported us this year. Starting CHD in Europe was like building a ship in the middle of the tempest. Time is critical, we truly need your help to do much more, much faster. But we now have a bridge between Europe and America and we are building a virtuous alliance to protect our children. A new year is coming, let us look at the future with open eyes and walk all together in the right direction.

We thank you for your support,

Children’s Health Defense Europe

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