Our mission

Our mission is to end childhood disease epidemics by working tirelessly to eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable and put safeguards in place to prevent future harm.


CHD Europe was launched to expose the extent of the international coup d’état of the “health security agenda”, which is taking place under the guise of pandemic control. The initiative developed out of a need to wake up people on both sides of the Atlantic and to rally support for the protection of our health and freedoms.

The Kennedy family plays a unique role in the history of democracy. In 1963, President John F. Kennedy came to Germany to express and underpin US support for Western Europe against the threat of the communist bloc. In what is probably one of the most famous speeches of the 20th century, he said, “I am a Berliner”, meaning, “I stand with you. I stand in solidarity with the people of this city, in their struggle for freedom and democracy, against a totalitarian regime”.

With this in mind, our team felt that the presence of his nephew Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. at the huge freedom rally organised in Berlin could have a huge impact. We did the impossible and formed a European division to invite him to Berlin to “shake the world awake” at the biggest demonstration of the century. On August 29, 2020, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. became the “new Berliner” of history. He gave an astonishing speech exposing the gridlock of democracies to a crowd of more than 1 million peaceful participants.

His vivid speech opened the eyes of millions around the world and was spontaneously translated into dozens of languages, and shared massively on social media.


CHD Europe wants to protect the health and rights of children from abusive, medical interventions. We believe it is highly dysfunctional for a society to sacrifice the development of the youngest in order to prolong the lives of the older. Just as with vaccine damage, our children are unable to express the damage they suffer and are often blamed for it. Their situation must be assessed according to their own needs, physical, mental and social development and well-being.

Our initial efforts were to support research and to assess the impact of wearing respirators on children. We helped fund the development of respiratory test beds with safety engineers in Germany and shared legal strategies, such as the strategy of using liability statements for school authorities and employers warning of potential harm and highlighting the need for safety protocols to protect children. We also submitted reports from scientists, paediatricians and psychologists on the impact of ‘corona measures’ on children’s development.

CHD Europe advocated for the reversal of the European Union’s decision to trial and approve Covid injections for children and shared information on the specific risks involved.

Children remain at the heart of our mission. They are our future. They are the ones we fight for first and foremost.


To make informed decisions, we need to be able to compare different options and assess their risks and benefits.

Contrary to what governments claim, we actually have a choice. We think it is important not only to defend our freedom of choice, but also to remember what choices we have. The important question is: what is the cost of a lockdown and mass vaccination compared to an equivalent investment in hospital capacity and the use of existing treatments? This question needs to be constantly re-evaluated based on the new information available.

But our European team wants to go one step further. We want to rethink our health policies by putting human values at the centre, instead of relying on computer simulations that often only serve those who run them.

What are the tasks and constraints of good health policy? What do we need to invest in to save lives and improve the world? How can we return to independent and transparent science? What are the real costs and benefits of vaccines and their alternatives?

Part of our mission is to present new visions and discuss better models, and we want to share the insights of Europe’s and America’s greatest voices.


CHD Europe advocates and pursues legal action within the European institutions.

Earlier this year, our team already worked with CHD on an “amicus curiae” brief to the European Court of Human Rights, which resulted in a serious ruling on the issue of compulsory vaccination and human rights .

CHD Europe filed its first case at the Court in Luxembourg in October 2020, an application to annul the EU Parliament’s decision to waive the risk assessments required by the EU GMO Regulation for the use of genetic technologies in the development of Covid 19 vaccines. We also supported lawsuits seeking the annulment of the conditional marketing authorisation granted by the European Commission for all Covid vaccines.

In 2021, together with our Chair Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. we focused on urging Members of the European Parliament to vote against the introduction of a “Covid safety passport” by sending open letters and petitions and sharing legal and scientific analyses of the proposal.


CHD Europe intends to share information and resources related to science, legal action, petitions and advocacy in Europe. We encourage the development of a collective information network. People from all countries feel the need to join forces and offer their skills and expertise. Many turn to us and we can play an important role in bringing everyone together.

We can say that since the beginning of the pandemic, an amazing international network of lawyers, doctors, scientists, journalists and freedom advocates has formed with the help of our organisation. Thanks to this network, we can share best practices, important information and strategies, or fact-check to have more impact in our different countries. We also work with formal and informal medical groups or parents’ and citizens’ associations in several European countries.

Our members can then learn much of this very valuable information through publications on our website, in newsletters or in Defender.

The dynamic between CHD USA and CHD Europe is also crucial. Much of what Mr Kennedy and his team do is both useful and inspiring for Europeans. For example, legal action against Facebook, open letters to the FDA, lobbying on 5G, articles exposing fraud and conflicts of interest – all of this can also be used for our lobbying and influence European opinions and decisions.

Similarly, information and strategies submitted by European lawyers and scientists can be used for court cases and lobbying in America. Reliable news about the “hydroxychloroquine” problem in France, the scientific fraud in the use of PCR tests uncovered by German lawyers, or the French expert reports on the dangers of RNA vaccines provide valuable arguments and/or evidence.

Finally – and this is a less visible part of our work – we try to make time for personal contacts with other groups and people, as we feel it is important to ensure that we work with trust, integrity and a common purpose to build a better future.


Mr Kennedy’s speech in Berlin was a tremendous opportunity to raise awareness of the global threat to democracy: i.e. the threats of the “great reset” through forced vaccinations, surveillance systems, destruction of the economy, censorship of free speech and transformation of society into a digital society.

Following the demonstration in Berlin in August 2020, CHD Europe received many requests from independent media to further discuss the pandemic agenda and the mission of Children’s Health Defense. Senta Depuydt, the journalist leading the European chapter, not only referred to Mr Kennedy’s extensive interviews and publications, but also provided insights into the European situation in several articles and interviews in French, Italian and English, as well as in radio broadcasts, on web TV channels and on the internet. Members of our European team also participated in several demonstrations across Europe.

The video“International Message of Hope for Humanity“, recorded by Mr Kennedy at our request in October 2020, was screened at protests and gatherings in at least 15 countries. In November, another talk on democracy and open debate was recorded, this time with health freedom advocates gathered in Copenhagen to discuss how to preserve human rights on a global scale. Mr Kennedy’s Berlin “anniversary speech” is a warning about the threat to our health and freedom, and an urgent call for active resistance.


Children’s Health Defence Europe is extremely grateful for the extraordinary work and commitment of its Chair and his prominent members. Men and women with great charisma and strong initiatives have the task of inspiring personal action that can be both valuable and transformative. We firmly believe that our “Network of Collective Intelligence” is the foundation for the free, conscious and humane world we want for our children.