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European Parliament Members call on you: Join Protest for Freedom and Democracy in Brussels on January 23

We are living in exceptional times. Whilst hundreds of thousands of people have been harmed after taking experimental medical products, governments and regulators are not even just looking the other way; they are forcing people to continue taking those harmful products or have basic human rights taken from them. Even more: peaceful demonstrators against those totalitarian measures are being attacked by security forces and riot police in many countries, involuntary exposing government hypocrisy and double-standards: Parliamentarians, who are elected to represent the people, are keeping quiet about it when it happens at home where they usually erupt in televised condemnations of such atrocities happening in rogue-states or dictatorships abroad. But there is hope: a small group of Members of the European Parliament are calling spades a spade!

In a press conference on January 13th in Brussels, MEPs Francesca Donato, Cristian Terhes and Ivan Sincic not only called out governments and the European Commission for failing in their pandemic response policies. They also called upon the people of Europe, especially in Germany, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Belgium and France to come to Brussels on Sunday, January 23rd for the Protest for Freedom and Democracy.

MEP FRANCESCA DONATO reported about her native Italy

  • The collapse of the health care system in Italy is a reality
  • Italian MEP Francesca Donato warned of civil war in Italy which could spread to other EU member states
  • She reported of how the unvaccinated minority is persecuted
  • She demanded the EU Council must intervene immediately
  • She reported how population in Italy feels that president Mario Draghi seems to be “untouchable”
  • Why are so many people hospitalized and dying despite 90% of Italians being fully vaccinated?
  • Why has the Italian health institute not published monthly reports since September 2021?
  • Why do People injured by vaccines not receive any assistance from public health services?
  • Why is no compensation paid to people who lost relatives because of vaccine adverse events?
  • Why is there no transparency guaranteed to people?
  • Why is there no investigation about the ingredients of these injections despite of reports from Japan and elsewhere about contaminations and high numbers of injuries?


  • observed how the EU, under the leadership of Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, stays silent when peaceful European citizens are beaten up by police forces
  • stated how he watched in disbelief what happened in Amsterdam on January 2nd
  • observed how the EU is transitioning from democracy to tyranny
  • People’s fundamental rights were stripped from them by their governments
  • questioned what is the direction that European citizens allow the EU to take
  • asked: “Do we live in Europe as an area of freedom as the treaty says, or do we accept this EU under the leadership of Ursula von der Leyen to become a prison camp?”
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