Doctors express their concerns on Covid 19 vaccines (‘Ask the experts’ video)

We are sharing different views about the need and safety of Covid 19 vaccines in the hope that this will trigger questions and prompt you to further research and dialogue. Children’s Health Defense wants to raise the alarm about the fact that the pharmaceutical industry has received a free pass on many safety regulations for Covid vaccine safety. In the US Mr Kennedy has written a letter to the FDA calling for more caution and urging it to slow down the fast tracked approval procedure. In Europe our organisation is seeking the annulment of a decision of the EU parliament to waive ‘the GMO regulation‘ which means that risks associated to the development of novel gene technology are not requested to receive evaluation. We invite you to listen to these doctors. They do not represent a common view or the opinion of our organisation but are a valuable expression of different individual concerns about this very important issue.

by Oracle Films

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