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Putting An End To The Fear And State Lies (worldwide!)

We are at a pivotal moment, where the truth is about to break through the barriers of censorship and some key people in the organisation of the ‘pandemic response’ are about to be questioned and even charged.

Many of you will have realised that governments have used experts to manipulate a whole range of data for a purpose that is clearly more about blind control through fear than about protecting life through benevolence.  But when you are not a doctor, scientist, lawyer or journalist, it is difficult to explain it back.  The ‘conspiracy theories’ are now confirmed on many elements… it is up to others to demonstrate that there was no lie, manipulation, abuse of power, attempt to control people and property by a financial mafia.

However, it takes not only courage, but also self-control, not to get carried away or lose face at the slightest hesitation.  And above all, it is so painful to confront each other between relatives, neighbours, friends or colleagues, when we seek above all to live together in a relationship of peace and respect.  Eventually, subjects become taboo, relationships are frozen. The temptation is great to get discouraged and wait for others to ‘do the job’ like Kennedy, Fuellmich, Raoult or Fouché to name but a few. Please, we must not wait for others to ‘save the day’!  That will not happen.

We can learn from their example and use their information, but it is essential to understand that the condition for change is to act ourselves. The good news is that this is not so difficult.  We too can make a difference just by awakening those who still can. We know that totalitarian regimes can only be established and maintained when they manage to control information, monitor the population and above all maintain a level of anxiety that inhibits action and reflection.

That is why in this letter we offer you some examples of recent videos and articles to address these issues again in a concrete way.  I invite you to take action and do a conscious exercise in non-violent communication with people who have a different opinion from yours. To end the climate of terror, to recycle the anger that exhausts, and to get people to listen, it is good to let go, not to make it a personal struggle. Saying ‘Here’s a video with proof that I was right’ is less likely to convince than saying ‘Here’s an interesting article, what do you think?’ or ‘Have you read this? Did you know that?’ or ‘It would be important to dig up this information’, ‘This source has other facts or figures’, etc.

The truth of the figures

Figures are often difficult to dispute. That is why we offer images that the media have not shown…

Nearly one million protesters in London in May 2021 (crowd chants Shame on you outside the BBC buildings).
The international demonstration on 20 March 2021 in over 100 cities around the world.
Over a million protesters with Robert Kennedy, Jr. in Berlin in August 2020 (the official account described: “38,000 people, far-right activists”).

The reality of the risks

The risks of injecting experimental gene therapies or ‘covid 19 vaccines

Doctors For Covid Ethics put parliamentarians and the EMA on notice.
Risk of infertility and genome modification explained by geneticist Alexandra Henrion Caude and former Pfizer director Mike Yeadon.
Risks of miscarriage hidden in CDC study.
The implausible number of side effects and deaths in Europe, UK, USA, Israel.

Vaccinating children, no risk of Covid, just vaccines

Studies everywhere show that children do not die from Covid and do not transmit the disease.
Using experimental products on children is a serious ethical violation.

The use of fear as a strategy of control and abuse of power by governments

Germany commissions studies whose findings must be frightening in order to impose harsh measures.
Britain and Europe use NLP techniques to create fear and control people’s minds.
La Boum’ in Brussels. A real army gave the charge to the teenagers gathered in the park to relax. Protection or aggression?

The planned agenda of the pandemic

Why, why, why?  Where does the money go? The constitution of monopolies and the financial coup d’état by introducing the Digital Certificate and ruining the economy.
Who and how? Gates, Epstein, the CIA, etc.  The complicity between the secret services, organised crime and Silicon Valley giants in opaque public-private partnerships reveal how vaccination and the digital certificate are aimed at exercising permanent surveillance and control of the population for the benefit of private banks.
It appears that many public health officials have consciously lied and defrauded to push the pandemic agenda, many elements of which appear to have been prepared long ago (e.g. the ID2020 agenda, coronavirus patents).

These are just a few examples and we will provide more sources in future letters. For a more complete news on Covid, Big Data and other vaccines we also advise you to visit The Defender media on the US website, where many articles are translated.

You will see that in the United States too, many experts are gathering to call for the conditional withdrawal of the Covid vaccines and that the disclosure of the correspondence of Antony Fauci, the US health advisor, brings new indications of fraud and manipulation to the pandemic response agenda. Good to know Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is preparing a dossier on these issues…

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