The PCR Test lawsuit should start around the world soon

The lawsuit against PCR Test by Reiner Fuellmich starts around the world soon.

In a recent interview given in English in Berlin (the video can be seen in French below), Reiner Fuellmich talks about:

  • why he came “back to Europe “to help find out what is going on“. Trial lawyer at the German and California bares for over 26 years, representing consumers and small companies against big corporations like Deutsche Bank and VW, Dr Fuellmich founded the German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee, which is leading the international effort to hold accountable those responsible for using fraudulent testing to engineer the appearance of a dangerous pandemic to implement economically devastating lockdowns.
  • why we need to focus on the PCR test, “which is a fraudulent enterprise, marketed as it can detect an infection. If we manage to convince a court of law that (…/…) this is a false statement, then the whole house of cards is going to come crashing down because there is nothing else. That is the tool they’re using to keep people in panic mode and there is no basis for this panic because as I just pointed out, even according to the World Health Organization (…/…) who couldn’t argue with the fact that the mortality is roughly the same as a common flu.
  • why we still can hear and read that “there can be infection without symptom“, which is wrong. He mentions that Christian Drosten, a german virologist, knew that this was wrong but he didn’t change his statement at the beginning of the pandemic. He still refer to “a Chinese woman who travelled from Wuhan to Frankfurt apparently spread whatever virus she had to a lot of people and she claims that she didn’t have any symptoms. A journalist pointed out that this is wrong, she did have symptoms as she was taking anti-flu medications
  • the many supports and join forces he receives. “Lawyers and judges are joining and wonder how they can help. Nobody wants to break the law neither to bend it. We all want to use the law to stop this. So, there is going to be lots more push back and we can see this right now.



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