Interview with Tom’s Mum

‘Tom’s Mother’

A tragic story which we have seen replicated with subtle variations across continents for two decades – it usually starts as here with a dispute between two parents, and ends up with state agencies, courts of law, impoverishment and broken hearts. In this case a mother who had always hitherto complied with vaccine schedule over 23 years is accused by her GP of being an ‘anti-vaxxer’ but who is now pursuing her disabled son’s case not to receive the Covid jab to the United Kingdom Court of Appeal at untold personal and financial expense.

Such is the level of bias in the British state that there is actually no British doctor ready to give testimony in such case for fear of professional retribution at the General Medical Council. Obviously, the absurdity takes on new dimensions with an unlicensed and failing product.

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The parties involved cannot be named for legal reasons.
Children’s Health Defense Europe
Interview January 2023

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