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Vera Sharav Holocaust Survivor: “We are at an important crossroads. Either society will make it through and survive, or it won’t” (Part 2)

Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav has long campaigned for human rights in the context of medical experiments. She is the founder and president of the Alliance for Human Research Protection. There she advocates for people who participate in medical experiments against their will or without their knowledge.
One such experiment is the vaccination against the SARS-COV2 virus, says Vera Sharav. More than that, the human rights activist places the current crisis in the context of ideological notions of eugenics and population control. Leading representatives of the “Great Reset” have – like WEF founder Klaus Schwab – family ties to National Socialism or, like Bill Gates, patents on techniques for indelibly marking personal data under the skin (“Quantum Dot Tattoo”). When debate on these issues is not opened up but suppressed, it is clear, says Vera Sharav, that the truth is being covered up.

Vera Sharav: The fact that this happened in all Western countries means that it was coordinated! Somebody arranged it, of course, again behind closed doors, in secret.
But everyone went along with it: Canada, United States, Britain, Spain, Italy, everywhere it was done. In Israel too… It was a concerted action to obviously get rid of the economic ballast.

People should not deceive themselves: This is only the first step! Who’s turn is it after that? I have heard that there are orders not to resuscitate children with disabilities in case of cardiac arrest.
If we as citizens allowed this agenda and its timetable to continue, the human species would be lost. Those who are running the agenda are looking at it globally!
Here in the United States, many, a disproportionate share of the covid deaths, in addition to the older at-risk group, are from the Black and Latino groups.
So when it says Black Lives Matter, it doesn’t apply to Public Health! Public health policy is racist! It is biased and one-sided. There is institutionalised racism in public health! And it has been for decades!
With the Alliance for Human Research Protection [Alliance for Human Research Protection] that I founded, and in my work before that, I have…

Let me put it another way:
I got over the horror of the Holocaust and came to the US when I was eleven years old.
One of the first questions I asked myself was: Where were all these people [when we needed them]? How could they let this happen [to us]? Why did my father have to die? I was beside myself with anger.

Because what I saw was a very comfortable life, New York was quite luxurious at that time. I couldn’t understand that. How could this happen?

Of course, with time and the older I got, I learned how life is: bad things happen, but life goes on elsewhere. But there was also another side to it: there were a lot of people who earned splendidly from the war. Every war has its war profiteers.

I probably understood then that I could not become, I could not become the same. If I was so outraged by people’s indifference, it was clear to me that I must not look the other way when injustice happens.

And so I have been keeping a critical eye on medical research for many years now. And I will continue to do so. Also because vaccines are becoming more and more important.
You have to know:
In medicine, there are two fields where coercion is accepted. One is psychiatry, and that’s how it was in Nazi Germany back then: after the babies came the mentally ill, they were forcibly medicated.

Someone with a mental illness is disadvantaged because he or she cannot testify in court because of insanity.

So I focused on this area because I discovered so many of these studies that were designed to provide evidence that young black children go on to become violent offenders. What kind of “science” is that?

But the institutions of science, such as the National Institute of Mental Health, sponsored such experiments, which were aimed at confirming the eugenics ideology. Yes, black babies were given a vaccine that is not approved in the US, and which had already been shown to be dangerous in the Philippines, especially for young boys, but they did it in Los Angeles anyway. And black babies have also been abused in trials for AIDS vaccines and drugs.
It’s obvious: in public health, black lives don’t matter! [Black lives don’t matter]. They are consumables!

Through my experience, however, I have developed very fine antennae. If it could happen to me, then it could happen to anyone else. That’s how I interpreted it.
It is unfortunately the case that most people feel safer when they hold the same opinion as their colleagues and friends.

This is a very dangerous attitude because it opens the door to criminal tyrants. One of the problems with Pfizer, for example, the company that now has the medical information of the entire Israeli population, and that in itself is extremely extraordinary, because Israel has always faced existential threats, and therefore has always tried to protect its population. How in heaven can you hand over the medical data of the population to a company that has such a catalogue of criminal records? The one in South America… Argentina has resisted the company’s demands there.

The demands included pledging the country’s assets, including its military bases, as collateral. Collateral to absolutely protect Pfizer from being sued by anyone for harm caused by the vaccine.

My first thought on this was: apart from the outrageous business method of such a brazen claim, but the really intriguing question is this:
Wait a minute. What information must they have about their own vaccine to demand such extensive protection? Surely that should set alarm bells ringing for everyone! They know better than anyone else how great the risk is, because they know all the data. We don’t! If I lived in Israel, I would demand information about how much [head of government] Netanyahu got for the deal.

Even if you didn’t suspect that anything could be done with the medical data, the economic value of the information about the health problems of the Israeli population alone is immeasurable for a pharmaceutical company. On the basis of this, all kinds of research can be imagined that will open up an incredible stream of revenue. We are talking about eight million, with the children, who will also soon be on the line, soon nine million people.

There are so many questions that it is imperative to ask:
I am not a scientist, real scientists can explain things in context very well. They don’t really need the jargon. And statistical significance is not the only factor in medicine.
What matters is the clinical effect of a product. What it does in people. And that is why the Hippocratic Oath is so important and so right! If you look at people as a herd, then you have missed the point!

And you can’t even prevent science from having to lead to scientific fraud on such a basis. The individuals together make up society. It is not true that society is something else and that the individual does not count. The common good has never been specifically named. What is the common good? Who defines it?

I would like to address something else: I mentioned Klaus Schwab.

Uwe Alschner: Please, continue!

Vera Sharav: Until now, there was absolutely no information on the internet, or in encyclopaedias, “Who’s Who” or the like, about Klaus Schwab before 1970. Nothing at all! He was born in Ravensburg in 1938.

Now, on 20 February, an investigative journalist has documented what has remained unmentioned until now: and I can only recommend everyone to read this report! It explains what I have long suspected but had no evidence for. The report is entitled “Schwab Family Values“. One can read the report online now. The report contains the answers that this may be the beginning of a “Fourth Reich”!

There is a continuity that is unbelievable! I don’t even want to … It’s all there. It’s also about his father, Eugen Schwab, who ran the Ravensburg branch of a Swiss company that produced all kinds of armaments for the Nazis. A Nazi medal was also awarded for this, for exceptional services to the Nazis, let me see if I can find what the designation was… [National Socialist Muster Betrieb].

I now jump back to the present.

The Green Vaccination Cards… Israel was the first country to announce the introduction. This – of course – quite shocked me! Why? Well, what does it really mean? It means apartheid!

It means the division of citizens into the deserving and the degraded. Those who do not deserve and those who should be rewarded. It is the abolition of democratic equality. Compulsory vaccination through the back door!

And it is an entirely experimental vaccine!
So we are talking about a huge experiment, 8 million …, an experiment on 8 million people who are willing … that is: if they are really willing, to set up a two-tier apartheid system. Please, someone stop this!

It is also ironic that a significant part of the resistance is coming from the Ultra-Orthodox Jews. They have opposed the lockdown because it has prevented worship.

I looked it up:
Not even in the time of the Spanish flu in 1918 did one close places of worship. They certainly didn’t shut down the whole society. Real scientists who study the spread of infectious diseases have warned: you don’t have to close down society. You never isolate the healthy. You only have to isolate the sick! You have to isolate the sick in quarantine and you have to treat them. In this case, you have to treat them early.

But not everyone else! Do not close the local economy! Most of them will not be able to reopen.
They will go bankrupt but the really big ones, Amazon and all the other internet mail order companies, where there is no human contact with the customer. But of course they have thousands of employees, but that doesn’t matter there.

It’s all part of what Klaus Schwab calls the “Great Reset”. He has written the instructions for it. How it should be done. People become “human capital”. I think we have reached a point where we need to think seriously:
How do we stop the emergence of the Fourth Reich? Because we have already surrendered so much control to those who are serious! They have been preparing for this for a very long time!

Bill Gates has already… he has funded research that M.I.T. has done for him. He had a tattoo developed there, which instead of a printed ID card stores information in the skin that can be read with an iPhone. What do you think about that?

I think that… well, this will sound absurd, and some people will think “the old lady is a bit confused.”
But I think that people have become dependent on technology. And that’s going to be their undoing! Because if you weren’t so addicted to the iPhone and all the other digital toys, then they wouldn’t follow so readily. But they can’t see how these “great things” could be used to exert control over them. Against their will!

People are … it was a psychological manipulation that they didn’t notice.
And it’s happening now too with the lockdown. Every state, every country does it in its own way, always slightly different. How can you seriously say it is scientifically based? It’s pure arbitrariness! There are now 16 US states without mandatory masking. I don’t see any big outbreaks. It’s a gigantic … brainwashing.

I would like to see Germany take a leadership role on this issue! Because we shouldn’t get into the situation again where our grandchildren look us in the face questioningly and say: “What was wrong with you? How could you be so stupid as to let it happen again?”
How should I put it… I understand that I sound very harsh. And that may not go down well. It’s just that: I just see the dangers so abundantly clear in my mind’s eye! And little by little, another stone is added to the mosaic.

How they “played” with the restaurateurs, for example. It really is so absurd! Outside. 1.50 metres. Distance. The restaurants in New York that could afford it – these are usually the ones that already have a small chain, they’ve been able to build up a bit more substance – have put up tents on the pavement. Would you please explain to me what difference it makes whether a table is indoors, or surrounded by plexiglass or canvas? It’s absurd! None of it makes any sense! But that’s the world we live in!
Or the terrible decision to close all cultural institutions!
And depriving children of their education. That’s the second biggest crime after medical experiments! To deprive an entire generation of their right to education. It’s simply inconceivable!

And the children. Yes, they like to call the children viruses. “Even if they have no symptoms, they are spreading the virus everywhere!” Those who say this have no proof for this claim! Dictates don’t need proof! It is so incredibly sad! Believe me, I never thought I would have to experience something like this again. To have to be in fear once again.

Let me tell you about the vaccination: I don’t intend to get vaccinated! And that’s why I’ve already thought about it: what would happen if they rang my doorbell? Doctors and the police. I heard that this is exactly what happened in a retirement home in Germany. That’s exactly how the GESTAPO did it. Well, what can I do then? I will awaken the six-year-old girl in me, develop a defiant head and scream for my life. What else can I do?

We are really … at an important crossroads! Either society will make it through and survive, or it won’t!
There were so many meaningful signs. China was praised as a model. What person in his right mind would want to live in communist China? It’s like living in a STASI state! But people could have noticed from this that an obedient herd is the goal. A people that says “yes” and “amen” to everything.
The funny thing is: there was a mentality among the American people, and also among the Israelis, that believed in their own strength. “We are strong enough and we can do it.” Where has that attitude gone? The belief in oneself, where is that?

Uwe Alschner: Vera, thank you very much for this very valuable and important insight into the comparability of terrible events from the past and current events, which could still develop into a much darker world. You spoke of us being at a crossroads. I agree with you! It is a crossroads.
Many of us have not yet been able to think and realise what is happening. Warners have been accused of being up to no good. The opposite is true!
Therefore, it was important that you, as survivors of the Holocaust, pointed out the similarities. You are called to make these comparisons. Also the comparison between the Green Vaccination Card and apartheid.
These are strong words that I find very helpful. They can be used to make people realise that we don’t just need divine help, but that we also need to rediscover our human dignity and intelligence to realise what needs to be done now. Namely: to peacefully but resolutely resist the propaganda, but also the measures that have been taken that are as unjust as they are inhumane.

Vera Sharav: Let me add, please, about the Jewish star:
I suggested using this symbol. But I understand that others who were not personally affected use it as an attack. They portray you as the enemy and backwards. It is claimed that the critics want to go back to history. In fact, wearing the Star of David signifies a sign:
The star marked the beginning, long before the deportations! Those who suppress debate, prevent discussion, the exchange of ideas, even meetings.

It is perfectly all right to have an argument! It is also okay to have a heated debate. When they censor and call dissenters “conspiracy theorists”, that’s a warning signal: there’s a cover-up going on! They are covering up what should not be discussed and talked about by people and what should not be known! That is what is behind censorship measures. It’s a defence reflex.

Oh, and “conspiracy theories” … If they were just theories, there would be no need to censor them.
There would be no need to persecute and delete everyone who says something different from the official narrative. That would be completely unnecessary. They only do it because the propaganda is a lie. And they want to sell this lie as the only truth.

Uwe Alschner: Vera Sharav, thank you very much for the time you gave us! It was a great honour!
I wish you the best! I wish for us that your courage and determination grow exponentially and inspire us all! For we must take heart and take a stand! Thank you very much!

Vera Sharav: Thank you!

Originally published by the German Blog Vitalstoff.Blog


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