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Unbelievable: Is Lauterbach turning the STIKO into a new vaccination and climate propaganda authority?

Source: report24.news, Vanessa Renner, 27 Feb 2024

Twelve of the 17 STIKO “experts” will be replaced by 14 new members at the end of February, leaving no doubt as to the true purpose of the authority. The Ministry of Health claims “independence”, but critics denounce the fact that it is primarily pharmaceutical lobbyists and propagandists who are already financially dependent on federal ministries – and who will therefore probably provide Karl Lauterbach with any recommendation he orders. The health policy spokesperson of the AfD parliamentary group, Martin Sichert, dismantles the new organisation in a press release.

Press releaseby Martin Sichert (AfD), emphasis by editors

We are very concerned about the political independence of the once trustworthy Stiko. The new appointments are made with a view to ‘line loyalty’ – in addition to Pfizer people, i.e. classic pharmaceutical lobbyists, several climate activists and alleged ‘health experts’ are appointed to the Stiko, who are, however, financially dependent on various federal ministries. Conflicts of interest will be inevitable.

We would like to provide information and expressly draw attention to how the Stiko is to become a government-loyal ‘nodding organisation’ in the future:

Seven people are not only demonstrable vaccination fanatics, are concerned about ‘dealing with vaccination sceptics’, four of them receive fees and financial research support from large pharmaceutical companies. One person is even a member of Pfizer’s advisory board. We were also able to find evidence of involvement in the development of medicines for children and involvement in a vaccine manufacturer’s project. The list of pharmaceutical sponsors of these individuals is long: it includes Novartis, Sanofi Pasteur, AstraZeneca, MSD, GlaxoSmithKline, Infectopharm, Amgen, Bayer and Seqirus.

Also new are three young women who are fanatical climate activists. One of them is a member of the ‘Alliance for Climate Change and Health’, which claims, among other things, that children’s health is massively jeopardised by the climate crisis. Based on ‘Fridays for Future’, they have founded the ‘Health for Future’ action alliance and claim that the climate crisis is a health crisis. Another is part of the Heidelberg project ‘2slides4future’. Here, scientists and doctors explain how they can use education to spread their climate catastrophe propaganda most effectively. The third is on the board of the ‘Aktionsbündnis Arbeitsmedizin’, whose patron is Labour Minister Hubertus Heil. Among other things, it is concerned with ‘climate-sensitive counselling’. Their scientific research activities are focussed entirely on the alleged climate crisis. I also find the appointment of an ‘expert’ who only stood for local elections for Alliance 90/The Greens in Freiburg in 2019 astonishing.

Two of the new members are apparently being rewarded for their loyalty to the party during the coronavirus era. They were merciless advocates of measures, wanted to extend lockdowns, spread false reports about unvaccinated people and campaigned very strongly in favour of vaccination in order to increase the vaccination rate.

Most recently, there is a new woman on the team who specialises in health communication and media impact. It looks very much as if she is a PR strategist whose job it is to get the vaccination recommendations across to people effectively. There is no other explanation for her role.

Our parliamentary group regularly invites Stiko representatives to hearings of the Health Committee in the Bundestag. The future personnel tableau makes one shudder: there can be no question of independence. The AfD parliamentary group therefore urges Minister Lauterbach to stop the lobbying that has already been initiated and to ensure that the Stiko remains independent – especially from political influence and left-green ideologies.”

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