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Will France sanction one of its most recognised experts in Epidemics?

On September 13th, 2022, Prof. Christian PERRONNE is due to appear before the disciplinary chamber of the Ile-de-France Regional Council of the Order of Physicians. He is well known for his opposition to State medicine and it is for this, and only this, that he is the object of attack.

On the other hand, thousands of people, patients, caregivers, doctors, citizens, attached to the values of humanism, as they are inscribed in the code of medical ethics, are seized with anger and indignation at this summons.

Many patients, associations and the general public have paid tribute to him for his constant, devoted and enlightened action in the service of patients, particularly during the COVID epidemic.

Even as head of the infectious and tropical disease department of the Raymond Poincaré University Hospital in Garches, Prof. Perronne continued to treat patients. Whether they were seen in consultation or hospitalised, he practised in accordance with the knowledge available and on the basis of his experience and expertise in the management of emerging infectious diseases.

Perronne is not only a Professor of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, who practised at the University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin, but also an expert recognised and respected by many French, European and international health authorities. He has only been challenged with the advent of the COVID crisis.

For having remained faithful to his oath as a doctor and his personal conscience, for questioning and daring to criticise the government’s health policy, Prof. Perronne was sanctioned in December 2020. Disregarding the most elementary democratic rights, Mr. Martin Hirsch, then Director of the AP-HP, at the instigation of the political authorities, dismissed him from his duties as head of the department and asked the President of the National Council of the Order of Physicians to bring him before a disciplinary chamber.

On September 13, 2022, Perronne may once again be subject to a sanction that could lead to a ban on practising medicine. This must not be tolerated.

Prof. Perronne has done his duty as a doctor according to the medical code of ethics, whose essential principles are to act:
– in the sole interest of the patients and according to the data of science,
– in full professional independence,
– with freedom of prescription,
– with the freedom to communicate between doctors, a freedom that is vital for the advancement of knowledge.

All these fundamental freedoms were progressively made illegal by the government during the COVID epidemic under the pretext of a State of Emergency and many doctors were sanctioned for their prescriptions.

The Law of August 5, 2021 went even further by punishing caregivers and doctors who defended the fundamental principle of free consent of care and medical acts for their patients, as well as for themselves.

Prof. Christian Perronne retains the full support of Children’s Health Defense.

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